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Updated on December 14, 2013


Rain tapped against the window, a large fire crackled within a mahogany fireplace. The light danced on the dark brown walls complimenting a dark red love seat. It stood across the fireplace and in front of two bookcases.

Ash sat in his chair reading when he sensed someone close by. He got up and walked to the front door, his eyes widened to see a small girl; she looked about nine years old, in mortal years. She gasped sensing someone was behind her; slowly she turned to see Ash in the doorway.

She was wrapped in a hooded cloak; it was soaked and clung to her small and pale body. Her blond hair covered a pair of blue eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you child.” Ash whispered bending down on one knee

The girl just stared at the ground. Ash slowly reached out tilting the girl’s head up. She took a step back, her red wings ripped two holes in the robe and her tail wrapped around her leg.

“Where did you come from?” He asked

She didn’t answer and just stood quietly shivering.

“Come inside darling, you’ll catch a cold out here. Please?” He asked

She looked up to see Ash revealing his black wings and tail. He took her small hand into his, leading her into the living room. She sat in his chair feeling the warmth of the fire. He conjured a towel and began drying her hair.

“Can you tell me your name?” He asked

“Amber…” She whispered

“Let’s get you into some dry clothes.”

He snapped his fingers putting her into white flannel pajamas. She smiled as her hands reached out for the heat from the fire.

“What’s your name?” She asked


“I’m sleepy…”

“C’mon let’s get you into bed.”

She took his hand as he led her upstairs. Candle shaped lights lined the corridor with dark brown doors on each side. He opened the first door on the right.

He turned on the light; it made the dark blue walls glow. A full sized bed stood in the center of the room, covered with white sheets and blue comforter. He tucked her in and she fell asleep.

The door closed behind him, he went downstairs and into the living room.

“Charlotte …” He called

A woman appeared before him, she stood about his height. She was dressed in a black leather bustier, matching pants, and heels. Her dark brown hair was tied back into a ponytail as a pair of blue eyes met Ash’s.

“You called?” She asked

“I did my dear. I need your help with something.” He replied

“A body?” She asked licking her lips

“I apologize to burst your bubble, but no. I have a young demon that will be staying with me for a while. I had a vision about someone coming, but I wasn’t expecting her.”

“Her? Did she steal your heart already?”

“She’s a child. She probably was abandoned or a run away. I’m not sure. She does need clothes and toys.”

“How old is she?”

“Nine… in mortal years...”

“Poor girl; I’ll be back with some clothes and toys, and maybe some food.”

She flashed leaving Ash alone again. Twenty minutes later she returned with bags of clothing and dolls.

“I hope she likes all this.” Charlotte commented

“She’s asleep; I don’t want to wake her. Just leave this here and when she wakes up I’ll show her everything.”

“Alright… just call if you need anything else.”

“Thank you Charlotte.”

“You’re welcome boss.”

She flashed out of the room. Ash sat back down in his seat and continued to read.


He leaned against the white marble balcony, looking over the small beach below. His hair was tied back, while he wore a pair of black boots, black leather pants, and matching t-shirt. He shaved off goatee, appearing younger, though no one knew how hold he really was.

“Your week is almost up, can’t you stay longer?” A woman’s voice echoed

“D, I can’t. We agreed on one week; don’t go back on our deal. I need to get back, Amber hates when I’m away longer than a week. Tomorrow night I’m going home end of story.” He replied

A woman appeared, sitting on the balcony, wearing a long white silk robe. Her dirty blond hair draped over her shoulders, as her blue eyes glowed in the moon light.

“You’re always taking her side.” She muttered

“I’m on no one’s side. Now do you want to spend my last day arguing?” He asked

She sighed and shook her head ‘No’. Ash smiled and picked her up, walking through the stained glass doors and white curtains.


“Hey my little night terror what’s up?” Vicky asked

She had come behind the bar to start a tab for a group of elves. Amber appeared sitting on the bar, dressed in back combat boots, blue jeans, and long sleeved black t-shirt. Her was tied back into pig tails and draped down her back.

“Hi! Look what the vamp lady bought me!” She replied jumping off the bar and twirling around

“You look so pretty.”

“Thank you. Now I have warm clothes for the winter.”

“We didn’t want you to freeze darling.” Jade H commented appearing behind Amber

“Did Ash call?” Amber asked

“He’ll be back tomorrow night at sunset.” Jade H replied

Amber smiled, Jade walked behind the bar and a martini began to mix itself. Drake walked in taking his seat at the bar. The drink and shaker landed in front of him.

“Thanks kiddo…” He smiled

“One for the road…” She replied

“Disappearing again wolf?” Amber asked

“It’s a full moon tonight. My pack is going hunting.” He sighed

He finished his drink and flashed from the bar.

“He’ll be gone for two weeks.” Jade H commented

“Wow, the girls will be safe from his harassment… shocking…” Vicky laughed

Amber giggled as she watched a chocolate milkshake being made in the blender. She sat down at the bar as Vicky served her.


“Do you have to leave?” D asked

She came up behind Ash hugging him tightly. Ash turned lifting her face up to look at him.

“We agreed D. We’ll set up another week; please don’t summon me unless it’s an emergency.” Ash replied

“Fine… go back to your precious demon.” She muttered

“Don’t start with me D…”

“Bye Ash.”

Ash flashed and arrived outside of Jade and Talon’s home. Amber ran out leaping into Ash’s arms.

“Ash! I missed you so much!” She screamed

“I can tell darling.” He replied

“Look what the vamp lady bought me!”

She twirled around in her long black skirt and long sleeved dark red top. Jade and Talon came up behind her, as four bags of clothes landed beside Amber.

“Now she won’t freeze this winter.” Jade H commented

“Thank you for having me.” Amber began turning to face her hosts

“You’re welcome.” Talon replied

Amber turned to Ash with a smirk on her face.

“I’m surprised; Not a day late. No begging? No argument?” She asked

“I won this time love.” Ash replied

“Yay! I hate when you stay late… bye vamps!”

They flashed appearing in the entranceway. She walked upstairs with her bags hanging on her tail.

“No one knows about her?” she asked stopping before going into her room

Ash shook his head “I would appreciate it if you kept it between us.” He replied


She smiled and went into her room. The walls were painted with a night sky and full moon. She turned on the light, making the white furniture glow.

All of her clothes flashed into her closet. Then she changed into a pair of gray boxer shorts and white t-shirt. The T.V mounted on the wall over her dresser turned on; she snuggled into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning she awoke to hear the front door shut and lock. She stretched extending her wings and climbed out of bed. She went downstairs and into the kitchen. It was always clean, since Ash rarely used it.

The white ceramic tiles felt warm beneath her feet, while the sun lit up the maple colored cabinets and large pantry. She opened the pantry and pulled out a box of ‘Pop Tarts’ she put them into the toaster. She poured herself a glass of milk and sat down at the table. Her pastry treats popped up, she put them on a plate and began eating.

It was weird being by herself, she always used to Ash being home; most of the time she hid in her room. Today was going to be different; she was going out and enjoying her fall clothes. She put her dirty dishes in the dishwasher and it started automatically.

She went upstairs and changed into a pair of leggings and long sleeved thermal shirt. As she slipped on her new knee high boots, she tied her hair into pigtails, grabbed her cell phone and purse. She flashed into town by the park. As she walked into town the sidewalks were crowded with people, stopping in shops.

Awesome…” She thought to herself

The sun felt warm, though the air was cool, the red, brown, and green leaves shined in the sunlight as they scattered on the streets. She stopped into a small café and got a hot chocolate, as she was leaving, she smelled lavender, and this reminded her of the first time Ash took her out to meet everyone.


She woke up the next morning and she gasped. Her closet was filled with new clothes and various dolls and stuffed animals were sitting on a large shelf. She walked out of her room and downstairs into the kitchen.

Ash stood at the counter with a waffle iron, and had just taken the freshly made waffle and put it on a plate with others.

“Ash…” Amber whispered

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” He asked turning off the iron

She nodded, as he brought her over to the table. He brought over the plate of waffles, syrup, and a glass of orange juice.

“You must be hungry?”

“I am… starving.”

He gave her a plate of two waffles and poured syrup on top. She picked up her fork and stabbed the waffle with it and began eating. Ash laughed as she ate around the fork.

“Do you know how you ended up here?”

“I came from otherworld. Mistress was being mean and I left. I flew until it rained and came here.”

“Who was your mistress?”

“She’s very mean lady…”

“You don’t know her name?”

Amber shook her head ‘No’ as she stabbed her other waffle with her fork and continued to eat. Whoever she was probably was a higher power in the otherworld and dismissed Amber for one reason or another. It didn’t matter now; he doubted this woman would come looking for her.

“Did you have enough to eat?” He asked

“Yea, it was good.” She replied

“I’m glad; anyway I have to visit with some friends of mine. Let’s get you cleaned up and dressed.”

She nodded as Ash took her upstairs and into the bathroom. He turned on the light, making the blue tiles glow, along with the white marble counters. A large bath tub, stuck out from the center wall, Ash grabbed a towel out of a small closet, as the water began running itself.

“Do you need any help?” Ash asked

“No...” Amber replied

She walked over and turned off the water, Ash walked out closing the door behind him, slightly. Her hands shook as she began unbuttoning her pajama top. Once she slipped it off, small bruises and cuts covered her back and arms. They had begun to heal, but not fast enough, since she was so young.

She slipped off her pajama bottoms and climbed into the tub. The warm water felt nice as she began to see the dirt and dried blood wash off. As she finished up, someone knocked on the door.

“Amber, are you finished?” Ash called

“I am…” She replied

She smiled as the drain opened, letting all the water out. Slowly she got to her feet and climbed out. The towel wrapped around her, as Ash came in with a change of clothes.

“Here are some fresh clothes, when you’re ready we’ll leave. And I promise my friends won’t hurt you, they are supernatural too.” He began

He handed her the clothes and he left her alone again. She took the towel and dried her hair and began to get dressed. Ash knocked again, just as she tied her hair into pigtails. She had changed into a black short sleeved dress and matching sandals.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked

“They won’t hurt me will they?” Amber replied

“No darling; we take care of each other here.”


She walked over to him holding out her hand. He took it and they flashed, sitting on the patio of someone’s home. The sweet smell of lavender filled her nose, as she looked over to see the lavender bush below. A woman came out the sliding doors, dressed in a pair of black flip flops, jean shorts, and black tank top. Her dark red hair was loose draping over her shoulders.

“Ash…” She began

“I just came to see how you were holding up. Myra told me she performed the divorce.” He replied

“It hurts, but we agreed that both of us rushed into this. We don’t love each other anymore. Who is your friend?”

“This is Amber. Amber this is my friend Max.”

Max held out her hand, she quickly clung close to Ash; her senses had picked up on what Max was.

“It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.” Max whispered

“Tiger lady is very strong…” Amber commented

“She is; her daughters and sister are a rare were-breed.” Ash continued

“She’s a demon?” Max asked

“Pure demon… not bad… Ash is teaching me to behave.” Amber nodded

“It’s a long story…” Ash sighed

Max nodded and smiled at Amber.

“Anyway we’d better get going. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.” Ash smiled

“I’m holding up ok. I just need some time.” Max replied

Amber saw the hurt in Max’s eyes, and she felt the pain that covered her body.

“You’ll be ok…” Amber whispered


They flashed and appeared outside ‘The Circle Lounge’. She stared at the bright letters shinning in the sun. Ash led her inside, as Jade S and Vicky were behind the bar, filling the fridges.

“Hey Ash, what can we get for you…” Vicky paused; “Hello… what’s your name?”

Ash looked down at Amber, he nodded and she flashed appearing to sit on top of the bar.

“I’m Amber; what’s your name pixy?” Amber replied

“I’m Vicky and it’s nice to meet you Amber.” Vicky smiled

Amber looked over at Jade, as the door to the fridge closed on its own.

“What’s your name telepath?” Amber asked

“I’m Jade S and I own this place with my sister Jade H.” She replied

Amber began smelling the air around her, picking up on the scents of various supernatural creatures. Then she gasped and looked at Jade.

“How can she be a vampire and a telepath?” She asked

“Her boyfriend made her. I’m sure you’ll meet her and Talon later.” Vicky replied

“Would you like something to drink or eat Amber?” Jade asked

“No… thank… you… not hungry.” Amber replied slowly

Jade smiled and then signaled Ash to follow her to her and Jade’s office.

“I’ll be right back love. Jade and I need to talk.” Ash began

“Ok.” Amber smiled

The door shut behind him as Jade sat down rubbing the sides of her head.

“What did you sense from her?” Ash asked

“Sadness, happiness, and fear all rolled into one little demon. She worked in the otherworld for someone, who didn’t treat her right. That poor child…” Jade replied

“She wouldn’t talk to me about who she worked for. I’m scared that she’ll become defensive if I bring it up.”

“Don’t even try, she will shut down. Did you know she would show up at your house?”

“I had a dream that someone was coming, I just wasn’t expecting her.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing, because she’s already grown very attached.”

“I will, thanks Jade.”

They came out of the office, as Amber was admiring Vicky’s wings.

“It’s time to go darling, say goodbye to Vicky and Jade.” Ash called

“Goodbye…” Amber smiled and flashed beside Ash

She took his hand into hers as they flashed back to the mansion. She immediately got behind him, seeing a wolf appear walking up the driveway.

“Who’s that?” She asked

“It’s my friend Drake.” Ash replied

Drake shifted back to his human form, dressed in a pair of sneakers, jeans, and white t-shirt.

“Hey Ash; who’s the kid?” Drake asked

“I’m not a child wolf…” Amber replied sticking out her tongue

“Be nice Amber; Drake this is Amber.” Ash sighed

“Hi Amber…” Drake smiled

“Hi… I’m going into my room.” Amber flashed

Ash led Drake inside and into the living room.

“Is there some hidden wife or baby mama drama?” Drake asked

“You have been watching too much Maury. She just showed up one day, I was expecting someone to come, it was a surprise to see her.” Ash replied

“Where did she come from?”

“The otherworld, she served some higher power over there. But that’s all I got.”

“She reminds me of you a little bit. Anyway I’ll let you get back to being Mr. Mom, I’ll see you later.”

Drake flashed as Amber appeared sitting at the base of the staircase. Ash walked over and sat beside her.

“He’s rude… making fun of you like that. Could I…” She paused licking her lips

“No, I told you we take care of each other in this world.”

“If he ever does that again, I’m roasting him on a spit.” She muttered

Ash laughed as he stood up and smiled. She did remind him of himself when he was her age.

“C’mon what would you like to have for dinner?” He asked

“Meat…” She replied

“You’re in luck; I have two steaks in the refrigerator.”


It took her a long time to understand that Ash and his friends were like a family. Unlike in the otherworld, power was the key to gaining anyone’s respect. Many super naturals were used to gain that power, but here everyone respected each other; for the most part. She had grown to like this world and all her friends here.

She continued walking down the street when the sparkle of a necklace caught her eye. She stopped to stare into the store’s window at the display of necklaces, bracelets, and rings which all complimented each other.

“Pretty…” She whispered

“You would look beautiful in that one.” A male voice commented

Slowly she straightened up to see a boy her age. He stood her height; his head was shaved with brown hair forming a small Mohawk. His light green eyes had a gold tint in them; indicating he was a demon. His face was thin and his body was a little muscular.

“Thanks…” She replied feeling her cheeks turning red

“You’re welcome. I’m Trent by the way.” He continued holding out his hand

“Amber…” She smiled and shook his hand; “You’re new in town?

“I just moved here today; and decided to explore my new home.”

“Oh, you should check out the Circle Lounge. My friends own the place; serve both the supernatural and mortals.”

She conjured a business card and handed it to him. Her eyes stared at his black sneakers, blue jeans, and long sleeved black flannel shirt.

“I heard about this place. Maybe I’ll see you there?”

“Maybe… if you’re lucky…”

She winked and waved turning in the other direction, walking down the street. She flashed to appear at the front door of her home. As she walked inside, Ash was coming downstairs talking on his phone with someone. He hung up as Amber met him half way.

“Where did you disappear to?” He asked

“Window shopping…” She replied

“Did you have fun?”

“It was fun, felt good to get out.”

“Good. Myra called and asked to meet for dinner would you like to come?”


“We’re going to her house.”

She turned around and followed him out the door. He unlocked the door of his pickup truck. As she got in, he put the key into the ignition and they pulled away from the house. They pulled out onto the main road as he glanced over at her. Since he met her, he no longer had any visions about her future. It was sometimes nerve racking, but he had to trust she would make the right decisions. He let out a breath, but then picked up on the scent of a man’s cologne.

“What’s his name?” He asked

She then realized her clothes smelled like him. Her cheeks turned a little pink as she smiled.

“His name is Trent. He’s new here and a demon.” She replied

“Did you tell him about the lounge?”

“I did. So hopefully he’ll stop by there and meet everyone.”

Ash pulled up to the main gate of the were-tiger clan, he rolled down the window and rung the bell on the callbox.

“Identify yourself…” A male voice commanded

“Ash and Amber; we’re here to see Myra.” Ash replied

The gates slowly opened and they drove through. As they stopped in front of Myra’s house, the front door was open. They got out and walked inside.

“Hello… anyone home?” Ash called

“Ash, Amber, please have a seat in the dining room and I’ll be right out.” Myra called from the kitchen

They walked down the white corridor and entered the large dining room. A brass chandelier hung above a rectangular oak table that was surrounded by five square shaped chairs. The white walls shined in the light along with photos, small blue vases, which sat on a shelves scattered throughout the room.


Ash and Amber sat down, seeing the table was set and a basket of rolls sat in the center. Myra came out of the kitchen carrying a tray of barbeque ribs. She set it down and then snapped her fingers; two bowls appeared, one filled with a tossed salad and the other with mashed potatoes.

They stood up as Myra hugged them and then they sat down.

“Hello Ash, Amber, please help yourselves.” She smiled

“Hello Myra, thank you for inviting us.” Ash replied

“You’re most welcome. How is everything?”

“Everything is fine. It has been busy, but very productive. What about you?”

“It’s been quiet. We have a few new pride members.”

“That’s good.” Amber commented

“Alex and Max have decided to open a safe house. I was hoping you could help them find a suitable location. What do you think about the idea?”

“It sounds wonderful. I will have to contact my real estate agent to help out.”

“Excellent. I know you and Max will speak soon.”

“Safe house?” Amber asked

“A place where any supernatural can stay, to get back on their feet or in Max and Melody’s case; they went there after being removed from an abusive house.” Myra replied


Myra and Ash continued to talk as she continued to make a small pile of rib bones on another plate. Afterwards, they helped cleaned up and pack away the leftovers. Amber had conjured a lollipop and began to eat it as she followed Ash and Myra into the living room.

“Ash, would you mind if I spoke with Amber in private?” Myra asked

“No; I’ll leave you two ladies to talk, I’ll see you at home darling.” Ash said and kissed the top of Amber’s head

“See you at home.” Amber replied

Once he left and his truck motor faded off into the distance, Amber sat down on the couch and Myra sat beside her.

“Have your powers changed recently?” Myra asked

“Don’t think so…” Amber replied

“I sense something different about you. Maybe it’s old age finally catching up with me.”

“You’re not old elder tiger. If my powers changed, wonder what it could be…”

“I know you’ll tell Ash is something happens.”

“Promise elder tiger.”

“So what’s his name?”

“Not you too elder tiger….”

“You two are going to run into each other again. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

“Thank you…”

An hour later she flashed home. She wondered what Myra meant, her having new powers. It still made her smile the day she came into her powers. She was fourteen in mortal years.


She was in the backyard training with Ash. They just finished sparing and Ash conjured a wooden target and two glass vases.

“Do you think you can conjure an energy or element energy ball?” He asked

He turned to her; she was dressed in long black sweat pants and matching tank top. He wore a pair of ripped blue jeans and grey t-shirt.

“Don’t know… never tried…” She replied shrugging her shoulders

“Come here and concentrate.”

She stood a few feet from the targets. He wings folded behind her back as she held out her hand. At first she sighed, nothing was happening. Then small sparks appeared and a fire ball formed in the palm of her hand.

She threw it and lit the wooden target up. Then she conjured an energy ball and shattered the two vases.

“Very nice, so you’re a fire demon.”

“Guess so…”

They hugged and she continued to practice her new powers.


It still bothered her the next morning when she woke up. “What did elder tiger mean?” She thought to herself. She walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror.

She still looked the same, long blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin and muscular build.

“Still me…” She smiled

She shook off what Myra had said and to brush her hair. As she came out, she heard Ash talking to someone on the phone.

“Yes; please make sure there are numerous bedrooms and finished basement. Thank you so much Angela.”

The question poked at her and she couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Ash…elder tiger said I have new powers. What does it mean? Don’t feel different… do I look different?” she asked flying down stairs and into the living room

He turned to her and frowned. “I’m sorry darling…. I can’t. You’ve become a daughter to me. And once that happens…” He paused

“You can’t sense anything.” She finished his sentence

“Maybe Myra or someone can help you. I know you never liked talking about your past. I think if you explore it; you’ll find out what these new powers are and how to control them.”

“Maybe… thanks …”

She hugged him tightly and flashed into her room. Ash had a point; she would immediately shutdown if he asked about her past. Those memories were buried in her mind, never to resurface until now.

She opened her closet and changed into a pair of blue jeans, gray long sleeved shirt, and black combat boots. She picked up her cell phone and called Vicky.

“Hey Amber what’s up?” She asked

“Hi Pixy; I need some help, can we meet to talk?” Amber replied

“Yeah come over to the apartment.”

“I’ll be over in a second.”

She hung up and flashed right outside Vicky’s door. Vicky opened it, dressed in a three quarter sleeved blue dress.

“Come in…” Vicky gestured

Amber followed Vicky inside and they sat down in the living room.

“What’s up?”

“I want to learn about my past. Myra sensed I have new powers. And I want to know where I got these new powers. Can you help?”

“New powers? Maybe that’s what I sense. I’d be glad to help.”

Vicky conjured a ‘Forget me not’ flower. Amber watched as the petals began to glow.

“Now this flower is going to take us to the source of this new power No one will be able to see or hear us. Hopefully you’ll remember where these powers came from and be able to handle them.”

“Alright Pixy let’s go.”

She took Amber’s hand into hers. The light from the flower grew as Vicky’s apartment dissolved around them.

They appeared on a white marble balcony overlooking a small beach. The sun had risen higher into the clear blue sky. A slight breeze picked up blowing the white curtains out.

“Where are we?” Vicky asked

“The otherworld; I used to live here.”

“Let’s go inside.”

Amber nodded and as they walked inside. Their jaws dropped, while they stood in a very large bedroom.


A large bed stood in the middle of the room. Numerous gold and white pillows were neatly arranged, beneath white blankets and sheets. Four large white ceramic vases occupied the corners of the room. Each one had different carvings on them.

“This has to be a palace or mansion.” Vicky commented

“More prison…” Amber muttered

Two women entered the room, one blond and the other brunette. Both wore long white togas with braided gold ribbon tied around their waists; along with silver sandals on their feet.

“Mistress, will you need anything else?” The brunette asked

“No Vanessa; enjoy the rest of the afternoon.” The blond replied

“If any visitors come to seek your guidance…”

“I’ll see them.”

“As you wish, I’ll inform the other servants.”

Amber and Vicky watched as the blond conjured an off white chez lounge and sat down.

“She can conjure; I already can do that.” Amber muttered

“Let’s see if she does anything else.” Vicky replied

Vanessa appeared carrying a large basket in one hand and a teal velvet pouch in the other.

“The sea and sun kings send you gifts.” Vanessa began

The blond looked into the basket to seeing various wild flowers. She conjured a vase filled with water and the flowers appeared inside. She took the velvet pouch, opened it and poured out fresh pearls.

“How sweet; the next time I see them, I’ll thank them personally.” The blond began “Any word from…”

“No; your powers don’t seems to have an effect. But even without them, he seems intrigued.”

“Love works in mysterious ways… I should know…”

They laughed, Amber looked over at Vicky. Suddenly the room dissolved and they appeared in a small garden. Flowers grew in small beds, Vicky gasped to see a young Amber sitting and smelling the flowers. She wore a dark blue toga with silver sandals.

“A prison?” Vicky asked

“Watch…” Amber replied

Vanessa appeared sitting beside Amber. Amber stopped and looked over at Vanessa, staring at her dark brown eyes.

“What…” Amber asked

“She wants to see you. And I figured you might be hiding here.” Vanessa replied


Before Vanessa could argue, Amber flashed; Vanessa got up and walked back inside. Amber reappeared and continued to smell the flowers.

“Was she talking about the blond?” Vicky asked

Amber nodded, “The Mistress…” She replied

They continued to watch, but then Vicky looked down to see her flower was losing its power.

“We have to go.” She whispered

“Oh… ok…”

The garden disappeared as they reappeared back in Vicky’s living room. Aaron had walked in, carrying a bag of groceries.

“Where did you two come from?” He asked

“We took a trip down memory lane.” Vicky replied

“You were gone for an hour. Anyway are you ready to go? Jade and Ryan are back from their honeymoon.”

“They’re back?” Amber asked

“Yeah, everyone is getting together at the lounge for dinner and drinks.” Vicky replied

“Then let’s go!” Amber cheered

Aaron pulled out his car keys from his pants pocket and they left for the lounge. On the ride over, Aaron and Vicky were talking about remodeling the apartment; Amber sat in the back lost in thought. The memories of living in the Otherworld were gradually tricking in.

Love works in mysterious ways… I should know…” The mistress’s voice echoed in her head. Love had something to do with her powers. It was as if the Mistress could control it. She gasped when the car pulled into the parking lot of the lounge.

As they walked in, Dannie was behind the bar, while Aiden and Aaron were pushing two tables together along with the couches.

“Are they here?” Amber asked

“They’ll be here in ten minutes.” Dannie replied

Amber sighed and sat down at the bar and conjured a red lollipop. Ash appeared beside Amber, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“How did everything go?” He asked

“Most of my memories came back. Don’t know what my new powers are…” She replied with a sigh

“I spoke to Myra and she’s offered to help.”

“Great, I’ll go over tomorrow?”

“She’ll be expecting you.”

She turned and hugged Ash tightly. Dannie and Vicky came out of the kitchen with trays of food.

“Excuse us, we need the bar please.” Dannie began

Amber and Ash got up and walked over to the couches. Drake walked in along with Trent, Amber’s cheeks turned red, but then a sense of calm came over her. She got up and went into the bathroom, conjuring a hair brush she brushed her hair and retied her pigtails. She looked over her outfit and then went back out to the lounge.

Trent’s and her eyes met, he walked over to her. She smiled as she met him halfway.

“So we meet again.” He commented

“It’s nice to see you too.” Amber replied with a smirk

“This place looks great. Drake told me about the Jades.”

“Yeah the Jades worked really hard and helped a lot of us.”

“That’s cool.”

Suddenly screams of joy echoed throughout the room, Jade and Talon had arrived with the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs. Amber flashed over and hugged Jade tightly.

“Welcome home!” She cheered

“Thanks Amber, it feels good to be back.” Jade replied

“C’mon everyone, dinner is served.” Dannie called

Everyone walked over, grabbing a plate and utensils, and then lined up at the small buffet. Amber turned and saw Trent still standing where she left him.


“Sorry about that. I haven’t seen the telepath and wizard not since the wedding.” She began

“It’s cool. So how long have you lived here?” He asked

“Almost a full mortal year, but before coming here, I lived in the Otherworld.” She replied

“Damn. I hear that place is brutal.”

“You have no idea. You hungry?”

“I am; was waiting for the line to go down.”

“C’mon let’s eat the wolves make awesome buffalo wings and French fries.”

They walked over to the buffet and loaded up their plates. As they joined everyone at the couches, Dannie and Aiden slid over to make room.

“How was your honeymoon?” Amber asked

“Beautiful…” Jade replied

“We stayed at a resort, in Puerto Rico. It was owned by a very nice were-cheetah couple.” Ryan added

“Cool…” Amber smiled

“Leo and May send their regards Ash.” Jade continued

“That’s nice; I’m glad you two had a lovely time. Jade, could I borrow the office for a second?” He asked

“Sure…” The Jades replied

Ash got up and dialed a number on his cell phone.

“Where’s he disappearing to?” Trent asked

“Business call…” Amber replied; “Ash has numerous businesses…”

“Are you his partner?”

“Nope; his daughter… he’s very protective of me…”

“Hey cupcake could I borrow Trent for a second?” Drake asked

“Sure wolf… no worries…” Amber replied

Trent got up and followed Drake outside. The girls slowly circled around Amber, smiling and giggling.

“Hope he’s not rubbing his charm onto him.” Jade H commented

“One Drake is enough, but two?” Gross…” Jade added

“I don’t think so…” Vicky interrupted

“Really?” The Jades asked

“He seems genuine and not the type looking for a one night stand.” Dannie continued

“I agree with kitten and pixy. If he was, I’d kill him…” Amber chimed

“We know and we’d help…” Vicky laughed

She began ignoring the girl’s conversation and watched Drake and Trent talking outside. He occasionally looked inside their eyes met, but then Drake would pull his attention to him. She conjured a lollipop and began licking it. Drake and Trent came back inside, while Jade H, Vicky, and Dannie began cleaning up.

Amber began bringing dishes into the kitchen and loading them into the dishwasher. Victor and Marcus were cleaning up the kitchen. As she came out of the kitchen, she saw Ash talking to Jade H and Talon. He got up and walked over to her.

“She summoned you again?” Amber whispered

“She did; you’ll be home. Jade H and Talon will be checking in on you and don’t forget Charlotte is only a call away.” He replied

“Oh… well go… before she gets angry and summon you with a snap of her fingers.”

“Amber…I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Alright… I’ll miss you…”

They hugged and he flashed to visit with D. She wasn’t jealous of D, but it bothered her how they would argue and make-up. And yet, she had to tease him, sparking thoughts she didn’t want to think about. Trent walked up to her, she felt a slight shiver, but then calmed down.

“Hey would you want to go out to dinner sometime?” He asked

“I’d like that.” She replied

She conjured a small black card and stuck it into his front pants pocket. Slowly she leaned in, right near his ear. “Call me…” She whispered and she flashed home.

“Where did that come from?” Drake asked appearing behind Trent

“Don’t know, but I like it.” Trent replied

The next morning Amber appeared outside the gate of the were-tiger clan. She pushed the button and identified herself. Once the gate opened she flashed to Myra’s house, her sense picked up on Myra, who was in the backyard.

She walked through the gate and saw Myra had spread out a white blanket and had lit candles, which sat on the four corners. Myra wore a long sleeved white sweater and blue jeans with brown boots. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail.

“Right on time my dear.” She commented

Amber sat down on the blanket, fixing her long black skirt and dark red hooded shirt.

“What are we going to do?” Amber asked

“I prepared a potion that will transport us back to the day before you left the Otherworld. Similar to Vicky’s spell, no one will hear or see us. Are you ready?”

Amber nodded as Myra picked up to small vials of a blue liquid. She threw them onto the blanket and blue smoke surrounded them. They appeared back on the small beach; Amber was sitting beneath a white umbrella staring at the ocean.

“What’s happened?” Myra asked

“I was always alone. Didn’t have many friends except for Vanessa… she worked for the Mistress…” Amber commented

Vanessa appeared beside the young Amber, placing a hand upon her shoulder. Amber just sat so still, not acknowledging the servant.

“Did she send you?” Amber asked breaking the silence

“No… I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Vanessa replied

“I never want to be like her… live here with others that fear her…”

“You’ll probably come into some of her powers. When you get older… all of this will be yours.”

“Don’t want it… I’m not scary…”

“Her powers made others afraid of her; nothing on the outside is scary.”

“She can keep it…”

Suddenly they flashed forward, rain poured down from the sky, Amber was sitting on the Mistress’s bed cuddling with a gold pillow. Myra looked over at Amber who had tears in her eye. The Mistress appeared sitting behind Amber.

“There you are… ” The Mistress commented

Her hand slowly reached out for Amber, but she flashed and appeared standing by the window. She watched the rain fall onto the balcony, small droplets running down the glass panes.

“Is something wrong?” The Mistress asked

“Why do you scare them? Make them love you?” Amber asked

“I use my powers to instill fear because no one would take me seriously. And my powers have that effect on some men; both mortal and supernatural. Most of those powers will be yours someday.”

“Don’t want it… I will not be scary…”

The balcony doors swung open, wind howled and rain began pouring into the room. The Mistress didn’t move as Amber’s wings extended and her tail appeared swinging behind her.

“Calm down… think about it… they will bow at your feet… Being the daughter of a goddess is a blessing!” The Mistress shouted

“No! Not a blessing! It’s sick!” Amber growled

Her wings began flapping and she flew forward, picking the Mistress up and pinning her to the wall. The Mistress tried to break free; Amber’s tail came up and was pointed at the Mistress’s throat.

“Don’t move… you can keep all this… I don’t want it. You make me sick…”

Her tail slashed the Mistress’s face; she changed into a black hooded robe and flew off into the night. The balcony doors closed as silence fell upon the room, the Mistress felt the sharp sting on her face and left. Myra turned to Amber who had sunk to her knees and buried her head into her hands.

“She’s your mother, a goddess?” Myra asked

Amber looked up and nodded, “I remember. Didn’t like living here, seeing what Mistress did to Otherworld people. Used fear and powers to get what she wanted. I’m not like that and didn’t want to be. Traveled for days and stole the robe Ash found me wrapped in.”

“Who is she?”

She didn’t answer as they reappeared in Myra’s backyard Amber got to her feet and her wings unfolded.

“Amber who is she?” Myra asked

Amber leaped into the air and flew off into the orange and blue sky, while the sun began to sink beneath the horizon. As she landed outside her home, Drake was leaning against the side of the dark wooden siding.

“Hey sweetness what’s wrong?” He asked

“Go away wolf…” Amber growled

“C’mon I’m trying to be nice. I see it in your eyes, what’s wrong?”

She unlocked the front door and he followed her inside. They walked into the living room and she sat down in Ash’s chair, he conjured a kitchen chair.

“Now tell me what’s wrong.” Drake whispered

“Began to remember things from past. To figure out what new powers are.” Amber replied

“Do you know what they are?”

Amber took a deep breath and her eyes met Drakes. He began to blush, as they both stood up. He conjured a single white rose and handed it to her. She smelled its sweet scent and suddenly Drake leaned in for a kiss.

“Drake… what are you doing?” Amber asked

He stepped back and shook his head.

“What happened?” He asked

“My new powers… you’d better go wolf…”

He flashed as she went upstairs into her room. She changed into a pair of blue flannel pajama bottoms and gray t-shirt. Her phone rang and she saw Jade H’s number appear on the screen.

“Vamp lady!” She cheered

“Hey my little night terror, everything ok?” Jade H asked

“Yeah; gonna eat dinner and watch T.V.”

“Ok. Call if you need anything.”

“Ok…bye vamp lady.”


She awoke the next morning, and walked into the bathroom. She started the water for her shower and stepped in, feeling the warm water hitting the top of her head and falling down her toned body. After she conjured her blue robe and sat down at her vanity. She opened the large draw on the left seeing her hair dryer and some make-up Ash had bought her, on her last birthday. She dried her hair and then took out a light purple lipstick.

Slowly she glided it onto her bottom and top lip. She smiled and tied her hair into pigtails, got up and went into her room. Her phone rang and she picked up, while opening her closet.

“Hello…” She began

“Hey Amber its Trent.” His smooth voice entered her ear

“What’s up?” She asked

“I wanted to know if you would like to go out to dinner tonight.”

“Love to…”

“Great; let’s meet in town by the fountain at seven. Is that ok?”

“Sounds good… bye…”

She changed into a three quarter sleeved black dress and a matching pair of ‘Mary Jane’ shoes. Then she turned and looked at her bedroom. Something didn’t feel right; it had been a while since she redecorated.

“Charlotte…” She called

Charlotte appeared sitting on her bed, wearing a black leather corset, matching pants and heeled boots.

“What’s up?” She asked

“Two things; want to redecorate and need date advice for tonight.” Amber replied

“I know Ash won’t care about that. You always get what you want, so who is the lucky guy?”

“His name is Trent; new in town and has been to the lounge.”

“What is he? Mortal? Wizard? Demon?”

“Demon… ice demon…”

“Interesting… fire and ice; so let’s go into town and see what we can find.”

They flashed into town and walked into the local furniture store. By the late afternoon, Amber donated her old dresser, night table, and stuffed animals, except her black rabbit, to Max and Alex’s safe house. As they came home the movers had brought in a light oak dresser and night table. The dresser had a round mirror and silver braided handles. They stood in the room and Amber snapped her fingers, she added a small garden to the night sky mural.

“Not bad; now for tonight is he picking you up?” Charlotte asked

“Nope… We’re meeting in town by the fountain.” Amber replied

“Ok; well let him pull out the chair for you at the restaurant. Use your manners and be aware of others around you. If he tries to kiss you, depending if the rest of the night went well, go for it.”

“Thanks Charlotte.”

They hugged and she walked back into the bathroom. She untied her pigtails and began brushing her hair. She retied them lower, making them fall over her shoulders and reapplied some lipstick. At exactly seven she flashed and appeared sitting on the edge of the fountain.

“Hey Amber.” Trent called

She looked up to see him; he was dressed in a long sleeved black thermal shirt, blue jeans, and black combat boots. Slowly she got to her feet as he handed her a small bouquet of red roses.

“Hi Trent; thank you for roses.” She replied

“Are you ready to go?” He asked

She nodded ‘Yes’ and he took her hand into his. They walked down the street, she couldn’t help that her powers were kicking in. Both mortal and some supernatural men were staring, admiring her. She suddenly felt confident and fed off their energy.

They arrived at ‘Luna’s’ and walked inside. Once they arrived at the table, he pulled out her chair and she sat down. She sent the roses home and right into a vase of water in her room.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He commented

“Thanks.” She replied

“So tell me more about yourself…”

“I just enjoy everything here. Seeing friends and shopping… it’s different from Otherworld. Where did you live before here?”

“Connecticut; it was where I was born and raise, but once I graduated from college I knew that I had to get away. Start somewhere else, the mortals up there weren’t too accepting of supernatural beings. And I heard this town was very open and more accepting, so I moved.”

“Wow sounds like the Otherworld. Supernatural beings used power to scare to have respect.”

“Damn; no wonder you left.”


A server came and took their orders and they continued talking. By the end of the night, he flew her home. They hugged and she inhaled the smell of his cologne. She leaned back and smiled, then he leaned in, she closed her eyes and when his lips touched hers, her arms wrapped around his neck.

Slowly his tongue parted her lips; she followed mimicking what he did. She suddenly pulled back sensing someone was close by. She looked to see Jade and Talon walking up the driveway.

“Excuse us if we were interrupting anything.” Talon commented

“No worries Vamps, this is Trent. Trent meet Jade H. and Talon.” Amber replied

“It’s nice to meet you.” Trent smiled

“Likewise…” Jade H. smiled; “We were in the neighborhood and just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine. We had great night together.” Amber continued

“I’d like to do it again soon.” Trent added

“Ok, call when you get home.”

He kissed her on the cheek before flashing home. She invited them inside and they sat in the living room.

“He likes you…” Talon began

“I could tell.” Jade H added

“I like him…he’s sweet.” Amber replied blushing

“Did you ever figure out what your new powers were?” Jade asked

“I did… mortal and supernatural men watched me all night. I liked it… that bad?” Amber replied

“No… you’re beautiful… “Jade continued

“Thanks… I’m sleepy…”

“Good night, night terror.” Talon smiled

He and Jade let themselves out, locking the door behind them. She went upstairs and into her room, she almost screamed to see Vanessa sitting on her dresser.

“Have a good time tonight?” She asked

“Go away…” Amber growled

“She knows you’ve come into her powers. “

“Why she care now? I left…”

“She’s lending me to you. To help with the numerous gifts you’re about to receive from them.”

“Go back… I don’t want you here…”

“Fine... at least I can say I tried…”

She vanished and Amber opened her closet to change into her pajamas. Her phone rang and she picked up to see Trent’s number.

“You got home okay?” She asked

“I did; good night and sweet dreams.” He replied

“Good night…”

She hung up and climbed into bed. The next morning she woke up to her the doorbell ringing. She got out of bed and flew downstairs. As she opened the front door, there were various bouquets of flowers, stuffed animals and candy. They were all addressed to her, but she didn’t know who sent them.

She conjured a large box and put all the stuffed animals in one with the candy on top. The flowers got planted in the backyard. Vanessa did warn her, but this was getting on her nerves. She didn’t want to be like her mother. She went back inside and had breakfast, but the doorbell rang again. Another assortment of flowers and candy arrived. This time she burned them.

“That’s it!” She screamed

She went upstairs and changed into a pair of black leather pants, purple corset and a pair of heels. She knew Ash hated it, the past few times she appeared asking to see when he was coming home. But this time was different. She flashed and appeared on the balcony, pushing the doors open, the wind blew through the white curtains. She saw Ash kissing her mother, but they stepped back when Amber picked up a vase and threw it against the wall. It shattered as Amber walked up to them.

“Amber what the hell are you doing here?” Ash asked

She didn’t answer, as her wings unfolded and she flew pinning D to the wall.

“Hello… Mother…” Amber whispered

“Mother?” Ash asked his jaw dropped


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