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Best nonfiction books for children

Updated on November 11, 2015

There are so many great nonfiction books for kids, that picking best nonfiction books for children, was very difficult.

The way things work

This book tries to satisfy the natural curiosity children have about how the world around them works. It is a great gift for a mechanically minded child.

Some examples of of the topics in the book are: how airplanes fly, how locks work and how helicopters can go forward or backward.

Younger kids probably won't understand the text, but they will understand quite a bit from the great images in the book.

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

As children grow up they will have questions which you can't answer. A good dictionary can help answer those questions. In my opinion Merriam Webster is best children's dictionary today. The style is clean, simple, and well-illustrated with color photos of the actual objects.

The dictionary isn't just for reference, children enjoy just paging through it, looking at and reading the content.

Also compared to other dictionaries this one is very reasonably priced.

The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America uses comedy and fun to teach the shapes and positions of the states to children. In the book each state has it's own personality and opinions. It crammed full of jokes and fun facts.

This book is great for ages from grade 1 to 6.

Brain Quest Workbook

As the name suggests these books are there to give a child's brain a workout. They range from pre-kindergarten to 7th grade. Brain quest's philosophy that "It's Fun to Be Smart!" The books are both educational and very entertaining. The brightly colored images keeps children's attention focused on the problems.

This Pre-K book which is the first one is suitable for kids as young as 3. It has lots of activities like ABCs, 123s, shapes, colors and much more.

Based on the results it's clear that children learn best when they are having fun.

Exercises are completed with crayolas or pencils on the page on which it appears. Correct answers are provided in the book.

A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You

Writing is an important skill for children to learn. This book teaches kids how to keep a notebook in which to record their thoughts and events in their lives. The notes then form the seeds for writing their own stories. This book is a great inspiration for young writers.

I would recommend this book for aspiring writers age 8 and up.

Discovering Great Artists

Discovering great artist covers just about every one of the great artists, you can think of. The book is divided into four chapters:

  • Renaissance and Post-Renaiisance
  • Impressionists and Post-Impressionists
  • Expressionists and Surrealists
  • Modern and Folk Art.

On each page they have a different artist. Each has a simple sketch of the artist, a brief biography, and most importantly some ideas on how to re-create that artist's style.

My Big Animal Book

This book is for younger children. Each page has a high quality picture of an animal. The book has a rhyming text. One page would for instance say: "I'm hard to see when I'm out in the snow. Who am I? (polar bear). Then it would have a picture of a polar bear.

My Big Animal Book is a firm favorite with younger children.

If you enjoyed best nonfiction books for children you should also read best books to read to children and best parenting books for toddlers.

Best nonfiction book for children
Best nonfiction book for children

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