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dawn and evening rain part six...a collaboration between zeyliah and meow48

Updated on October 11, 2011

Blue watched Asa walk away towards the setting sun. Her bruised pride made her sigh as she crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes, focusing on the back of her chosen.

"So, she wolf, you like what you see?"

A cold voice entered into her very being making her shudder as she turned toward the sound of their leader. She bowed in submission as the man with long grey and black flowing hair stood in front of her. His golden eyes appraised her. For one so young, this one did have a look of defiance in her demeanor.

"I am waiting for your answer, pup."

"I am not a pup... as you would call me, my Lord."


"Asa is your son. Why wouldn't I find him... interesting?"

"Interesting?" A deep grumbling laugh came out ot the older wolf's mouth. "Is that what they call it these days?"

Blue kept her head down in submission. Although her hands tighened into two fists, there was no doubt in her mind. She would be forced to fight Asa tomorrow. She had been found out by the Lord himself... which meant that she would have to kill Asa in the competition tomorrow... or die willingly for his survival.

"I do not know what you are trying to imply, my Lord. But tomorrow will be the answer you are seeking, will it not?"

"Ah, am I that transparent?" He moved closer and took his hand, tangling his fingers into her curls, closing his fist and pulling her bowed head up to look her into the eye. "I could change my mind, you know. I could make it so you don't face Asa in the final competition tomorrow."

Blue stealed herself against the pain.

"Again, my Lord... you seem to be implying something. I must seem rather stupid to you. But, I do not understand why I would want to change your mind. You would not be my Lord, if minds could be changed so easily."

Laughter again emitted from the leader, as he let go of the young one's hair.

"You are exactly right. My mind would not be changed so easily. You would not use your wiles to convince me otherwise? Perhaps?"

Blue took a deep breath as the pressure and pain eased from her hair being yanked up. She met the older wolf's eyes and stood her ground.

"I have never needed to depend on anything but my own strength and power to over come any opponent... including your son. I see no reason to use anything else to justify my worth, my Lord."


Akune took the path to the lookout. Asa was their leader. They had sworn their allegience to him years ago when the "class" of captured wolves were brought to this lair. He was a runt. Blue was a halfbreed, part dog and part wolf. Asa, being part human and wolf, felt they should stick together. The others tried to single them out. But Asa using his guile and his intelligence, kept them alive. Asa shared his food. Asa shared his bed. Asa made sure that Blue and he were taken care of while the others fought over everything. It was a strange and wonderful feeling... an unspoken pact. Asa used a strange word... he had called them, "Friends."

As Akune turned down to the marking tree, he saw three wolves circling around his "friend".


Asa pulled his knife and tossed it into his left hand, being that his right shoulder still had not healed.

"It is against the law of the pact to kill one's own... is it not?"

"Ah, but see to our way of thinking, you drew first blood."

Asa looked up at the low lying limb of the old oak that stood proudly, defying the elements on the look out.

"That was the rules of competition. That was sanctioned by the pact. This is an ambush... is it not?"

"Hu man.... Halfbreed... do not try to talk your way out of this."

"No. There is no way to talk my way out of this. For that to happen, it would require a certain amount of intelligence on your side, would it not?" Asa inched towards that low lying limb.

"I think this little half breed just called you stupid, brother."

"Really?" The wolf kept walking. "We will see who is stupid when we tear him from limb to limb. I hear Hu man makes for good eating."

The other two chuckled as Asa was now within leaping distance. He bent down grabbing stone and dirt into his right hand.

"Enough talking. If you want to see how I taste, I suggest you make your first move."

Akune got down behind the bushes waiting.... Asa would have to take out at least one for him to be of any use. Akune knew his size, being a runt, would not serve for strength but it did make up for speed.

The grey and black wolf sprung first with the other two behind Asa moving next. Asa met the first one with knife in hand shoving it into the wolf's shoulder to the hilt as he bit into Asa's wounded right shoulder. Asa felt the wolf let go and roll away as the other two bit down on his legs, Asa threw the dirt and stone with as much strength that he could muster into the open eyes of the one who had his right leg who yelped and let go. Asa turned and kicked with his right foot into the shoulder of the one who had clamped down onto his left leg who rolled away yelping. The wolves fell back to regroup. Asa forced himself up, putting his knife into his pocket and with as much strength that he could muster, he lept up to the tree limb swinging with his left arm and sat astride on the limb, looking down at his opponents.

Akune jumped and stood at the base of the tree baring his fangs. As Asa leaned over resting on the limb, breathing heavily. Then let out one long howl. A summoning howl... the three wolves ran off. Akune transformed and stood looking up at Asa.

"That was something to behold, Asa."

Asa just grinned. "Sometimes I even amaze myself." He laughed and slid down with Akune's help.

"Yeah, but man, look at you."

"Ah, but now I will not be part of the competition tomorrow." He smiled, ruffling Akune's head.

Akune looked up at him.

"And you think they won't have me and Blue face off?"

"One problem at a time, bro. Okay?" Asa limped, leaning on Akune back to the recruit barracks, wondering what the hell to do next...

to be continued....


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thank you so much for taking time to read this, i do appreciate it. zeyliah is just shaking her head as to what to do next... that is the fun of a stagecoach... muhahahahahha. just kidding...

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      @meow48: The sexual tension of an alpha male with the young female was surprising, though a good choice given the pack hierarchy with human overtones. I like the way that you chose to do these scenes, Jean!

      The advantage of the intelligence factor was well played, while the furtherance of their unique Friendship among these outcasts uses commonality as the basis for their loyalty.

      All in all another smooth transition in the flow of your collaborative venture! Well written and entertaining! Voted up, Buttons pushed! Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!)


    • Zeyliah profile image

      Zeyliah 6 years ago from The World That Never Existed

      Intriguing. Just Intriguing. Guess I'd best hop to it and get mine written.