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a tale of an old hero part four

Updated on June 11, 2011

part four

 "I don't usually go into the residents apartments, Mrs. Harris."

"I know Dr. Saim.  Miss Jones has been rather ecentric lately and well, the note she left on my door simply says she doesn't have the strength to come to your office, which is silly because my office is even farther away."  As she led Dr. Siam to the farthest side of the building to room 222, "You know, when Miss, Jones came to us ten years ago, she insisted on this apartment.  Most people look at the space, but she kept looking out at the windows before deciding what she wanted.  Strange, huh?"

As she opened up the door, the quiet in the room was disturbed by a gentle rustling and mewlings.  Dr. Saim noticed a pink stationary envelop on top of an old apple crate.  Shaking his head, he already knew.  As he read his name on the envelope, he also notice a notebook underneath it.  Mrs. Harris just sighed.  "I even reminded her about our no pet rules.  She of all people understood, that if our residents had to move to a more care intensive area we could not possibly take care of pets left behind."

"It is okay.  I think this is a present for me."  As he picked up the perfumed letter and smiled, who would have thought that tough old lady would go so far as this?

"Dear Dr. Saim. 

Please provide a home for these orphaned kittens.  They are very sweet and come from a very brave and kind mother who gave up her life protecting them.  I am sure your girls will open their hearts to them and take good care of them.  It is important to learn early that it is how we treat the least amongst us as a measure of who we are as human beings.  Also, I left this notebook to help you with  the other residents.  Not everything can be seen in a textbook.  Oh, and please tell Mrs. Harris that I won't be needing this place any longer.  It is time for me to reclaim my family, before I return to George  Sixteen years ago I gave them up without a fight.  Missy taught me that I cannot let that continue. 


Mrs. George Alexander Jones.

P.S.  A letter for Mrs. Harris is on the table.  It contains instructions on what to do with my stuff. 

Dr. Saim stood up and went to the tiny kitchen, looking out the window he could see a graveyard.  I wonder.....


Mr. Johnson pulled up in his truck.  There stood Miss Jones in a brand new navy dress, hose, heels, with a new coat and hat to match.  He hopped out of his truck.

"I cannot thank you enough for coming at such short notice, Mr. Johnson."

"No problem, Miss Jones.  But"

"No buts.  I am giving you my pride and joy.  Take care of her, laddie.  She has carried me on many an adventure."

"Can I take you anywhere?"  As he lifted the heavy tricyle onto the back of the truck.

"Um, could you take me to the bus station?  I decided on taking that vacation we talked about."

"Sure.  Are you going to visit your family for thanksgiving?"

"Yes."  she said rather timidly, not like herself at all, thought Mr. Johnson.

Silence filled the cab of the truck as Mr. Johnson noticed the lady twisting her gloves.

"You know, family is always family, no matter what happens, right?"

"I... hope... so.."  Then with a forced smile.  "Blood is thicker than water.... right?"

"Yup."  Then paused, "How far are you heading?" 

"Just a couple of counties over.  It won't be too long of a trip."

"Miss Jones... if you get there and things don't work out like you planned.... well, here."  The man wrote on a piece of paper and stuffed it inside of a pocket of the lady's purse.  Then gave her a sheepish grin, "Um, call me.  Anytime.  I will come get you."  The man blushed and concentrated on the road.

"Why, Mr. Johnson.... anyone would think you actually are worried about me?"

Now the man was beat red.  "I just turned sixty today.  Never have had any luck with women because they were so needy, money hungry, and lazy.  You, Miss Jones, are none of those."  He now cleared his throat.

"Um here we are... I wish you a happy thanksgiving.  I hope your trip turns out well."  Then Mr. Johnson got out and opened the door for the lady.  Offering her his hand, she slowly slid down to the ground.  Holding his hand, she pulled herself up onto her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek, tucking a pink letter inside of his jacket without him knowing. 

"I appreciate everything you have done for me, Mr. Johnson and I will call you either way.  Have a happy thanksgiving."  As she headed toward to station office.

No one noticed an odd looking man following an elderly lady into the station.

"Mom.... Look isn't that the old homeless lady?"

I looked at her and had to think.  Same silver hair in tight curls, but definitely different clothes, although that cane was also the same.

"Jeremy, I've told you a thousand times it is impolite to point and stare."

"But Mom...."

The rest of what my son told me was lost as I noticed a man following the lady.  Wasn't that the guy named Joe?  What is he doing?  How did he get out of jail so soon?

"Mom, which bus will grandpa and grandma be coming in on?"

Shaking me out of my stare, I said, "Jeremy, stay here.  I will be right back."





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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 7 years ago from usa

      hee, thanks for the support.

    • Merlin Fraser profile image

      Merlin Fraser 7 years ago from Cotswold Hills


      Definately want more please !

      I enjoy the hook at the end to bring the reader back for more, nice touch.

      PS I did read part three as well, just in case you were wondering.

    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 7 years ago from usa

      heeeee, thanks, more will come after i face the music at work on monday, take care.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Oh yes! keep us hanging! Toy with us like a cat! Great write as always! God bless that meow!