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Convert A Book To Digital Ereader Formats

Updated on November 29, 2016

ebook services convert PDF and manuscript files to epub and digital ereader formats

The world proceeds to improve and develop from the advent of innovative technology - along with the way most people choose to obtain information. The words ebook and ereader meant almost nothing to consumers just a year or so ago - however nowadays they're turning out to be as common as newspapers and magazines. The Amazon kindle, Apple iPad, Barns and Noble Nook, the Sony Reader - you will find a wide selection of such item on the market. If you're a writer, and your own book isn't yet in digital ereader platforms IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM! You are very likely missing out on a large portion of your own customers.

e book stands for electronic book and is an electronic duplication of a published book which is designed to be read on computer displays, Pdas, BlackBerries or special e-book reading gadgets, such as the kinds mentioned previously. Publishers who've already digitilized their books are generally discovering 9-10% of sales as well as 15-25% of profits provided by digital.

As outlined by Simba InformationOpens in a new window's "Trade E-Book Publishing 2010" report, drawing data from the country wide representative study, approximately 9 % of the United States mature population purchased at minimum one ebook in 2009 (compared to an estimated 8 percent in 2008).

Using the most recent e-book sales* statistics released in the Association of American PublishersOpens inside a new window, which collects statistics in conjunction with the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), trade e-book product sales were $28.9 million in the month of February, a 339.3-percent improvement over February 2009 ($6.6 million). Year-to-date sales are up 292.2 percent. The IDPF noted within an headline about the new sales figures, "[A] new [sales-revenue] barrier has been breached. The first two months (January and February) of Q1 2010 already total $60.8 million vs. Q4 2009, which was previously [the] highest quarter at $55.9 million."

Basically what I am getting at - YOU NEED YOUR BOOK IN THE DIGITAL MARKET!

The convenience or difficulty in the e-book conversion process typically is dependent upon your file getting converted. For instance substantial use of graphics, tables, and design formatting inside the e book, which will have to be converted to epub, drastically raises the difficulty of converting the file. The skill needed at that time is usually outside of the range of the typical layperson and enlisting the aid of an epub e book conversion service provider is needed. The good news is it is typically a relatively inexpensive process.

Here is one great place to learn to make ebooks: Edit Epub


This page can show you how!

What happens when you try to work with a traditional publisher? - Normaly.. something like this:

Self publishing really is the best way to go! Check out the Book Blog Digital Publishing Blog for more information about digital publishing

Can I Convert My Own Book?

The unfortunate truth is, for most authors, the answer is NO.

At least - not if you are looking for a professional ebook conversion (the type of converted book you can sell on Amazon and Apple)

If you want your book to have a working TOC (table of contents), Internal links, accurate pagination and flowing text, well formatted cover and images etc. a free conversion software will not do the trick.

However - if you are only interested in converting some digital content to ebook formats for personal use - say a short pdt into epub format. This might be a good solution.


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