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Visit Macedonia

Updated on June 20, 2016

Canyon Matka - Skopje

Why Macedonia ?

A small country located at Balkan which is really good to visit and have fun.

If you want to explore Europe and the Balkan, Macedonia is the perfect place for you. Surrounded by a mountains, lakes and ancient towns.

If you want to have love budget trip, if you want to meet and have fun with people you should visit Macedonia.

The Capital town Skopje has a lot of different things to offer, like right now they are working on a project to build up Skopje with a lot of ancient buildings which you can visit, take photos and upgrade your travel portfolio. The night life is amazing and cheap according to other Europe countries.

At the night clubs you can meet people from all ethnics races, have fun with them and exchange your Experiences.

In Macedonia every city has it's own dialect and most of the tourists find that amazing, like sometimes even Macedonians can't understand themselves.

Let's take for example Kumanovo, Kumanovo is a city which is 36km away from Skopje ( also happens to be my hometown ) near the Serbian border.

The dialect is so funny and it's really close to the Serbian language ( as we call it Kumanovski dialect ), People from Kumanovo are known for drinking and so called " Batko Gjorgjija", ok we aren't alcoholics or at least we don't believe we are. In Kumanovo you will find places to visit, but i bet you will get stuck in ours Clubs which offer a really good music and night life.

Another town that's interesting is Ohrid.

Ohrid is a laketown, really expensive in compare to the other ones, but hey you pay for the lake, okay? You can do a lot of different stuff, visit the old streets, the old churches, have fun at the lake, tan etc,etc. But there's a myth that all Ohrid people are mean, i personally don't believe that since i have two room mates which are from there and they are really nice ( also always a plus, who will say no to a free weekend at the lake ? No one. )

The mountain tourism is not so bad, if you like the fresh air, if you're low on budget you can always visit the small towns such as Berovo. Oh speaking about Berovo, the town is so small it looks like it's a village, but you can taste a lot of traditional meals there, but we will talk about the meals in some other post that i will write, hopefully soon. That went a bit of off topic don't you think ? Let's get back in course, so if you want and enjoy long walks at the woods, seeing a old Macedonian town you should visit Berovo.

All and all, Macedonia is a great country to visit due low prices, and it has a lot to offer.

In the next posts i will write about the type of people you will meet in Macedonia, the traditional cuisine and i i will share some good old recipes that will make you droll while reading.

Stay tuned !



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