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An ode to Batman

Updated on November 30, 2015

Desde la oscuridad vengo,
Por tanto ruido; silencio
Un secreto bien conocido
La luz que quema sin falta
Injusticia como fosforo,
Los deliquentes asustan de mi saber,
Caerian por mi vigilencia.


From out of the darkness, I come
Though so much noise; silence
A secret well known
The light that burns without fail
Injustice as a match,
The delinquents scared of my knowledge,
They would fall by my vigilance.



Why Adults Love Comics

There are countless reasons why adults love comics. Some might say that it is an escape from the reality of life. You know; bills, work and life in general. It is the idea of the imaginative worlds that each comic takes it's reader to.

No matter the hero of your choice; there are so many reasons of who is your favorite. There can be a certain power, skill, ability or token trait that draws your attention. Some of us like the brute action or the suave use of powers to effect an end. It doesn't matter; its just the fact that it is fun and takes you to another place.

There are some that feel it brings them back to their childhood; or lack thereof. Some can perceive the heroes as a memento of those times in the past that brought them a little bit of joy. That reminder of times when it was definitely easier. We all like to reflect back to that.

Either way; regardless of the reason, comics remain a money-making enterprise. That is as long as the comics are new. Of course you can make money on your comics as long as they are in good condition, unique and original.

Batman (Detective) Comics
Batman (Detective) Comics

Batman doesn't have powers!!!!

We have all heard it...

Batman is just a rich spoiled brat with a lot of money at his disposal who is bitter because mommy and daddy were killed in front of him...

Yes true! I can't argue that away. but then again why would I. That's what makes him who he is and fuels his fire to fight crime by the means he has at his disposal. After all he could very well put more money in his pocket and look the other way while the corrupt criminals and politicians do their backdoor deals. Contrarily, he chooses to use products that he develops of his own funds to mount a fight against corruption and crime in general. With a world where many cops are on the take and only a small few who still hold their badge untarnished he choose to take a stand from the outside. Does it make it right, no. But with the criminal process which gives criminals more rights than cops, and more escapes to get back to doing crime any good man would be frustrated.

Batman does however make contact with the police, and even though he is a vigilante he offers resources to help the police capture criminals.

I'm Batman!!!


This shouldn't be too hard to figure out but I'll go through the behind the scene meaning of this poem.

We have all seen the movies and comics but if you haven't Batman always appears out of the darkness. It's so cool because you never expect him to be see there but then boom, there he is.

Regardless of all the noise of the town and traffic he always manages to sneak up on you. It's the same even if it is quiet. Bang there is Batman.

Everyone knows he is out there but no one knows who or why. None but the readers and fans. Having witnessed the murder of his parents he turns into crimes worse nightmare. It is this hatred that fuels him. He continues to fight no matter how much it hurts him.

He uses technology and detective skills to find criminals and to figure out who has perpetrated certain crimes. Then he opens up a can of Whoop-Ass!!! His persistence is what criminals fear. He doesn't give up. If he finds a snag; he uses something that will then help him overcome whatever is standing his way.

So that is pretty much it in a nutshell. Simply complex.

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