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DChance Review Do Not Build a Frankenstein! by Neil Numberman

Updated on November 17, 2013

Children's Book

I know that Frankenstein is not the monster. Well, kids can't read the adult Frankenstein book. What happens in that book is very doubtful to happen in this one. This is a children's book people.

Ok, so Frankenstein must mean the monster and not the man. The monster is not very well drawn. Plus, he looks more the part of a fiction character than the other version.

The picture is a good thing. Kids don't want to be told about the real monster.

The picture shows a confused monster. The boy in the picture looks angry. Maybe, it was something that the monster did to him.

The boy looks to be alright. Whatever, is wrong the boy seems to want to fix the problem.

image: Amazon

Don't Mess With the Boy

A boy has messed up big time. Not only has he built his own monster. The monster is a monster out of the Frankenstein book.

That monster was not as cool as this one. Yes, this monster is way better. The monster from the book does care for the boy.

The monster from the book cares too much for the boy. He cares so much that he fallows the boy around, everywhere.

The boy tells kids not to build that monster but they think the kid is strange until the monster shows up. Then, they want to play with the monster.

Everything that the boy experienced with the monster in another town is different than the new one. Everyone wants to play. They don't run away.

The Book

Do Not Build a Frankenstein!
Do Not Build a Frankenstein!

I don't think you know how to build the monster. What? You do?

You want to build one, anyway? You think this is the book that will tell you how to build one?

Are you crazy? Out of your mind? This is a children's book.

This book will not help you re-animate the dead. That is creepy.

Do not buy this book if you are going to build a Frankenstein.

Buy the book if you love to read a great book.


5 Stars

This is a great book. Everything matches up with the pictures just fine.

Also, the boy learns an important listen that he never would have if the book ended the way it started.

I learned about the boy. I learned about his reasons for making the monster.

Also, I learned about the monster. The monster is nice.

image: DChance



Don't build a monster.

Know how to take care of a pet before you get it.

Know what you are getting yourself into before you do what you want to do.


Alright. You can build your own monster out of parts of paper or cut out them from a magazine.

I would prefer you cut them out of a magazine. Much more fun to cut and paste on a large sheet of paper.

What you need:


Paste or glue



Cut out a picture of a hand, another hand, foot, another foot, head, foot, another foot body, and so on. You can even change the eyes to someone else's eyes.

The nose can be changed, as well as, the mouth.

You can piece together your monster. Then, paste or glue him on a piece of paper.


What did you learn from the book?

What do you like about the monster?

Could you see yourself building a monster?

Monster Building

Do Not Build a Monster

1st theme

Monsters are scary. They might even be slimy. Building one takes time, money and all of your blocks electricity.

Building the monster in the book takes real life body parts. Hands, arms, legs and everything else. Ewe! Gross.

Also, you may have to be a doctor to even start to make a monster. On your time off, you will have to be an electrician.

If you know little about how electricity works bring the dead back to life will be very hard.

The real trick of making the monster would be for it to start to talk.

Where will you put a monster that you made? Does it eat? How long is it going to live? How will you feed, wash, and cloth it?

What will other people think about your monster?

Think before you act.

Know how to take care of your pet

2nd theme

Pets take time and money to care for in the first place.

You will need to know how to budget your money before you fall for that buy 1 kitten and get a 2nd kitten free deal. This may not be a bargain.

You need to know about litter boxes. Will they use the litter box.

How do you stop your pet from being over stressed?

Your bet might even need to be taken to a groomer and need to be brushed every day. Do you have the time?

What type of monster would you build if you could?

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