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Updated on January 6, 2016

A normal human life today has a beginning, strings of events and an inevitable end. Each individual's life is generally evaluated in accordance with the visible contributions to humanity by the activities of event in the individual's life. A good assessment of the contributions of one's life should be the addition of all

the positive and negative or the desirable and undesirable events in that persons life. This assessment is usually not formal and conscious but arbitrary, subjective and emotional. Our activities are influenced by factors we have little or no control.

Sometimes, an event may overshadow other evens in one's life and becomes the over riding label by which one is known or remembered. It is in these consideration that projection becomes important.

Projection here refers to how we noticeable live our lives in relation to other people. If we make a far reaching and fundamental contribution to the society, like the discovery of electricity, the invention of the steam and internal combustion engines, the invention of airplane and so on, the impacts of our contribution will be felt by more people and will last longer indeed. A well distinguished person is often remembered positively by his community long after he/she dies.

Living this way, is a habit often driven by noble ideas and goals, habit of self control and discipline, the habit of hard work and excellent time management the habit of self esteem and so on. To live a life like this is never an easy undertaking. This is one of the reasons why few people are well distinguished.

All around the world, the displaced destitute and beggars and other irrelevant people die on the streets or other public places, and are buried in unmarked graves by civil authorities without benefit of any rites. On the reverse, when once in a while, some special people die, the whole world stand in respect. In contrast, the death of those who had managed to distinguish themselves negatively are more often greeted with some feeling of relief and good riddance. This comparism must influence our choice. The truth is that as we live our lives we utilize only a small fraction of our total potentials and capabilities. We carry many hidden and unexpressed talents and abilities into our graves. What a waste!

To be far above average, a lot more than the ordinary, more than head and shoulders above others, and to be in a distinctly elevated and quite difficult to attain class is to be truly distinguished. This is not easy to achieve. But always ask ''How best can I make a positive difference''.

Distinguished US Military receiving an aword
Distinguished US Military receiving an aword


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      chuks 2 years ago

      thats true nice article