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Cant Breathe

Updated on November 27, 2015

Into my life you were injected,

Wasn't something I expected,

Though I knew you from before,

Never knew what was in-store,

I'd see you around & admire from afar,

Years later we spoke,became close &

now on my heart your name is scarred.

Couldn't resist her love and affection

Felt something like a soul connection.

The way you build me up & tear me down,

The source of my smiles & cause of my frowns,

You gave me breath, you gave me life,

Then you cut me up just like a knife,

I wonder how this came to be,

Why she gained this power over me,

You are my gift, you are my curse,

Like a thief in the night who robbed a purse,

Came out of nowhere and stole my heart,

Now I can't breathe when we're apart.


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