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beware the royal stare

Updated on September 8, 2010

Conflicting images permeate the brain 
crossed with evil along same frame
denial of sunlight the right to reign
No one to answer or carry the blame

Devoid of emotion on conscious level
Use bones for resounding banging gavel
Give up the soul in league with the devil
Lay out pustules flesh upon the bevel

Gruesome extractions hidden underground
let none be aware of things they have found
cut short of their throats so make they no sound
Ankles and wrist tying fast and well bound.

Now look yea again upon maidens face
Is one of the demons or still human race? 
Could ever return to a happier place
or forever the darkness will she embrace.

Answer uncertain forecast untrue
none have the knowledge especially you
for sit you there cold as the blood turning blue
As she send down the raven to tighten the screw.

So beware of the beauty who cast out the spell
Witches and warlocks descended to hell
Offering comfort and great deal largesses
Crimson by nature these evil princesses...


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