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Using Technical Words in your Writing

Updated on December 26, 2013

Using Technical Words in your Writing

When readers are searching for your publications using the search engine , they use particular keywords to search for the contents . The keywords on a particular page is therefore one of the main on-page factors that the search engines use in indexing results or rankings for their users . The technical words in your contents can therefore strengthen the page's visibility in search engine rankings as readers use it to find your content .

Also when your page appears in the search engine results , the potential readers determine the relevance of a particular content by the number of highlighted the keywords in the page summary . The reader is more likely to click on a the link that has more keywords in the summary matching the keywords that he or she used in searching for the content . Using the appropriate level of technical words that fits the reading levels of your target audience is therefore necessary to help your articles rank well in the search engines.

However , technical words or keywords usage could be very tricky sometimes . They could make your contents difficult for readers to understand when they are especially beyond the reading levels of the target audience . In order for you to get the desired response - when using technical and keywords in your composition , make sure that you really know their meanings and you are also much conversant with their grammatical usage . You should study the reading levels and background knowledge of your target readers before choosing the technical or keywords to use . Explore your topic thoroughly . Read on several different materials on the topic to learn the appropriate technical words and keywords to use in your articles and how to use them as well .

The truth is you can't know or remember every single technical word /keywords on the topic that you are writing about . When there is are particular word that you are not sure of it's meaning and it's grammatical usage , you could look it up in the dictionary to know the meaning and the sentences they have been used in . However , you can still command respect in your writing by substituting certain technical words with your own word definition . When there is a particular word that you are not sure of it's meaning and it's grammatical usage , you can use the vocabulary available to you or which you understand and know how to use to define some them . You can also create unique terms , or make use of particular imagery or metaphors and similes to help bring the idea much closer to the reader . It is better to apply this method than to use technical words wrongly only to make your contents difficult for your reading audience . This helps to add a confidence tone to the piece and helps readers to notice your mastery over the topic - thereby commanding respect . It helps to also bring a new feel and meaning to words and makes the reader feel right in the writer's presence .

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