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Black and White 2

Updated on March 21, 2020
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Paul and Peter ate also called black and white. Together, they graduated from college and then joined two companies that looked good. peter works diligently and accepts everything. He believes that such persistence will lead to a better tomorrow. But Paul has a strong personality. He can't get used to many things in the workplace. He doesn't like these hypocrisy and tolerance, and thinks that people should not live like this. So he resigned resolutely and became a backpacker traveling poorly. Peter Peter, what will you do if you live like this? Paul said that if he didn't do what he wanted to do when he was young, there would be no chance in the future, and I didn't want to live like a veteran old man at a young age. So they parted ways, one in the city's tall buildings, and the other in a wandering journey. A few years later, peter's patience came to fruition. He became a department manager and also married a beautiful wife to form a happy family.

Paul has also become a little famous traveler from the beginning of the poor boy, with many fans.They met again, a full-name brand, driving a luxury car. A dusty servant, free and easy. But they don't envy each other. peter said that my current life is exactly what many people dream of. Paul said, but I am also experiencing the freedom that my fans cannot experience, and you, although bright in appearance, are not free and happy. They separated again and lived their respective lives. After another ten years, peter's two children are very tall. The family of four lives happily, but Paul still wanders alone, and he also begins to feel a little lonely. At that time, Paul's father was ill and needed a lot of money. Paul dropped his self-esteem and asked peter to borrow money. With the help of peter, his father recovered. Peter said, you see, with money, we will have the greatest freedom. What you call freedom is just an escape. Paul Silence didn't speak.

After a few more years, Paul used his most abundant life travel experience to start a travel magazine and a series of cultural industries. Although not as rich as Peter, Paul felt that he was dominating his favorite things every day, and no one came. Pointing to one's own feet, so happy.

At this time, Peter was discovered by his wife because of derailment, and there was an emotional crisis. The two men met again at the bar. Peter complained that for so many years, life was repeated every day, many things became numb, and there seemed to be no hope for the days. The account number used to bring me a little comfort and happiness, I can continue to buy what I like. But now, I suddenly feel that I have very little left in my life except for the money and material. When I see my wife, I feel that she is so boring and boring, and even has a disgust in her heart, and I can only paralyze myself in the turmoil. I want to find something new.

He said I suddenly wanted to let go of all this and give myself a long trip. But Paul said that I was wandering for a long time and suddenly wanted to have a home. They both laughed at each other bitterly. Later, Paul married a woman, but within a few years he divorced again. He was accustomed to Paul, and it was difficult to get along with ordinary women in terms of concepts and personality.

After all, Peter also did not have the opportunity to travel. He has become a pot-bellied poop. Xie Ding's middle-aged man and his wife often quarrel with each other. The children go to school. Both of them live their own lives. they fought half-night. They smiled bitterly at each other and ushered in the end of their lives. Twenty years later, they all became dying old men. Lying in the same ward waiting for the end of life. Peter said, I have been too obedient to life in my life. The biggest regret is that I have not lived for myself once. There were many things I wanted to do. I always thought that I would be fine in the future. I really did not have a chance to do it again, only to find out that, besides money, there are too many things that can be pursued in life. Paul said, I always wanted to meet a girl of my imagination, and then set up a family with her, but I never met, so I did not feel the warmth of the family. When he was young, he also left a lot of regrets because he had no money. Throughout my life I have been pursuing what I love in my heart, and I cannot tolerate a slight compromise. Perhaps I am too harsh on life.

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