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A Few Happy Birthday Love Poems For Your Boyfriend

Updated on March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

A few happy birthday love poems for your boyfriend may make it a little easier to express the love you have for him on his birthday . All love poems do not have to insinuate a sexual encounter. I believe that sex is still something that should be reserved for your husband.

I know it may sound old fashioned, corny or even archaic but there are thousands upon thousands of people both young and older who are abstaining from sex until they find that totally right mate.

Nevertheless sometimes love can be so hard to express and you just don't know where to begin, I hope these poems will make it a little easier for you to tell him how you feel.

I'm The One

I'm not going to crowd you

on your special day.

Shoot the hoops with the guys,

Yell and have some fun.

And when you're ready

To be pampered

On your Birthday

Come on over babe

I'm the one.

D. Alsup

Mi Amor

Honey, Baby, Sugar, Boo,

Lovey, Cookie, My man, Choo

Junior, Big Man, Strong Arms,

Poppie, Mi Novio,

Whatever I call you

I lovingly say,

Happy Birthday

Mi Amor


D. Alsup

I Love You

Your Joy

And Happiness

means so much to me,

As you blow out the candles


Know that,

I love You

in oh,

so many

Different ways.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

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Thanks for visiting our hub. Please let us know if you enjoyed these, a few more happy birthday poems for your boyfriend. If you have love poetry to your boyfriend you would like to share, please do so here.

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    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 6 years ago

      samantha, at times it may seem hard but don't follow the crowd into wrong doing. Keep your beliefs and you will be truly happy that you did. Be thankful for your family support. Have an awesome New Year!

    • profile image

      samantha 6 years ago

      your supported by your family not to have anything with a guy until your happyy married but no eaveryone follows that and you mess up your chance of waiting until you find the right guy!!!!!