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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 7) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 25, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Zeldamon (Zellie)

Garrison Upgrades

Lyfe, Zeldamon and Jayxen could not believe how fast the upgrades were made to their new home. Many people were looking for a place to call home, and they would have to entrust some of these followers to run things while they were gone. In the two weeks they set aside for the construction, they had finished quickly enough to leave a day early in search of Zeldamon's newly discovered sister.

The girls had grown closer yet in these 13 days, and they went everywhere together, both afraid of losing the other again after all this time. Thought drifted from Alucardia, and onto their budding sisterhood. Focus had been lost, and they dedicated their last day discussing their lost sister, preparing for the searching they would do in the days to come.

"I can't believe we found each other, and didn't know. I wasn't trying to read you anymore... she would have known if she were here." Jayxen said quietly, moving the remaining food left on her lunch plate. "I never believed her..."

Zeldamon softly took her sister's hand. "We're together now, and we're going to find her. I thought you had died.... when mother left with me, she told me you were sick... it was her that was sick all along." tears came whenever she remembered the night she and her mother went into the woods. They hadn't meant to leave Alucardia and Jayxen in the shed, but in her mother's mania, the ended up miles from home. When she reverted to her druid state, she seemed convinced that the older two sisters had been ill when they left, and they were surely dead now. At almost ten years old, Zeldamon believed her mother, and had yet to learn of her mental ailments, and just how twisted her mind had become, not understanding time, or even safe travel. She ran wildly through the woods, getting chased by anything that caught scent of her.

"We were just supposed to gather food..." Zeldamon wept now, clinging to the last memory she had of her eldest sister, Alucardia. "I can remember the look in Allie's eyes, but mother was unstoppable by then. We were too young... too... alone."

Jayxen shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Zeldamon had been a great strength for her, and it wasn't until now that she realized how troubled her sister's life had been. Jayxen felt guilty for not doing more back then to keep the family together. "I was old enough..." she thought aloud, and she fought back her own tears so she could be the strong one for her sister to lean on today.

Alucardia (Allie)


Alucardia woke in her bed, warm and comfortable. No one sat with her, and she worried. "What happened..." she wondered groggily. She looked around her cell, searching for comfort that she never found there. As she sat up, she remembered flashes of the last couple days. Luda feeding her, Allie throwing it up, over and over and over again. It seemed to take weeks, but Luda must have continued her calendar because there were two new markings.

Hours went by before Luda came back into her room. She wasn't her usual, surly, self, and she almost looked kindly at Allie as she took her vitals that... morning?

"Your father really wants this baby, don't let her die." She said curtly. As she walked around the room, gathering up her supplies, she came back too look Allie in the eye. "She's not coming for you. If she does, she'll die before she find you. Understand?"

Her words no longer sounded like a threat to her, but more of a warning. "He's not my father," Allie shot back before she rolled over to face the wall, closing her eyes to wait for solidarity once more.

Luda left the room, not saying another word, and not returning for the rest of the day.

Jayxen (Jayx)

Burn the bodies!

For the Horde!

As the trio prepared for the journey ahead of them, they dressed in their disguises. It had been decided by all that they could not make it through their defenses unless they could pass as a member of the horde. Followers had gone out the night before to collect their new armor.

"We found four scouts not too far from here" a follower told Lyfe. "Keep the fourth here in case you are discovered. If you do not return or send tell in the next 7 days, I will search for you."

As they set off for the castle, fog set into the forest. Though it was midday, it appeared to be night, and it seemed as if hope may be lost for the day until two guards rushed up to them. "Where have you three been?!" he shouted as he ushered them forward. "The king called a meeting, we're almost late."

As they ran to catch up, Zeldamon felt a surge of hope go through her. Their disguises worked, and there were so many horde now that it was assumed they belonged. They came from everywhere, out of huts and hideouts, from behind trees and bushes. Once they stood in front of the castle, the chatter started.

"We haven't time for this, the Alliance makes advances daily, and he's worried about a child!"

"That tramp will be the death of us all! How will he be focused on the war when he's raising one of theirs?"

"Tramp..." Jayxen thought. Could they be talking about her sister? Had they kidnapped her and put her with child. "What's going on?" she asked a nearby guard.

"We're all going to fall, that's what," he scoffed at her. "King Joseph is convinced his eldest child has returned to him, bearing an heir. He takes it as a sign of blood, and he wishes to raise the child as a warrior. A child in the castle! Hmph!"

Jayxen's body went cold. King Joseph? His eldest child? The man she had drug through the woods used the same word, tramp, describing her sister. It couldn't be! Their father had been buried before they got split up though... it seemed impossible, this man must be delusional.

She was ripped out of her thoughts by Lyfe guiding her forward. "Let's go." he pushed, and the next she knew, Zeldamon and Lyfe were showing her to a base on the side of the castle, pretending to stand watch and listen to the king give his speech.

King Joseph (Joseph)

Joseph: Time of Death and Life

The battle had raged on for days, and Joseph hadn't seen his wife or children for weeks. Maybe Marladylight was right, the victory wasn't worth the life he gave up when he entered the battlefield.

He sat in the grass, keeping watch while he drank some water. There was no time to eat, as the horde would come over the hill any minute now. He motioned to his battle mates, and they all rushed for the docks. With the sea at their back, they couldn't be ambushed, they thought.

They were wrong, and soon enough, Joseph was taken hostage. Once bound and gagged, an ogre stood over him, his breath growing hot.

"We have big plans for you..." he boomed, and began chanting in a language unknown to Joseph. He struggled with his ties until his arms bled and he couldn't breathe, but to no avail. Defeated, he lay there and listened to the chant until it made sense to him.

"You will regret this..." he hissed in the same language with his last though of the Alliance, and entered a dreamless sleep.

Once awake, he lay there in his home, with his wife next to him. Confused, he had up and looked down on the blood that dripped down his arms. Checking the mirror, he wasn't at all surprised at what he saw. His face had changed somehow, and his eyes glowed with a deep red.

"Something has happened to me, love, there isn't much time!" he screamed as he shook Zeldamon awake. As she stirred, she jumped from their bed in alarm, and changed her stance to that of the bear. She growled at him, sensing the difference, knowing he would soon be gone to her as she knew him. As she clawed at him, Zeldamon woke, waking her sisters. They hid, watching the scene before them. As their mother succeeded, and began to take him from the house, the girls followed behind, no longer trying to hide. They screamed after him, and it was as if Marladylight didn't even know they were there, her grief was so strong. Once he was buried, she lay there with the soul of a wounded cat and wailed into the darkness for the next several hours. The children gathered their mother as the sun rose, and they never saw Joseph again.

Joseph woke violently, under the earth. With only jagged memories of the past, his instincts are now what would lead him. As he dug himself from the grave his family left him in, he was sure to replace it with the body of his first kill as a blood elf. The man looked nothing like him, but if his family returned to his grave, they surely would not dig him up to find out. Where he used to feel horror from life fading from a being, this time it strengthened him. He looked at the blood on his hands, and was proud.

He picked up his few belongings, and went to find the man that had plans for him.


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