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Oh Momma

Updated on December 15, 2015

Baby girl born to parents barely in love with each other

Hanging on by a thread, blaming one another

Uncle started hurting her when she was two

Learned more about life than any baby should have to

I used to lay there on the mattress staring at the window

I would pretend I was asleep and waited until he would go

We told momma, she said we were lying

She dropped us off and left us crying

She had people to see, things to do

Places to go that we couldn't go to

Momma moved from house to house, town to town

Barely able to keep her feet on the ground

Babies kept coming

Momma kept running

We were just baby girls

with sweet little curls

Our innocence stained

our childhood strained

Morning came one day in July

Momma was angry, we didn't know why

She called up my daddy

told him to come get me

Momma was happy to see me go

I cried, asked to stay and she said no

God was watching over me that day

Don't know who I'd be If I had stayed

My sisters were left behind in the hell

No one came to rescue them, no one would tell

Momma knew how to pick them

Every one of them just dirty men

She left them crying, helpless and alone

She barely was even able to give them a home

Years went by, kids grew up, momma found God

She came around hoping all things could be forgot

It is hard for me to look her in the eyes

And not fill her head with lies

Perhaps she really does feel sorry

For all the pain she caused me

But as I look at my own baby girl today

I have a few words I would like to say

Momma, you never were my mother

I gave that name to another

© 2011 Melissa F. Bennet


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  • inherown7 profile image

    inherown7 6 years ago from Aurora, Nebraska

    oh my dear friend. indeed this is a powerful release! so heartbreaking but freeing all at once. I love you

  • nighthag profile image

    K.A.E Grove 6 years ago from Australia

    a powerful write! full of pain and the disappointed heart of a young child, so very well done