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10 Simple Ways To Hold Your Reader

Updated on December 26, 2013

10 Simple Ways To Hold Your Reader

In order for you to get the desired response from your reading audience , it's very important to capture your reader’s attention from the beginning up to the end of your article . Here are some few useful strategies you could use to arrest the attention of the readership .

1. Choose a Good Title

Your first step in capturing the attention of the reader is to choosing a very good title for your article . This will prompt the mind of the reader and make him want to find out more by reading the rest of the content . You will be able to choose an interesting title when you have well explored your topic and also studied titles of other related contents . By knowing the target readers more and related topics that they are reading , you will be able to choose a very catchy title that can attract the attention of potential readers .

2. Give Plenty of Clues and Examples

Your writing should give plenty of clues and concrete examples that readers can relate to. An article that expresses only one point of view can seem dull or pointless. Discuss or express your ideas from different angles or several points of views to make your argument clear and forceful and exciting to read .

3. Make your Points Straight Forward .

State your ideas in a clear and convincing manner. Make reasonable claims and support them with correct and precise references. Your point must be straight forward, concrete and understandable. Although you'll need lots of clues to explain your idea, you don't have to over explain with unnecessary points as it may tend to confuse your reader.

4.Make use of Personal Experiences

Make your writing personal rather than abstract and impersonal. You can communicate your own voice by referring to personal experiences and by using specific examples to support your generalizations. This is a way of stamping your article with your personality . If your readers can relate to your personality , they can also relate to your content . Also make use in your content experiences of the readers as examples to support your ideas . This will also make readers understand your content better .

5. Respect your Readers and use decent Language in your Writing .

Avoid the use of offensive language or words. Also avoid extreme and unfounded claims and handle very delicate matters with the outmost discretion. if you want to hold and convince your readers, they must feel that you respect them .

6. Divide your Ideas

Achieve frequent closures in your sentences. And chunk your article into unit and blocks. This helps make your article easily readable and less boring to read .

7.Use Linking words and Phrases

Pay particular attention to such linking words as; when, thus, but, so, for example, on the other hand etc. such connecting words are even more important than filling your article with colourful adjectives or long impressive-sounding words. The linking words act as signposts for your readers. They show the exact relationship between words and ideas. They also make the article tight and unified. It helps the article to flow - this helps to guide reader through stages of the ideas in the content .

8. Use Correct Spelling and Grammar .

Make use of correct text, punctuation, spelling, and capitalisation. Also make certain you are using correct grammar in your article. Using wrong grammar as well as spelling mistakes makes reading difficult and ideas difficult to understand .

9. Make your Article Visually Attractive

Make your article visually attractive and well arranged. Reading success is not only determined by how well a person reads but also by how readable the material is. Making your article visually attractive will helps to make your content more readable .

10. Attaching Interesting Illustrations

You can also capture the readers attention by attaching interesting illustrations and photos to your article . This will help the content interesting to read as well as help reader to understand the contents .

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      greatpyr123 7 years ago

      Very useful! Thanks for the tips!