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desert flower de oro

Updated on June 10, 2008

A poem written 5/27/08

Bloated skies with black clouds
simmer in the sweltering heat.
The rain doesn't come now
to wash the sweat from my face.
Taste is of earth and salt.
My eyes blur as they burn
with the sting that feels so good.
I wipe my brow and I smile
harder than I have ever smiled
in my whole life.
The brown weed blows in the wind.
Fire burns as I throw a match and seer
my dry throat with the first puff
of a mixture sent by demons
to even my state.
I am a bad man with a good intent.
I have cried at night many times
yet have never shed a tear.
No one shall know
or hear me in sorrow.
A dream is so grand.
It is bigger than the ambition 
that sits on the side of my shoulder.
It shatters the silence 
with the thunder 
of a thousand drums.
It is in front of me.
It is here at last.
The angels sing and 
I look and see their tonsils.
I view my life and 
am frightened.
It halts my delusion.
I yell, "no!"
I scream and no one hears.
The temple that I call rendition
is a painting that my mind
created when I was young.
I have carried it in my fortitude
and now it is lying in ruins.
I take a last inhale of my cigarette.
I throw it to ground
as a tear washes a small patch 
of dirt from my cheeks. 
I cuss and let the vastness
 know how I feel.
I place my foot to extinguish my smoke
and the wind blows a leaf and
it hits my foot.
The air passes by so cool
so sweet is the smell.
I feel wetness on my face.
I look up and see the skies
Oh deluge, wash me of my sins.
I laugh so hard that
my chest hurts.
I feel the dirt that
is ground into my skin
flow with the wash.
It is after all grand.
I shall never again 
walk the dusty road.
I hold my hands to the skies.
My head which is 
the part of me that sees
is between my arms.
My dream was a vision
of incompleteness.
The desert flower shall bloom. 


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    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 9 years ago

      Ysabella,Thank you very much my dear. I appreciate it very much.



    • profile image

      Ysabella 9 years ago

      Beautifully done. Very raw emotions and the words used to describe the desolate no man's land feeling and the man standing on the ground are closely related. You have come a long way in writing your poetry my darling.