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dark past

Updated on May 26, 2014

dark past

The rigors of my past has escaped through my heart,

It now spills my blood everlasting,

At first sight, my body went into a convulsion while my skies dimmed to dark,

I watch as my body unfolds my revelation, to expose my impure life,

To see this happening, I bet death for mercy, and weep to life another chance,

The pain I bare now, is for all my crude decisions, Every person I sold a world of sadness,

My skin melts in layers of grease, to expose my folds of lies, Why was I made in the light, but

with a dark purpose, Why am I wrong for my past, but the present is right, I rejuvenated my life,

set on a different path of rightfulness life, For everyone to see and thrive of a common peace,

I am blamed for my action, and wrongful decisions, in all this has happened and you see me

now, and compare me with who I was, so why was I put here to be shamed by all of me.

© 2013 Along with the wind


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