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Cynthia Ross - Kansas Author

Updated on May 3, 2015
My sister, Cynthia Ross.
My sister, Cynthia Ross. | Source

Meet Cynthia Jo Ross - Nature Lover, Writer and Performer

Cynthia Ross, a Kansas writer, nature lover and performer lives in a log home near a small pond. She loves teaching her grandchildren about nature. While walking in the woods, she sometimes surprises a deer or sees a snake slither into the pond. Her yard is a haven for birds and squirrels. Hummingbirds are a favorite of hers.

Below you'll learn more about Cynthia's interests and activities that led her to publish a book of children's poetry which she followed in 2011 with a book of poems for grown-ups.

(photo taken by Kristy Duggan of Cynthia Ross in costume for Gene Stratton Porter used with permission)

New Book of Poems Available

Prairie Woman Poems

Preview the book here. After the pages finish loading, click on the small square at the bottom next to the Blurb logo. That makes the preview full-screen so you can see it better.


Preview the book Prairie Woman Poems by Cynthia Jo Ross | Make Your Own Book with Blurb. It's also available as an ebook.

The book is available for purchase at the Greenwood County Historical Society in Eureka, Kansas and at the Kansas Oil Museum gift shop in El Dorado, Kansas.

Ride a Stick Horse - By Cynthia Jo Ross


In 2008, Cynthia published her poems for children. The cover shows a five-year old Cindy with her stick horse. A mixture of recent photos mingle with vintage family photos to illustrate the varied poems.

Photos of the Author - C.J. Ross - Click on any photo to see it larger

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Haiku Books on Amazon

Cynthia writes a variety of poetry styles, but haiku is her favorite. She even has HAIKU on her car's license plate. If you haven't tried haiku, here's a book to get you started.

Cynthia - The Meaning of the Name


Cup available from Zazzle: Cynthia, the Origin and the Meaning by NemethArt

Cynthia giving her presentation as Gene Stratton-Porter.
Cynthia giving her presentation as Gene Stratton-Porter. | Source

Performing as Gene Stratton-Porter

Cynthia trained to give a first person performance and the character she chose was her favorite nature author, Gene Stratton-Porter. She displays an old-fashioned box camera such as the author would have used in the early part of the 20th century and uses other items like a bird's nest in her program.

This has been popular for senior audiences and at libraries and nature sites.

Photo by Cynthia's daughter, Kristy Duggan.

Cynthia's Favorite Author - Gene Stratton-Porter

She Collects Books about Birds and Also Titles by Gene Stratton Porter

Cynthia Ross' bookshelf.
Cynthia Ross' bookshelf. | Source

Want List - Titles Cynthia Is Looking For

These Are Some of the More Rare Books by Porter

C.J. Ross Signing Her Book

Ross and her mother holding a joint- booksigning.
Ross and her mother holding a joint- booksigning.

© 2009 Virginia Allain

Say "Hi" to C.J. Ross Here

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