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A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands Book Review

Updated on February 12, 2015

Blond Vampire Seeks Mate

I have been reading the Lynsay Sands books for a long time. The series involves the Argeneau's. The Argeneau's are a family of vampires. Not just any vampires. They are very rich vampires that need mates. That is were the books come in. The books are all about each one finding there one true love.

The first book that was published was about Lissianna Argeneau. This book is called, A Quick Bite. Lissianna has a problem with drinking blood. She has to drink from humans because she is scared of seeing blood in the bag.

Lissianna's mother comes up with the perfect gift for her. Someone to talk to about her problem: a psychologist. Only, her mother does not tell her about the gift. The mother ties the guy up and waits for Lissianna to find him. So, Lissianna assumes that he is her meal.

The story does heat up after all that but the story is not very in deepth. I didn't get to know the characters very well. A few stories were mentioned but nothing I could connect to anyway.

image: amazon


Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.

Oscar Wilde

About The Vampires

The vampires are not normal vampires. They are from Atlantis. Yes, I know this is heard to believe but that is what the story is about so just nod your head yes.

Now, that that is explained or not. Let me say that after Atlantis feel the vampires or nano enhanced humans left. They eventually evolved and grew fangs to feed on blood. The blood keeps them from aging and looking old. They are not demons from hell. However, some go rogue and kill humans. Most of the Argeneau's are good vampires. So far, every vampire in that family is good. Or, they explain away "mistakes" as what happened a long time ago.

by DChance
by DChance

Read Some of the Other Books First

This story is very repetitive. Lissianna explains over and over again that she is a vampire. This leads me to believe that the woman has problems with people listening to her. This does say a lot about her character but the reader might not enjoy being talk to like a little kid. I felt sort of like the author was trying to tell me that something was wrong with the woman.

I wanted to feel some sort of pity for Lissanna but I didn't feel anything. Instead, I hoped that Greg, her life mate, would not go insane from listening to her speak about the topic over and over again. But, this is a happy story ... naturally he does not get tired of her.

Some people are meant to be together. I don't really understand it but it happens sometimes. I can't explain why some people get together. They just get together.

image: DChance

The Book

This is the first book in the series. It should not be the first book you read in the series. I only read it to see how Lissianna and Greg got together.

I really do like the other books. I am a big fan of the newer books.

How do you feel about the book?

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