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A Child Cries Again and Again

Updated on November 11, 2015

Over and over again

This is the shortest story
I'm ever going to write
I got the idea
In the darkness of the night
I tremble with fear
I struggle to cope
I wonder if?
There's any hope
Is it pointless to chance it?
Is it heartless to try?
Is it worth all the pain?
When you see a child cry.
Do I persist with my road?
Do I continue to fret?
Is it in my future?
I'm not willing to bet.
The controversy of life
The undoubted pain
Sometimes I wonder
If anyone will gain.
Is there happiness to be had?
Is there wonders to see?
I'm not holding my breath,
Just need to wait and see.

Bad patch,blame someone else.

I've heard all the excuses over the past few years.People continually blame others for their transgressions,I suppose it's easier that way,than to stand tall and admit your in the wrong.Not too many people take the hard road out.I see it in every day life.People either use the crutch of drink or drugs to keep them in a continued mental is a sad thing to watch,especially when you love that feel helpless,there's nothing you can do no matter how hard you try.You can't do right for doing wrong.A very true saying.

Number one


Every emotion possible.

this person who shall remain nameless,has literally drove me to distraction over the past few years.Emotions I never knew existed have came out of my body,mostly painful.At times I genuinely didn't know where to turn to,and that's a hard thing for me to admit,considering I'm usually such a control freak.I felt stress like never before,I felt like crying on so many occasions as I felt lost on my own,trying to find a solution to the problem.i have always been able to sort out problems before,but this one nearly ,and I say very nearly had me beat.But I bounced back as I am known to do,it didn't break up my family like it could have done.Now,I think we are stronger for the experience.

Number two


Up and down.

turn the frown,

upside down

easier said than done,

when you need some fun.

stress and anger

increase like a explosion

your tears and sadness,

palpable emotions.

am I doing right?

am I doing wrong?

heard it all before

a familiar song,

take a left here

take a right there

what will be the outcome

will anyone even care?

play it by ear

give everything a try

if you solve the problem

you won't need to cry.

What if?

There's nothing in this world like the perfect family unit,if anyone says they have the perfect family,chances are they are hiding something.In my experience,and other families I've known over the years,big families inevitably encounter some form of problem or harsh reality throughout the years of them growing up.It can come in many forms,sometimes in the open,more often it will be hidden.Theres something to be said for being on good terms with family members.I know from my own family troubles over the years,when a problem arose,and a family member wasn't there,you do notice the difference and you do miss their help.i come from a big family,when we fall out ,each member of the family has to be carefull who they speak to to avoid loyalties being brought in to question.As long as you don't leave it too long to make amends,I've seen it many times over my short life.A family falls apart,one member dies,they all live to regret no having said sorry.I know,I've been that guy.

If ever!!!!

i dread the time

when I'm all by myself

when I'm officially retired

and sat on the shelf

loneliness,quiet,a deafening dinn

what a thought,It would

i would be climbing the walls

looking for something to do

someone to talk to

maybe it will be you,

maybe a new friend

will emerge in my life

i dread being alone

endless strife.

Had our issues.

had my issues,over the years

laughed sometimes.And cried some tears

tried stuff I shouldn't

did stuff I should

you never know what's wrong

never know what could

suffered depression

had some bad days

sometimes I'm not with it

walk around in a daze

other days I'm alert,take on the world

can take it on the chin,no matter what's hurled.

take small steps,shout louder than the rest

make yourself heard,become a bloody pest.

Number three


Five gems.

five kids,wow, never thought when I was a bad boy at 18,I'd ever see the day when I'd have five kids.sometimes when I think about it hard,they have saved my life from the very dodgy road I was heading down.My wife also deserves some credit,if I hadn't met her when I did,my future was ending up in prison ,or dead.Not much of a choice.if I hadn't taken the right turn that day,who knows where I'd be right now.It doesn't bare thinking about.One things for sure,I'm better of where I am now ,that's a definite.

Number four


Number five


Hard to take.

nothing harder to listen to

than a child who cries

the noise is heartbreaking

that poor child cries

you try to help,you try to solve

the child's problem,happiness to evolve

heart wrenching,awful,tearful and sore

lead the child up,through a happier door

children deserve to be happy

no tormented by a thought

they are not daft,not easily bought.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 2 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks for the kind words CrisSp.

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 2 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I'm glad you took the right turn and credit your wife for that or we wouldn't have this hub to read today.

      I like the way you tell your stories. Thank you for sharing.