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Wiki: To Blog: Blogger Hogger

Updated on April 8, 2021

To Blog or Not to Blog... that is the question!

by Terri Mackinnon

Can you imagine Shakespeare...

Ok... I think today i shall go and write a... blog?

The best definition I found was on Wikipedia:

A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

As I began to understand the process I started to discover the amounts of free blog sites that existed on the web. Company's like Hubpages, wordpress to name a few. Each one offering authors the ability to share their thoughts and works with others without any cost.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your own passion with others in a variety of media's. If you are an avid skier your blog may share some of your personal photos and video's with others. Some technique that you found made it easier, or the broken bones you ended up having because you didn't do what your friend had suggested. It also offers readers information to explore and discover by seeing it through the eyes of others.

I personally look at blogging as an enhancement to a website, a place to share with others my passions that I have in my life. It also gives me a place to put some of my thoughts and beliefs out into the world ... good or bad and get feedback.

Having a blog is giving you a small piece of property on the net that belongs to you. Another analogy, a website is like your home while a blog is like your backyard.

Like your home a blog is like creating a journal that documents to your friends what is transpiring in your life. It's the place that you are able to go to with your friends and feel like they are there to visit and share also parts of their lives.

Blogging also allows organizations to share quickly any changes or news that they may have to their cliental and give them the opportunity to share philosophies and visions with others.

Some companies use their blogs to educate consumers and others to listen to what their consumers are saying. These offer an open porthole for both to share and learn from. Many large organizations see blogging as the new mainstream for them to communicate and reach their target markets.

But once you have your blog started then what? Having had the opportunity to discover my own inner writing skills, I decided to try and put them to use with my own blog. I found that some blogs were actually profitable. Can you imagine sharing your life and making money on it?

It was fairly quick that I started to realize it took much more then just telling your family about your blog before you would actually start seeing traffic being sent to it. But how can you get that traffic generated?

I call them Blogger Hoggers. They are the few that have successfully learned how to get key words with high ratings on search engines and market their sites to get advertisers to see the value that they provide. The google/adsense campaigns of the world have been beneficial to the few that discover their real inner secrets.

There are many blogs that have no intention of being anything more then just a place to share with families and friends, but there are actually many more sites that are dedicated to bringing information to anyone that will spend time to read what you have written.

Information on blogs can be a personal opinion or an expression of opinion and are not necessarily what the main stream web reader has any interest in. Hobbies, pastimes, and organizations all influence blogging and each contribute to a growing blogroll.

Sharing and telling your personal stories to the world, spreading your thoughts and visions with your ‘followers' sometimes daily and other times weeks apart. However, the truly successful blogger will continually blog not only weekly, but as many times as possible daily.

There are bloggers that actually only talk about other peoples blogs on there sites, never really adding anything more. Successful bloggers that gather information on others are often sought by others as they usually have a high volume of daily readers.

People want to have their blog picked up by these high volume blogger hoggers since they will also see rising numbers on their own blog.

Each blogger that publishes their site hopes that they influence others to at least listen (Or read) what they have to say or the suggestions that they like to share.

Check out how easy it is to create a blog and start sharing with others.


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