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How to Use a Blog to Make a Few Extra Dollars!

Updated on August 29, 2010

10 Reasons why you should start a blog!

A blog is a kind of a journal. It can be a family blog, a photo blog, a video blog (vlog), or a business blog. It can be used as a way for your primary business to make announcements and or communicate with your customers. A blog can even be used as a primary landing page for your business. Whatever the purpose, blogs are a great tool that can simply be used to express any kind of opinion or thought.

10 reasons why you should start a blog!

1. Blogs are FREE to set up and manage. All you need is a computer, internet access, and some gray matter that can be found at that place between your

2. Blogs are a great way to get connected with other people that have the same interests as yourself.

3. Blogs can be centered around one main theme or several different themes allowing the writer to write about varying topics day by day.

4. Blogs can be image based with short articles, or vice versa. They can be video based, too. They are a great way to get your stories or your artwork noticed by more people.

5. Blogs can be monetized in many, many different ways, common methods being adsense, sponsored ads, amazon affiliates, ebay, and many more.

6. Blogs are a great way to learn how to optimize content and get back links resulting in higher rankings in the search engines.

7. Blogs are great for just staying in touch with friends and family. Also for making new friends as well.

8. Blogs can be easily managed on a daily basis (or weekly), often just taking a few minutes each day to write a post and reply to comments.

9. Blogs are a great way to reference and keep track of research and the best part is others can benefit from the research you have done.

10. Blogs are a great way to make a few extra dollars.

Above is my 10 reasons why you should start a blog. I started my first blog just 4 months ago. It has about 20 well written posts (niche specific) and is growing steadily. Traffic is also increasing day by day and I am making a few dollars a day from it.

Since starting my first blog, I have created 7 other blogs, the most recent being just a few weeks old. I am going to stop at seven for the time being so I can just work on one blog each day. All blogs gaining one new post each week.

Anyone that doesn't have a blog should think about starting one in the future.

The end

About The Author

Lucas Uren (AKA - Lukespook) lives in Japan with his wife and 3 beautiful children. He loves to write and he spends a good deal of his time doing just that.

He is the owner of the website Articles and Ads.


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