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Captain America movies, posters and t shirts: All benefit from growing buzz for the Iconic Marvel Comics character.

Updated on August 10, 2009

Movies, Posters, T-Shirts, Oh My!  Everything is coming up roses for Captain America!

Captain America t-shirt
Captain America t-shirt

It is that time of the year when hordes of excited comic book fans descend upon the sunny city of San Diego to attend the annual San Diego Comicon. One of the heavily promoted films this year is the upcoming Iron Man II movie from Marvel entertainment. This time of ramped up comic book movie buzz always gets me to thinking about what else is in production and planned for future release somewhere down the road. One of those future movie projects that has me at least a little excited has got to be Marvel's, The First avenger: Captain America. It is currently scheduled for a May 2011 release.

I have reason to believe that the buzz on this film could be even bigger than the buzz that was circulating before last summer's Iron Man movie; At the time of it's release, nothing in particular was happening with the Iron Man character that had comic fans particularly enthralled with the character and yet the film still ended up being a Hollywood blockbuster. The same can hardly be said for Captain America. The character has experienced a majot resurgence in poularity with comic fans over the last four or so years, thanks in large part to the writing talents of the current series writer, Ed Brubaker, who became the series regular writer with its relaunch just over four years ago. It was Brubaker who made the character interesting again, it was Brubaker who thought of the idea of bringing back the character of Bucky Barnes in an interesting way, and it was Brubaker who pushed for (and was awrded) the chance to kill off the title character in the pages of his own regular monthly title after the dramatic events of the Civil War miniseries. Truelly, the death of Captain America was a pivotal event for Marvel comic book fans as well as for Western media outlets. Most recently, Marvel has introduced a storyline in its regular monthly Cap title as well as in a new limited series, the intention of which is to bring the character back from the grave and to return him to prominence in the Marvel Universe in plenty of time for the upcoming Captain America movie.

Currently, there has been what I would describe as a renewed interest in Captain America-related merchandise as well; with the character being revitalized and then later made even more front and center with his untimely demise, there has been a growing interest in Captain America related clothing items, such as Captain America t shirts, hats and jackets. There has been an increased interest in Captain America costuming, with many people looking for well made replica Cap shields. Another area of growing interest is in the search for appealing Captain America posters. There are a variety of interesting poster designs available for fans of the character, which a quick search online will attest to. One of the more curious developments out there has been the number of fan made Captain America movie posters and fan made Captain America movie trailers released onto the internet recently. These efforts have shown some real imagination and creativity in some cases. As one can imagine, as the Captain America movie approaches, the build up in fan excitement, commercial marketing and character merchandising can only increase - and dramatically at that. Cap is definitely back and the buzz on this iconic character can only continue to grow.


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    • cameron032 profile image


      9 years ago from Newport

      Captain American Reborn has been a sell-out in comic shops so far, and the movie is gonna be a huge hit. Great post!


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