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Broken Ways

Updated on September 6, 2014

I stopped, dropped, and was rolled right over.

"Let it be", ever so softly- not the "sorry", but the ever so costly

that I wish not to hear

nor lend my ear

or send the insincere

to mend what's broken here.

So on bended knee, with empathy, I begged for an

eternity of sympathy

and all it proved to me

Was that all of me

no longer stood next to Thee.

So there I lay, in dismay

And disarray and somewhat alone

And all afraid

to do, or use, or pursue, or turn to

they that pray for me.

Or they that stay with me,

and never stray from me.

In disguise I try to hide

The pain inside

But that's just the way for me-

That's just the day for me

and that will be the grave for me.

© 2014 R.S. Hutchinson


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