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Zombie Safety--How to Survive a Zombie Rampage

Updated on June 18, 2011

Zombies are taking over!  Take Rob Zombie for instance.  His color looks good and he seems to be alive, But how do we really know?  Don't forget how good those women looked in "Death Becomes Her"!  Maybe they just make him look that way for interviews!  Have you ever actually seen him in a video?!  He doesn't look so good anymore!

Zombies are Taking Over!

Zombies are all over! Even the Cranberries sing about them. In their song "Zombie" they sing:

"In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?"

The video looks like scads of people are running from or hunting zombies. It must be so!

Zombies are Taking Over!

Zombies, zombies and more zombies!  There is a new Off Broadway play in NYC entitled "Zombie".   It is written by Bill Connington and adapted from the novella by Joyce Carol Oates. A review in "Variety" by Sam Thielman advises you to "sit in the back" for the "skin-crawling" performance.  It makes you wonder, why sit in the back...the easier to escape?

Zombies are Taking Over

Zombies are everywhere! There are scholarly papers written about zombies. Stanford University, one of the foremost research and educational institutions in the world has at least one. The founder, Leland Stanford wanted a university that would "promote the public welfare by exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization.” The university's president, John Hennessey, stated, "In recent years, we have launched university-wide initiatives on human health, the environment and sustainability..." I think they have been studying zombie survival!

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a very educational paper entitled "Zombie". It states, "Few people think zombies actually exist. But many hold they are at least conceivable, and some that they are ‘logically’ or ‘metaphysically’ possible." Ah Haa! They have been studying zombies! I knew it!

Zombies are Taking Over!

Zombies have been sighted in Austin, TX! On April 2, 2009, road signs in Austin, TX told people "Zombies In Area! Run". The official story is that hackers somehow changed the message, but we know better. (wink, wink) We will be ready when they come to our neighborhoods!

Zombies are Taking Over!

So, what are we to do? Sit back and let the zombies take over? No, I say NO! We will fight back! Luckily there are many resources available to learn zombie survival skills. Take the movie "Shaun of the Dead".  Watching this movie will teach you many ingenious ways to fight zombies, including flinging records, whacking with any blunt object and running them down in cars.

"Shaun of the Dead" will also teach you the best ways to hide (being quiet is required!), how to blend into a mob of zombies, and how to thoroughly secure a building to prevent zombies from entering. 

Fight Back!

The best information on how to kill zombies are found in video games. There are many out there...The series Resident Evil has several different games and is probably the best known.  Video games have the additional benefit of helping to familiarize yourself with the feeling of being chased by zombies. Many allow you to explore different types of weapons and hiding places to find out which work best.

One of my favorites is "Dead Rising". Willamette, CO has been shut down by the National Guard and Frank West is out to get the story. He takes his camera and sneaks into town using a helicopter. Frank is dropped off at the mall and tells his ride to return for him in 72 hours. Little does he know that the mall is infested with zombies!

The great part of this game is you have an entire mall of merchandise to use to kill the zombies. You can use mannequins, tennis racquets, kitchen appliances, and more! Find your favorite weapon and survive for 72 hours when your ride home appears.

Fight Back!

First, take this test to find out how prepared you are to survive a zombie attack.  This will help you to determine how much you need to learn about zombies.

Now, I could list all the things to do in to survive a zombie attack, but why do the work when others have already.  Watch these videos and read these links to determine the best zombie survival methods.

Be Prepared!

No Advice, I just thought it was funny


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    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 8 years ago from North Carolina

      EEeeeek! Those zombie images are a little too gruesome for me to look at! But I gotta admit, I love the video long as somebody else is playing Resident Evil or Dead Rising and not me! Believe me, I tried it once, and never will again.

    • profile image

      TheSandman 8 years ago

      What a fun Hub, I've always been a big fan of B horror movies and of course Zombies are a big part of that. Anyway.

    • Silver Freak profile image

      Silver Freak 8 years ago from The state of confusion

      gotta love the zombies! ROFL

    • Tom Koecke profile image

      Tom Koecke 8 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      Some Zombies from the sixties as seen fairly recently:

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      May, I'm sorry, I tried to keep this PG! You are like my son...he makes me play. I had to beat the original Resident Evil during one day of daylight hours so it didn't go after dark! LOL!

      Sandman, I've always loved (and hated) zombies! I had a lot of fun with this!

      Silver Freak, Zombies are scary enough that I always love them! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

      Tom, When are you coming to the DC area?

    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 8 years ago from North Carolina

      That's probably what I need to do too!

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 8 years ago from Cape Town

      Unfortunately youtube is blocked in China so none of the videos can play.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      May, yes, I beat the first resident evil in daylight hours because my son was watching!

      Cindy, I'm sorry to hear that! Is there anything I can do to cure this?!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Surviving zombies...everyone knows that to survive a zombie you have to hide out in a dead end of a room preferably a store room and then realise that something needs doing so you have to go on the move and then some of the annoying people get eaten, until you are left at the end.

      You could also go power walking to avoid the zombies unless they have dawn of the dead remake olympic runners syndrome, then you're screwed.

    • daveearley profile image

      daveearley 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      LOL, Nice! This is thinking outside of the box. I thought this would have something to do with the zombie parade I saw in the papers the other day.

      I love Resident Evil stuff! However, I tend to stay away from Rob Zombie, except for the Halloween Hootenany.

    • shamelabboush profile image

      shamelabboush 8 years ago

      Scary pictures and good choice quoting The Cranberries.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      waynet, I hate fast zombies!

      dave, I'll have to look for the zombie parade news, I didn't hear about that one. LOL, I stay away from Rob Zombie also...he is too ghoulish for me!

      shamelabboush, Thanks for stopping by! That's a good song by the Cranberries, I hadn't heard it before.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from North America

      This Hub is great fun - I'm glad you shared it with us.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks Patty! I really had a lot of fun making it. :D

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      LOL... this is giving me an idea for a themed party :) ideal for those who are not very good at the dancing LOL

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Princessa, That's a great idea, as you say ideal for those who don't really dance! If you go to Laughing Mom's hub on Lunchboxes for the Kids, she has a recipe for some fingers. LOL!

    • sibajar profile image

      sibajar 7 years ago

      Great Zombie hub, I gave it a rate up, I am a big zombie fan too. I got a Zombie Movie Hub , check it out and leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 7 years ago from Ohio

      sibajar, I'm glad you liked this one. I just read your hub, and I loved it! I'd agree best zombie movies ever. And I'll repeat myself to say, I HATE fast zombies! :D

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      Yes I had a zombie attack myself the other day - they were liquidating all of the stock in a local WAL*MART - and you must realize that I am just a visitor to your planet and your leader George Romero.

      I will carry this information back home with me to the planet of Mars and report how people sit in front of a box called TV and stare at 'reruns'

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 7 years ago from Ohio

      epigramman, I hope you came out OK...not all trampled or anything. I hear that those WAL*MARTs are dangerous places at times.

      Please include the fact that, at times, we also like to hold a plastic disk in our hands while sitting in front of that box. We do this to "play" interactive TV shows called video games. You should try this during your stay, it is great fun!

    • profile image

      max 7 years ago

      i am a expert on zombies. I have studdied them for the past ten years or so of my life. I have a shelter built which has anuf food to last me for a couple of decades. I have a lot of guns and ammuntition and yes i am licesend. If any one would like any tips plz post on this website and i will tell more

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 7 years ago from Ohio

      Do you mean post to this website, or another? It's good to be prepared! :D

    • Christopher Floyd profile image

      Christopher Floyd 6 years ago from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

      I have a plan for the coming zombie apocalypse. I'm hording toilet paper. I figure, he who controls the TP controls the world. I will make a fortune selling or trading it to survivors. And in a life threatening zombie attack, I can use the toilet paper as a weapon by... well... I haven't actually figured that part out yet. This is contingent, of course, on me not turning into a zombie.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 6 years ago from Ohio

      That plan has a intriguing amount of logic to least till the TP runs out. But, by then, you may be King Christopher! (May I kindly request to be part of your court?)

      As a could always use it to wrap their eyes up so they cannot see you... :D

    • Eric Calderwood profile image

      Eric Calderwood 6 years ago from USA

      Now I'm going to have to watch "Shaun of the dead" it looks really funny. Great hub!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 6 years ago from Ohio

      Shaun of the Dead IS the bomb! It's wonderful fun. Thanks! :D

    • Klena profile image

      Klena 6 years ago from England

      Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is how I like to spend idle Tuesdays. Great hub :)

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