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Benefits of Publishing your Works

Updated on December 26, 2013

Why you should publish your work

Sometimes you keep struggling trying to find the perfect words and phrases to express your ideas when writing . More ideas keep coming as you write and you are unable to choose which one to use in your work and which ideas to omit from your contents . All ideas look good for the article and you want to fit everything into your contents . You want so much to create this perfect work for your readers that you continue to draft and redraft till you end up not publishing the work at all.

The truth is you are not the only one experiencing this in your writing process . This happens to most professional writers as well . However , it doesn't prevent them from publishing their works .

You cannot become a professional writer by writing and holding on to your works - not being able to release them . When you publish your content , it's a means of sharing with your fans and other people interested in your topics . How do people discover you when you don't share your ideas with them or publish for them to read .

When you publish your works , you are able to improve on your writing skills as well . In a way , you get to subject your ideas to public scrutiny and get to know other people's opinion about the topic . This helps you to gain more ideas to produce your subsequent works . Especially when writing for an online directory where you have a large community of other users to comment on your work , you get to discover other people who share your similar views . This also helps to bring confidence in your own ideas . Some of these comments from readers should also be viewed as constructive criticisms from the to help you correct certain ideas . . You know as a writer , you can't know everything . Writing and publishing are all part of a learning process .You will need to learn other things from other people including your readers . And one of the ways to do this to publish work - share your ideas .

Coming up with more ideas to your topic actually isn't a bad thing . The only problem is you want so much to design a perfect piece for your readers that you end up trying to put all the ideas into one piece . It's not really a bad thing either to want to put out a perfect content for your audience , but you cannot say everything you know in one article . You could only end up creating winding statements in your contents that will make your ideas sound abstract and difficult for readers to understand .

The next time you experience that , you should rather do what most professional writers do - Save those ideas and use them to develop other articles . When you are writing for an online directory , you can go ahead and make changes to your published works when you have new ideas. In no way should developing more ideas prevent you from publishing your works .

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