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Trapped In Territory Of Chian Part 1- Meeting The Lady

Updated on November 1, 2019

He blinked his eyes again, trying hard to remember how he got here. The last thing he remembers was nothing, as someone had wiped out his memory. He looked around to figure out what’s this place but can’t depict it as it was all dark. He somehow gathered courage and moved forward.

His heart was thumping hard, he can hear it in the silence of nothingness. It’s hard for him to take every step as he had to fight with his fear for each one. He was walking for a long time but it’s not taking him anywhere. After a few hundred steps he saw something in a distance. It was a dim light coming from a source. With each preceding step, the fear started dominating his courage, but the hope of success is resisting his fears.

The moment he reached near the light, he realizes that the source is very tiny; it’s some kind of device. He reached there; he leans down to pick it up. It’s a torch, he said to himself, and something grabbed his hand. He screams in fear. He pointed the torch towards the thing and realizes that it’s not a thing, that’s a person.

Boy walking through dark
Boy walking through dark | Source

A woman was lying there, the late 40s, black hair, blue eyes and married, he saw her wedding ring in her hand which grabbed him. That’s all he could depict in that single sight.

There was a sign of relief in the eyes of both after seeing each other face in a strange place.

“Son! Water!”, she asked the boy looking into his eyes and then faces towards a backpack lying beside her. He took the bag and took sipper out of that bag. He held her head with his left hand and rested her in his lap.

“Thank you, kid! What your name,”, said the lady after drinking.

“There is no need of it.” the boy replied. “And my name is — is—”

“It’s all right kid, it happens in such places,” Lady said with a smile and gasp.

Seeing the lady like this he asked, “How — how — did it—”

“Happened?” The lady completed the sentence, and the boy nodded yes in reply.

“He did it.”, the lady replied.

“He who?”


“Chi — who?”

“Chian, the demon of the dark,”, the lady continues. “He absorbs his strength from the darkness. Few says he even eats it, the dark energy. Therefore legends named him Chian, one who eat darkness.”

“How did you end up here?”, asked the boy.

“My name is Wanda Wadler, granddaughter of William Wadler. We are Mythologist and Adventurist. My family is chasing Chian from the last two centuries.”

Eye of the Chian
Eye of the Chian | Source

“Twenty years ago my father, Wilson Wadler and my grandfather, found a lead on Chian. I also wanted to go on my life’s one of the greatest adventure, but they said I still need to learn a lot, I'm too young for such a danger. But before they left, my father gave me our legacy, a dairy. That diary comprises each known information about Chian and research of every Wadler on him from the last seven generations. After that, my father gave me a warm hug and whispered in my ears, you can better than us! I believe you! and they — they—” Her voice started to break and getting harder “never came back.”

The boy felt bad after listening to this. “I’m sorry for your loss!”, said the boy.

Lady gave him a small smile, took a deep breath and continued, “On every mission we leave some clues behind, which only a Wadler can understand. It took me seventeen years to study Chian throughout and find all those clues to find this place.”

Wanda Wadler entering the Chian's cave
Wanda Wadler entering the Chian's cave | Source

She gave a small gasp of pain and lifted her t-shirt to the upper waist and unravel a big black spreading infectious wound near her belly button.

“You are hurt,” he told her concern.

“Chian attacked me,” she replied. “He somehow sensed my presence, he knew that I'm here and he even knew about my family.”


“Yes, family; I was standing right there where you are, and I heard a voice, Hello! I was trying to find out where the voice coming but couldn’t because of these caves. He said again, Welcome Wanda. This time, the voice came from behind me. It surprised me that how in the world he knows my name. I turned around and saw nothing. Just dark and those Blood-Red eyes of Chian. And that devil, he read my mind! He answered by saying, I know who you are, and who your father was, and your grandfather., I’m the one who killed those old fellows. and he gave an evil laugh. I was furious and tried to attack him by my knife. But even before I can take out my knife he stretched his arm and pierce through my stomach, lifted me and banged me into the wall and took out his arm back and said, Die like your family, like each Wadler. Like father like the daughter. And he laughed evilly. And his voice fades away.”

With the rolling tear of grief, she gasped in pain.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kanies


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