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beautiful but deadly my favorite comic book femme fatales

Updated on October 2, 2012

Jean Grey

I grew up reading the X-Men,when I started reading the X-men,Marvel was putting out only reprints of the sixties stuff.They was all reprints.The book was headed for cancellation,then marvel handed the book over to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.Enter the new X-Men.While the old X-men was being held prisoner by the mutant island krakoa,Xavier was forming the new X-Men to go and rescue them.Ever since then I was a fan.But not a fan of jean grey.I use to think she was weak.That is until the X-men crash landed into the earths Atmosphere and Jean used her telekinesis to keep them from being burnt to a crisp and the Phoenix was born.Before that I always felt that marvel-girl was boring it seemed the best she could do was float books and kitchen appliances in the air.The arrival of the phoenix really elevated her in my eyes (I was about 8 or 9 when this storyline kicked off.)As jean started to grow more and more darker I found myself getting more and more addicted to the X-Men,which had become my number one comic knocking spider-man down to second place.I found myself intrigued when she joined the Hellfire club and became the Black Queen.Before this the lines between the good guys and the bad guys was pretty clear.This was the first time (to my knowledge) that a good guy crossed over to the dark side in comics.And I loved it.When she became the Dark Phoenix I really loved it.I once had all the new X-men from the Giant sized new beginning all the way up to when storm lost her powers and I can really tell you at the time X-Men was miles ahead of the competition.I don't know what happened to those books but if I still had them I would be sitting on a small fortune right now.A few things I didn't like about the phoenix: when they brought jean back from the dead for the X-Factor book they seperated her from the phoenix and created the phoenix force.Hate that.To me the phoenix force and jean Grey are one and the same.two the phoenix force hopping around from character to character.Hate that.there is only one Phoenix and her name is Jean Grey.The other thing I didn't like the movie adaption of the Dark Phoenix.That really sucked.It was to fast,and it didn't even tell the real story.They should have left it alone. The phoenix will return and it will be Jean.Because Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force is one and the same.

The real Mystique

I read somewhere on hubpages that mystique is a lesbian hero.WRONG.I read somewhere on hubpages that mystique can change her sex as well as her form.WRONG.Mystique is a shapeshifter who can assume the form of anyone within her weight range.In the comic-book world she cannot transform into animals,dragons are anything like that.She is limited to humanoid shapeshifting.Meaning she can only change into other people.Mystique is Rogues Step Mother,NightCrawlers Birthmother,and her and SabreTooth had a human son,so mystique is not a gay hero.Her and Destiny was the best of friends,thats it.Mystique has been involved in relationships with Wolverine,SabreTooth,and Ice-Man.Just thought I would clear that up.Mystique is a bad ass and one of my favorite characters,with her ability to shapeshift you can never tell whats really going on with her.Mystique has multiple identities within the Government and many different secret societies.She is awesome.When magneto fell off back in the day it was mystique that rebuilt the brotherhood of evil mutants,she took them from a group of villains to a government sanctioned super-group with the new name freedom force.Mystiques shapeshifting abilities make pretty much impossible to kill her and know one knows how old she really is,she could be centuries old.Mystique has gone toe to toe with wolverine on many occassions,she is a hellcat.I don't really see another character out there that is really in her league.The mystique from the comic-book is awesome,but the mystique from the movies sucks.The real mystique does not play second fiddle to magneto.The real mystique does not run around naked.The cartoon mystique?Well I'll just say this the real mystique cannot change into wolves and ravens.The real mystique is a shape changing hell cat that packs plenty of firepower and has plenty of back up and plays the game from all sides.

The Scarlet Witch.

Wanda has to be in the top five of the most powerful characters in the marvel universe.Her hex power is so complicated that I have a hard time pinning down just what her exact powers is.Over the years she has done things that really cannot be defined up under one power.For example:when she wanted children ( her and the vision) she unconsciously used her hex power to get pregnant and have twins by the vision,only to find out a couple of years later that her twins only existed because she wanted them to.When she was not focusing on her kids they would vanish.I think the scarlet witch is the most powerful mutant in the marvel universe.The villain Master pandemonium came and reclaimed her twins souls,because they was really two demons from hell but Wanda did not know,she was grabbing these two demon souls to give life to the two children she so badly wanted.Using her hex power without knowing it.All I know for certain is that her power controls reality,space,and time,and she is always using her powers whether she knows it or not.Wanda is responsible for the total reorganizing of the marvel universe.She is responsible for M-Day the day when all reality was reshaped and all but 200 mutants was stripped of their powers all because of Wanda.Not only is she responsible for the near genocide of all mutants,the scarlet witch is also responsible for the destruction of Asgard and brought Ragnarok to Thor and all the asgardians.She totally ripped Asgard and everything that has to do with Asgard out of its rightful time and space.All because her little brother Quicksilver took advantage of her when she had a nervous break down.I think Wanda is back now I think she is one of the Dark Illuminati,I think she is going by the name of LOKI,now.The scarlet witch is so powerful that I don't even think that the Dark phoenix can stand up to her.


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