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Danced my last dance

Updated on April 11, 2012

The ground slipped by without a sound
My feet floated just above the ground
Each thought returned in echoing streams
I felt I was living in recent dreams
My keys jumped from my hand to fell
I searched for them in a shameless crawl
My coat had snagged on something sharp
The sound of the tear leapt at my heart
I needed to find my keys again
They were under my knee, but I didn’t know then
‘Seems that last drink had done me in
Okay, here are my keys, they’re found again
The seat softly spoke. It was warning me
But the dashboard laughed out greedily
He saw my meeting him sometime near
He whispered my name; I could barely hear
“Come on, you fool. Let’s take the chance
Just you and me --- may I have this dance?”
The engine sneered; I pulled ahead
The dashboard cheered --- his hunger fed
Our dance floor leapt from left to right
It played it’s tricks by dimmed moonlight
“Come on, you fool. Let’s rock this town
This waltz won’t do. Now, spin me around.”
I laughed out loud; I was having fun
I hadn’t realized that the dashboard had won
Our dance floor, gone; our song was through
And our faces met as his laughter grew
His strength hadn’t given my skull a chance
I had heard my last song when I decided to dance.


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