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Updated on August 22, 2017

Completely Broken Down But Not Defeated

She closes her eyes to rid her mind of the recognition of imperfection, of decrepitude.

She wanted nothing more than to supress the memory to avoid dramatic commotion.

Resentment. Frustration. Remorse. Belittlement. Hiding behind a masquerade.

Not having to deal with these feelings, she over worked. She exerted and annihilated the very trace of emotion.

She gave into the belittlement of others. She took the word of the wicked.

She gave in and let the distressing disturbance take a toll on her entire mental state.

No one knew how much pain she was in, there was no idea of the severe mortification.

No wanting to deal with the drama she was left alone, she isolated herself from the fake.

Being surrounded by hallow unforgiving eyes, she forced herself to find fortitude.

Shot down by another empty soul she, laid there being destroyed yet again.

Laying in the cold ground, her entire chest heaving in agony. She felt abandoned and irresolute.

She sees hope, a glimmer of a shining star, filled with love and sympathy.

It is rather far away and she is unable to reach it, the distress getting too strong,

she broke down emotionally, unable to express her feelings thoroughly.

Trembling with fear she buried those emotions deeper within, not having to last too long.

Faking her joy she said she was fine, she ignored the desperate pleas and conviced herself she was happy.

She feels great physical pain taking a toll on her entire body along with the repeating depressing lyrics to a song.

Yet another memory arises, reminding her of her pain. Her unresolved confusing agony.

Shaking her head she couldn't fight the boiling anger. The furious unanswered questions.

Not having eaten in days, she couldn't find the strength to persist. To force controversy.

Emotional pain turning to physical pain, she secluded herself to avoid justifications.

Anxiety is suffocating her, wrapping her in a straight jacket, unable to win the raging rivalry

Like a boulder on top of her body she felt her muscles tense. She set of an affray.

She still remembers the look in their eyes. The uncaring misunderstanding contemplation's.

Filled with anger and sorrow she fought to keep down the memories that cause her distress.

She put out the anger from the rotten people on everyone else around. Undeserved obliteration.

Being in a dark room that was closing around at all sides, everyone was spitting critsism making a mess.

She hated the uncaring shallow pity, she was misunderstood and given unwanted dissertation.

Not wanting to look weak but having no more strength to hold down the burden,

she let go. Filled with complete crippling fear she released it all. Unaware of the conclusion.

She couldn't hold it any longer, feeling herself loose control she couldn't bear the obstruction.

She knew people will judge but she didn't care. Some people are stupid and mediocre.

It is a long and lonely journey being alone, enduring and painful.


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