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Best Books For Spiritual Growth

Updated on March 5, 2015


Spiritual growth, like physical growth, takes time and nurture. Just like what we put into our body largely determines our level of health, what you put into your spiritual body determines the depth to which you are able to grow.

Every movie, TV show and book molds us and forms us. Each have the power to stunt our growth or make us more aware of what's within us and how we can stretch that into what Christ came to help us become. Below you'll see a list of books/authors of some who have aided me in my walk.

The Five Love Languages - One of my Favorites

"The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is only one in a series of books I've read dedicated to helping us learn how to better communicate love to those around you. I think I've read every one of this series. In addition to helping me understand others better and aiding me in my relationships, this book and its companions gave me a better understanding of myself. They helped me to see why some things and some people have the capability of hurting me emotionally while similar words or other people don't seem to have any effect at all. I learned enough about me to begin to be more compassionate towards those who never meant to cause me pain, but unintentionally did. This is a great book for couples (married or unmarried).

This book has several counterparts,

"The Five Love Languages of God"

"The Five Love Languages of Children"

"The Five Love Languages of Teens"

"The Five Love Languages, Men's Edition"

"The Five Love Languages of Singles"

"The Five Languages of Apology"

This original version is my "go to" wedding gift, I highly recommend it for anyone trying to create better relationships in their life.

The Purpose Driven Life - Changing Lives Everyday

The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren

We may only have one or two of the love languages mentioned above, but according to Rick Warren's biblically based opinion on our purpose for living, we have five core purposes for being placed on this earth.

Rev. Warren tells us we are created for Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Mission/Ministry and Evangelism. He offers forty relatively short readings (about 5-7 pages) to help us understand how we are purposed in each of these areas as well as giving practical advice in how to carry them out.

Many growing churches throughout the world have made these five purposes (found in Acts 1) the core of their church's mission statement. This book can be read individually; however, it makes for a great group book study!

Experiencing God

By Henry Blackaby

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God
By Henry & Richard Blackaby

This is one of the most life changing studies I've ever done. The link above will take you to the 13 week study that can be done by an individual or as a group. Rev. Blackaby challenged me to go further, trust deeper and walk closer. In addition to the study, there is a book available by the same name.


It sort of sounds like Calzone, but you need to say it with a bit of phlegm on the "C". Chazown is a Hebrew word. It means dream, revelation or vision. When I finished reading this book I knew that I had been created to help people become all they can be in Jesus. That's my purpose, the vision for my life and when I am able to do that, I know that I am really alive. This book takes you step by step methodically discovering what your life up to this point has been preparing you for.

In addition to the book, there are videos available to accompany it; plus Craig Groeschell offers a free instant download Study with leaders guide and even more videos (also found on YouTube) to make the study more meaningful.

The Bible

I love to read. The books listed above only scratch the surface of the books I've read that have brought me to where I am now in my walk with Christ. However, none of them have changed me as much as this one.

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it!

— Max Lucado

The Christian Atheist - Another by Craig Groeschel

I truly enjoyed this book. Even the author, a pastor, admits that he's sometimes a Christian atheist. Our Bible Study group used this, along with the Participant's Guide, for a wonderful six week study. Below you'll see the Kindle version along with the print version and the participant's guide. There's also a video to use with the study.

Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver

Joanna Weaver does a tremendous job of helping women understand the beauty of trusting Christ. With chapter titles like "Twisted Sister" and imagery like "Twanda" from Fried Green Tomatoes, the author entertains while sharing her own story of growing in Christ. While you can simply read this book from cover to cover, Weaver includes a 14 week study that can be done individually or with a group. Our church did this as a group study and found it very insightful and well worth the time!

What is your favorite book for Spiritual Growth?

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