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Poem: A Fading Love

Updated on September 25, 2015

by Grace Peterson

Where does your heart beat,
in which direction?
I'm here lying on the street
lingering in my dejection.

Letting these cars crush my body.
As my soul takes flight,
I watch it disembody
and fly far into the night.

I know where my heart is traveling.
To a place I thought kept me from harm
but the veil around my eyes is unraveling
revealing the secrets behind your false charm.

All I can hope for now
is your heart's desire
and your love to somehow
burn for me like the never-ending fire
that I feel for you.
I pray for the day
you will understand what you do
and how my life is affected by all that you say.
I will forever be waiting
for a love that was always fading.

© 2013 Grace Peterson


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