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Heart piercing

Updated on October 12, 2016

I have eyes that can see and I’m sure of it, but what I’m seeing cannot be true and its making me furious. Do I deserve this pain after all of these years? I’ve made mistakes of course but this is what I mostly feared. I couldnt bare to see you with another just as you would me, but I never cheated on you and thats as truthful as can be. I didn’t know the effect it had until the damage was done, now I’m feeling damaged while you’re telling me that we’re done. I always thought that you deserved better, and I always smelled the truth even over a cold dinner. Tempted by lust and all of these beautiful women, could never paint the picture that I wanted with you period. If time never brings us back and I mean fast, then I’ll have to settle for distant memories of our past.


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