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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 8) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 14, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Sneaking Through The Castle

Eventually, Lyfe found a guard that would speak with him, and by stroke of luck found out that Alucardia was in the highest tower of the castle, but other rumors put her in the dungeon. Having her located at the castle before them, they were too close to back down. They took a few minutes to make a plan.

"We'll have to kill everyone we see... and avoid the king." Jayxen explained. "We have to go back for him... If it's him... Once we have her safe. If she is pregnant, it could almost be time for the baby. We need to get her out quickly. If he's delusional to believe he's our father, he's crazy enough to do anything."

As they navigated the halls of the castle, they took care of smaller rooms first, using them to go back to for food or water. These rooms held one or two guards, if any, and it did not take long to clear out the main hallway, as everyone was outside, waiting for the speech the king had to make. The bells rand off and soon after, they hear his voice bellow through the hallways. Attempting to find the dungeon left Zeldamon poisoned by a hunter's wolf bite. They took a rest on the stairs that was short lived by the sounds of weeping from below them. Lyfe peeked over the rails and saw several guards with their dogs. He motioned to the girls to stay back against the walls. Zeldamon quickly bandaged her would, closed her eyes, and waited for the effects of the poison to lessen.

Lyfe quietly rummaged through his backpack and pulled out three bombs. The two girls looked down, nervously, and he shrugged, handing them both a match.


That morning, Allie felt a sharp pain shoot through her abdomen. Though brief, she was concerned it might be time, as her stomach looked like it might pop. Something big was happening, because only Luda had checked on her for days, and even she was hardly allowed to leave. She could hear the guards talk from behind her door and down the hallway, day and night.

She stifled her cries that morning. She was determined to never have the baby, and decided if she had to, she would let the baby die rather be taken by the horde... and that man that said he was her father. Though he did seem familiar somehow, the man she remembered as a little girl was gone from inside him. He had turned ruthless, only in search of wealth and power. He was everything her father wasn't. Her father would die before he let her life be taken.

Sometime after dinner, Luda left her room for the night. Alucardia sat there, alone, and sang to her baby. She prayed for time. Hopes of Jayxen had left, but if life got quiet enough in the castle... Hopes of rescue at all had left , and days before then she had stopped begging for their lives. As she began to fall asleep, cramps ripped through her entire midsection for almost two minutes. As she tried to control her breathing she felt a tremor on the ground. Bracing herself on her bed, as the next tremor was closer, she thought to herself. "Is the castle under attack?" And as the contraction subsided, she tried to channel her sister with one last burst of hope.

*Boom!* The room shook with a third and final explosion. There was screaming from outside her room, and as the dust settled, she saw Zeldamon crouched in the corner of her room. She backed away, sure that she was there to kill her. It was then that Zeldamon cast magic that left Alucardia's pain invisible, and motioned for her to come to her. Slowly, they crept to another room opposite the dungeon from hers where the midwife Luda lie, ripped to shreds. She didn't even notice Jayxen in the corner, as Luda was the only person who had shown her some sort of kindness. Tears streaked down her face as she knelt down to close her eyes, and she felt arms around her that she quickly reacted to with magic. Fire lit the room as Jayxen hit the wall and Alucardia's eyes went wild. There was one injured guard coming, and the uneven click of his heels left all of them silent, staring at each other. Alucardia slunk down into a corner, ashamed she felt for Luda at all. Lyfe finished off the guard, and together, the three night elves guided a distraught Alucardia out of the castle and into the cave that seemed to still be undisturbed outside the gates of the kingdom.

Portals in Draenor

The Trip Home

Being almost 100 miles from their garrison, the newly reunited family decided to stay in their hideout until daybreak. As Jayxen searched for signs on Alucardia's face as to how she was feeling, there were none. Alucardia sat in the corner, singing to her baby like she had the months before. With Zeldamon's spell still over her, contractions were absent until the afternoon, but after that... If Alucardia was in labor, this baby was coming and they would have to set up camp for another few nights. She had said nothing of the prison, only that she had had contractions, maybe twice.

After Alucardia fell to sleep, the victorious trio sat around their small camp fire, and opened a small bottle of champagne. "Do we tell her tomorrow, or should we wait until after the baby?" Zeldamon whispered, intensely aware that there might horde lurking the night, looking for them.

"Let's wait to see if the baby is born tomorrow." Jayxen answered. She took a long sip from her glass. "We never kept secrets from each other. Why wouldn't she tell me?"

Zeldamon reached for her hand. "We can heal anything now, sister. We are together." They toasted quietly, smiling at the thought.

Lyfe woke first, and wandered outside to smoke his pipe. Looking around for horde members, he debated on waking the girls or securing the perimeter himself. Horde must be searching for them by now, with all those people outside when the bombs went off. Their disguises had been left in the castle, and they had barely made it out. But now, in the morning sun, he saw no one around. It was as if they had vanished into the other direction. "They must have went to the docks to get more troops." he thought.

Jayxen wandered out of the cave, shielding her eyes from the sun. "Are we going to have a quick travel home, brother?"

"I hope so... But something feels wrong. We should get out of here and head west." With worry in his eyes, he began packing up his items. He sat down next to Zeldamon and whispered, "Wake up my love, the day is breaking." Startled to hear his voice, Zeldamon sat up before she woke.

Alucardia had been laying in her space on the cave floor, no one being able to tell if she had actually slept or not. She didn't speak to anyone until they were miles away from the castle, where she dropped to her knees and burst out into crying and insane rambling. Lyfe looked around for enemies, and the sisters dropped their backpacks to catch Alucardia. They guided her over to a fallen tree and propped her up against it. Giving her space to breathe, they waited until she caught her composure. When they thought her crying would never cease, Zeldamon began trying to calm her. Jayxen had never seen her sister so distraught, and she sat, disconnected for a moment before she took her sisters hands.

"Shhh... sister. Tell us how to soothe you." Jayxen whispered in her ear. Alucardia looked over at her sister. "Tell me you forgive me," she requested as she had so many times before when they got into mischief together as children.

Jayxen took Allie's face into her hands and forced her to look her in the face. "I will ALWAYS forgive you, sister." Taking her sister then and holding her, Alucardia's breathing went back to normal and they were forced to be on their way again.

A couple hours after lunch, Alucardia began feeling nauseous, and the group decided to stop for the day. "Travelling pregnant isn't good for the baby," Lyfe told her. "She's asking us to slow down."

The Trip Home: Day 2

Having not seen any members of the horde the day before, Lyfe felt confident in the camp he had set up for them. "We should stay here a day or two and rest. We don't want to make the baby come any earlier than she is supposed to, and we want to make it back to the garrison, where there are supplies." The girls agreed to stay for a night and see how they felt after that. Alucardia woke with sickness that lasted until lunch, which she agreed to eat, reluctantly. Once she felt good enough, she came out and sat with her sisters, not yet knowing of Zeldamon's discovery.

Having decided to tell her if the baby did not come, Zeldamon and Jayxen sat silently with her, not knowing now how to tell her. Jayxen thought she would have prayed by now, and felt what she felt, but her sister was not the same. "Her magic must be affected by her capture, she must have a troubled heart."

"Sister, there is much to tell you..." she started. "You have not even asked me who my companions may be."

Allie began to feel self-conscious. "I apologize," she said, examining the strangers. "Thank you for helping my sister rescuing me. I will forever be in your debt, he wanted to take my baby... he wanted her to be a warrior of the horde, born with the blood of a night elf..." as her voice trailed off, her tears came again, and Zeldamon squeezed her hand.

"She found me, sister." Zeldamon blurted out, and Alucardia withdrew her hand, her eyes lighting up with the painful memory of her lost sister. As she examined her sister again, tears brimmed with lighting at her eyelids.

"Where is she?" Alucardia demanded.


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