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Click! by Scott A. Butler

Updated on September 15, 2014
The cover of Click!
The cover of Click! | Source

Click! - A book by Scott A. Butler

This article explores the the first book in the 'Spinetingle Diaries' series of horror books, written by British author Scott A. Butler.

Find out more about this book, why you should read it and where you can get it from.

Click! - What is it?

Click! is the first book in the new "Spinetingle Diaries" series.
The story was first written by Scott A. Butler when he was around twelve years old. He kept the story within his family, only allowing family members to read it. After finding the story in an old box in 2014, Scott decided to re-write the story, change the title to 'Click!', make major improvements to it and publish it for other people to read and gain enjoyment from it.
It is currently available in ebook format for your reading pleasure.

What is the book about?

Click! follows the life of a teenager called Peter Buckley.At fourteen years old. Peter has a rather ordinary life, if not a boring one. He is somewhat a bit of a loner and regular victim of the school bullies. He is lazy and lacks any form of motivation. In fact, Peter's only hobby is watching television, day in and day out. Having control over the television makes up for Peter's lack of control over his own life and, to him, is the perfect escapism.

Well, it used to be his hobby.

Peter's life changed dramatically overnight when something of great power ended up in his hands. The saying "With great power comes great responsibility" has never been more true for Peter. But does he have the ability to be responsible?

Spinetingle Diaries header.
Spinetingle Diaries header. | Source

What is "Spinetingle Diaries"?

Spinetingle Diaries is a new series of books that Scott A. Butler is slowly working on. The series focuses on horror books ranging from short stories to feature-length novels.The series is aimed at an audience from the ages of young adult onwards.

The series aims to provide the reader with scares, thrills and insomnia (mwhaha!).
Spinetingle Diaries has been received in a positive light and has been described by one critic/fan as "the British version of Goosebumps, only better."
Another fan adds "Move over Stephen King. The British are coming, and they're good!"

Selected reviews

Here are just five short reviews that 'Click"' has received from readers all over the internet. You can find more reviews on the Amazon and Goodreads communities.

Chosen Review 1

"Entertaining and thoughtful! Peter's attempts to deal with school bullies has unforeseen consequences! There is a moral here for everyone! I want to read more from Scott A Butler. " -- W. B. Laidlaw (Australia).

Chosen Review 2

"This is one of the first books I downloaded onto my new Kindle. I got it while it was on a limited time free promotion, but if I knew it was as good as this book is, I would have definitely bought a paid copy."Click! is a brilliant book by clearly a brilliant author. The story was a smooth pleasure to read and has a very unexpected twist at the end. The main character, Peter, finds something that gives him control over his life and the bullies at school, with consequences. There are morals in this book that reach out to everyone.I thoroughly recommend that this book is added to your list. You will not be disappointed. I will definitely, proudly, read more from this author." -- 'MajorReader' [Online username, real name unknown] (England).

Chosen Review 3

"If you haven't read this book yet, then you should. This author shows great promise and will be going to very high places sometime in the future. The book was very entertaining and thrilling to read, I enjoyed every sentence. The book starts off purposefully on a low point, to lower the reader's expectations, and then gradually builds up to an amazing, unexpected climax at the end. This is the work of an author who definitely know [sic] what he is doing." -- Sean Williams (USA).

Chosen Review 4

"Boy am I glad that I decided to check this book out. YA horror isn't usually my genre of choice, but for some reason I felt drawn to the book and the author. I folded and decided to give the book a try, honestly not expecting anything great because horror doesn't usually appeal to me.That has now changed. Thanks to Scott A. Butler I am in love with horror stories again! Click! was a very thoughtfully-written story from the mind of someone who is clearly a natural writer. The author draws you in and makes you feel attached to the main character before the main events have even began, something I haven't experienced for a few years up until now. From the beginning of the book each page is just filled with suspense after suspense. It is actually physically impossible to turn your eyes away. I was definitely not expecting the ending of this book, but wow, the ending hits you hard and makes you think for a long while afterwards.Thank you for writing such a masterpiece in such few pages. Thank you for rekindling my love for horror. And thank you for existing. Please, keep writing more!" -- Kathleen (Wales).

Chosen Review 5

"Did you like RL Stine as a kid? If you did, you'll absolutely love Scott A. Butler.If you didn't, you'll still love him anyway. After sitting down and reading this book I was blown away by how well written the story is. How well planned and beautifully executed the events are. How the genius author gradually turned up the heat with each sentence until the end, like a DJ building up the music to get the crowd going before dropping the bass and causing everyone's spines to tingle. He certainly gave this book series, Spinetingle Diaries, the right name." - James K (Canada).

Did you enjoy the book? Hate it? Rate it here!

5 out of 5 stars from 6 ratings of Click! by Scott A. Butler

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© 2014 Scott A. Butler

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