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Beautiful Creatures Books In Order Written By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Updated on December 2, 2016

Read The Beautiful Creatures Books In Order

If you are looking to read the Beautiful Creatures books in order, then you've come to the right place! If you've never heard of the Beautiful Creatures books before then don't worry, because neither had I.

When I found out about the Beautiful Creatures movie it looked so good that I decided to read the book series, which was also called the Caster Chronicles. I have to say I read the books so fast. They are a really easy read and have a compelling story that gets you racing to find out what happens to Ethan and Lena.

Since I only just finished the Beautiful Creatures box set, I have it all fresh in my mind and I know the order these books should be read in.

This book series is highly likely to become even more popular once the movie is released. Then people will be comparing the books to the movie. From the Beautiful Creatures trailers I have seen the movie has stuck very closely to the books. I am so excited to see the book come to life!

I will focus mainly on the Beautiful Creatures novels and add a little about the movie near the end.

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Beautiful Creatures Books

written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

The Beautiful Creatures Box Set
The Beautiful Creatures Box Set

The Complete Collection in One Place

Get It For Yourself or As a Gift

If you haven't started reading the Beautiful Creatures book series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl yet, why not get all 4 books right away?

When you start reading the books you'll be desperate to read the next one to find out what happens on each successive birthday.

You won't want to wait for the next book to arrive, you'll be desperate to find out if Lena chooses for the Light or for the Dark.

Beautiful Creatures Books In Order

  • Beautiful Creatures

    The first book in the Beautiful Creatures book series

  • Beautiful Darkness

    The second book in the Beautiful Creatures series

  • Beautiful Chaos

    Book three of the Beautiful Creatures series

  • Beautiful Redemption

    The Last book in the Beautiful Creatures book series.

We prefer the term Caster

— Lena Duchannes
Beautiful Creatures Book 1
Beautiful Creatures Book 1

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Book 1)

Lena Duchannes time is running out. When she moves to Gatlin, to live with her Uncle Macon, she knows she only has a few weeks left to be normal. However, Ethan Waite is just a local boy dying to get out of Gatlin. He's sick of the small town mentality and that nothing ever happens there.

It's a sleepy town where everyone knows the local gossip and go to Church on Sunday's. Set in the deep south, manners and morals are important. Being seen with Lena Duchannes, niece to the recluse that lives on the hill, is a definite no-no. Nothing can stop Ethan from getting to know the girl that is tormenting him in his dreams...

Ethan quickly gets drawn into a world hidden underneath his boring little town. He has no idea that there is magic and mystery where he lives. When he finds out that the people in his life have kept him sheltered he begins to uncover truths about his family and also his ancestors. Are Ethan and Lena connected in more ways than they could ever imagine?

However, none of that will matter if Lena chooses to go Dark on her 16th birthday. A decision she'll never be able to come back from.

If you loved the Twilight Series with Bella and Edward, then you'll probably love Beautiful Creatures too. Critics are saying that Beautiful Creatures could be the next Twilight!

Beautiful Darkness - Beautiful Creatures Book 2
Beautiful Darkness - Beautiful Creatures Book 2

Beautiful Darkness (Beautiful Creatures Book 2)

Lena made a decision on her 16th birthday, it just wasn't the decision anyone was expecting.

After using her powers to affect the moon, she's only postponed her decision to her 17th birthday. Except now she's made matters worse by using the long thought lost Book of Moons. There's always a price for using that book. Ethan and Lena's ancestors have paid that price many times over and is why the Duchannes family is cursed.

Lena still believes she's turning Dark and without Uncle Macon's help how will she stop herself from joining her Mother and Ridley? And to make matters worse, she can't tell Ethan what really happened on her 16th birthday.

Lena knows if she chooses for the Light, the Dark side of her family will die. But if she chooses for the Dark, her Light side of her family will die instead. How is she to make this decision?

Claim Yourself

— Macon Ravenwood
Beautiful Chaos - Beautiful Creatures Book 3
Beautiful Chaos - Beautiful Creatures Book 3

Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures Book 3)

Lean defied the rules again. Instead of choosing for the Light or for the Dark, she claimed herself. Unfortunately, that didn't stop some of her family from paying the ultimate price.

Also, that's not the end of it. There's a new song counting down to another birthday. Only it's not Lena's birthday.

Lena's decision has split the Caster world apart. She's changed the game and someone has to make amends. There is only one person who can fix it and to do that they may have to pay with their life.

Who can fix the world? Who is willing to pay the piper? Will Lena end up losing the most important thing in her life anyway?

Beautiful Redemption - Beautiful Creatures Book 4
Beautiful Redemption - Beautiful Creatures Book 4

Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures Book 4)

Ethan is unable to contact Lena. He's on the other side and has to find a way to get back. However, it's never that simple.

Ethan needs the Book of Moons and needs to find his page in another book and destroy it if he has any chance of being reunited with Lena. His friends and family are more than willing to help him but sacraficies will have to be made.

The Keepers, who are supposed to be neutral have made decisions outwith their authority. What if Ethan was able to rectify a great wrong and fix things? Will he be willing to pay the price?

If Ethan comes back who else will pay the ultimate price?

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Beautiful Creatures Movie

Beautiful Creatures Movie Trailer

Have You Read Any of These Novels so Far? - Let Us Know Your Thoughts Below

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    • TanjaCrouch profile image


      5 years ago

      This is a great lens. Thank you for all the research. I was introduced to Beautiful Creatures from the movie but have since been reading... this is a good reference.


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