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Romantic Stories for Easy Reading

Updated on June 20, 2016

Romantic Novels with Suspense and Tragedy

Romantic novels can vary significantly, The Wake Crasher is a black romantic comedy, so if that is your bag then go get yourself a bargain. But if you prefer a romantic suspense thriller, a tragic wartime romance or even a military romance, then here are a few more to chose from:

The Wake Crasher is a sort of dark comedy that looks at the repercussions on the lives of some hard up students who decide a great way to get some free drinks and food is to start gate crashing the funerals of people they target from the obituaries in their local paper.

It all starts off as what appears to be a little bit of harmless fun. Who are they hurting after all, the families get to have more people at the funeral, making their dead relative appear more popular. They get to go to the wake where there is invariably free drinks and food available, and who doesn't need that in a world where the economy is in financial meltdown, so everyone is a winner.

What they fail to appreciate however, in their naive way, is that not everyone will view this from their perspective. They actually don't consider there is a possibility that the relatives of the deceased may see this as some sort of sick perversion, especially when the young lads also decide that attending a wake might even be a good opportunity to pull a few young ladies. Making the occasion even more fulfilling, well from their perspective.

It has to be said that the book left me cringing a bit as I read about their exploits and from a voyeuristic position I started to think that it can only end in tears. The characters involved soon begin to realize themselves that nothing in life is free and that there is always a price to pay. But they find they are already in too far and some of the relationships formed are based on deceit and dishonesty. Not an easy position to be in, particularly when the relationship suddenly becomes quite serious.

So you can decide, harmless fun or sick perversion? I am sure there will be some young adults that will emphasize with the characters and their predicament and others that will simply think 'no that is wrong at every level'.

Watch the video then go and buy the book, here is a little look at two of the featured books on YouTube to help you decide which romance story you would like to read.

The Zanzibar Affair - A Contemporary Romance

A woman brutally discarded for no apparent reason, business, home and future prospects all thrown in the trash can. But why?

Love in the Jungles of Malaysia

Will the world of the Orang Asli and their belief in animism help Vince save the only woman he has ever truly loved?

The Voice of the Tiger - A Military Romance

The House Called Mbabati: A Novel Out of Africa
The House Called Mbabati: A Novel Out of Africa

A desperate story of love and deceit, of a glittering career ruined and ultimately of murder when people are pushed too far.

Romantic Stories
Romantic Stories

A HIV Story - Something A Little Different

The Reluctant Killer - A Story of Survival

The Reluctant Killer: A Nightmare on the Streets of New York City (A Backwards Progress Book 1)
The Reluctant Killer: A Nightmare on the Streets of New York City (A Backwards Progress Book 1)

Robert Durrant's 2nd novel and the first in his planned series 'A Backwards Progress'.


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    • BrianRS profile image

      Brian Stephens 4 years ago from France

      @BLouw: Well good is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder! Yes I liked it because first of all I wanted to know how they got out of their predicaments, once they got in a little deep, and because it evoked a few emotions, especially as a parent of young adults. It depends on where you are viewing it from really; as a peer thinking it is a bit of a laugh, as a bystander who is horrified or like me as a parent thinking what you might say to your kids if they did something similar. Definitely a bit different not your normal romantic comedy.

    • BLouw profile image

      Barbara Walton 4 years ago from France

      Not so sure about wake-crashers, nor do I really like 'romance' but I guess that term covers most novels if stretched to its limits. If you say it's good though, Brian, I might give it a go.