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el DORADO and the Pyramid of the Sun-TRuth or Fiction?

Updated on August 18, 2015


Aztec. Inca. Maya.Macchu Picchu.Quetsalcalt.Kukulcan. Montesuma II. Hernan Cortes.Hiram Bingham. Pyramids.

            The seeds of CIVILIZATION
            Quote from JFK
Quote from JFK


The "builder's" came from a long journey in a distant galaxy. They have wounded comrades and some dead. it appears they came from a fierce intergalactic war, some of their space vehicles bore the mark of laser burn. Their vehicles have no wings, some are tubular while others are spherical like shape, each one possessed a distinct marking in the front that looks like eagles, serpent, head or skull-like, bright circle of red, blue or pale white that can be seen at a distant. The natives were awed. amazed and at the same time afraid. they are twice taller and have white skin while much of them are blacks, that was the first time they saw such creatures coming from the sky. The visitors decided to stay for a while and recuperate from the vagaries of war. After some time, the natives accepted them and have children with them. In time, the visitors taught them many things beyond their imagination.

The landings did not occur only in one place and same time some are in Easter Island, Egypt, Europe, and Mesoamerica among others.

The INCA  gold Mask
The INCA gold Mask
            Map of El Dorado
Map of El Dorado
The lost City of Gold
The lost City of Gold
Temple of Worship
Temple of Worship
Mural of Ancient God
Mural of Ancient God
Depiction of  purification in the lake by Muisca people
Depiction of purification in the lake by Muisca people

the Legend of El Dorado-the lost City of GOLD

El Dorado was a mystical City supposedly located somewhere in the unexplored interior of South America. El Dorado was allegedly unimaginably rich Kingdom, with fanciful tales told of gold-pave streets, golden temples and rich mines of gold and silver and other metals. The visitors have other purposes for they're also interested in the natural resources of planet Earth. Gold and Silver are most preferred, used for the repair of their spacecraft and space suit, such that the native saw them as gilded creatures. In time, after the Builders of Pyramids" left, the natives copied this and form as part of their tradition in honor and remembrance of these visitors as the re-enactment of renewal of gilded man in the Lake.The year between 1530 and 1650 saw the exodus of thousands of Europeans searched the jungles, plains and mountains and rivers of South America for El Dorado, many of them losing their lives in the process, moreover the City was never found.

If there is a grain of truth in the legend, why was the city never found? When the "Builders" settled in South America, they taught the natives how to mine gold and silver and many other things such the use of gold and silver. In time, the natives worshipped them as gods and as their civilisation develops, temples and altars were constructed to worship them. One particular group of people are the Musca of Lindinamarca (present day Columbia).practiced a tradition of placing gold dust in the body of new king and jumping in the middle of the lake from a raft viewed by his subjects to be cleaned and as the leader emerged from water, was greeted by a loud sounds of praises, people made sounds of birds and animals, and dance signifying a rebirth or a new era of leadership. This is the occasion when the Spaniards saw a golden man jumping in the middle of the lake, is the beginning of the tale that made foreigners exodus to South America in search for gold.

The Builders helped the natives construct their temples rising above ground on a solid rocks several tons structure and made it as a place of worship to their gods. To transport mega blocks of solid rock is no problem, the "Builders" just used their "Teleport" machine to move huge blocks of rocks. The natives were amazed of such feat, rocks as heavy as 50 tons just float in the air like paper and they can move it anywhere they like such was the sophistication of their technology. But, the Builders have a hidden purpose, these structures will serve as a landmark for their vehicles coming from space.

Marvelous Floral Design- NATURE's GIFT
Marvelous Floral Design- NATURE's GIFT
The MAYAN calendar
The MAYAN calendar

Take a QUIZ ?

Match Column A with B. LETTERS ONLY.

Column A Column B

  1. Christopher Columbus a). theGreat Mayan Pyramid
  2. Hernan Cortes b) "Lost City of Gold"
  3. Kukulcan c) god of Intelligence and Self-reflection
  4. Macchu Pichu d) the Venice of the New World
  5. El Dorado e) the "Lost City of Inca"
  6. Pyramid of the Sun f) Re-discovered Macchu Picchu in 1911
  7. Quetzalcoatl g) "Feathered Serpent"
  8. Tenochtitlan h) the Great Aztec Emperor
  9. Hiram Bingham i) the first European to set foot in Mesoamerica
  10. Montezuma I j) the Aztec conqueror

Score: Excellent-10. Very Good-8-9. Good-6-7. Average-5.

Pyramids are ancient Condominiums?

The Builders of pyramids, ancient space travelers, decided to help earthlings to developed their civilization. they constructed fabulous and massive Pyramids as a place of dwelling and worship or temple for sacrifice, but also as a garage for their space crafts. Using their "Teleport" machine they were able to transport and move mega blocks of solid stones as if they were paper. so, where's the source of these rocks? At the time when these builders arrived an asteroid belt still circles earth and posed as danger to their spacecraft, The Builders of Pyramids decided to use it in the construction of pyramids with their Teleport machine, rocks from the outer space were brought down to the ground and this was the beginning of pyramid construction based on the plan of the inhabitants. For instance in Egypt, it served as a burial place for the Pharaoh. In Mesoamerica is an abode for the inhabitants and place of worship. The Builders invited the locals to live inside the pyramids or around the complex together with them. How does theBuilders of Pyramids communicates with the locals?Only through their leaders or kings or chiefs or the High Priests by mental telepathy

the decline of sophisticated civilization in the past can be related to an expansion of the material culture and a population growth beyond the carrying capacity of the agricultural base. In many cases, a companion element possibly was the sharp reduction of agricultural output due to overuse of the land.This happens to the Maya of Central America and the Khmers of Angkor Wat.

— Quote from Richardson and Stubbs, 1978
Pyramid of the SUN
Pyramid of the SUN
Light in Mayan Temple Pyramid-  BEACON for Landing Craft?
Light in Mayan Temple Pyramid- BEACON for Landing Craft?
KUKULCAN-the Feathered Serpent
KUKULCAN-the Feathered Serpent

the Pyramids of Mesoamerica

The development of civilization in Mesoamerica slowly evolved in the 12th century compared with the earlier civilization of the East, nevertheless, their Pyramids cannot be taken for granted:

  • The Maya Pyramids.The Maya is another dominant civilization of Mesoamerica. Tallest Pyramid is found in Tical, Guatemala dated 8th century AD. The Mayan city of Chechen Itza contain the Castilo as Temple of Kukulcan (the "Feathered Serpent"), the Mayan equivalent to Quetzalcoatl- the god of Intelligence and Self-Reflection, constructed around AD 1,100, have 365 steps exactly the numbers in Mayan year. Civilization mysteriously banished during the 18th century.
  • The Aztec Pyramid. The Aztecs who live in the Mexican Valley also constructed Pyramids to honor their deities. The elaborate nature of their Pyramids is ascribed to their warrior culture. Tenochtitlan's, the Aztec Capital house the Great Pyramid-four stepped structure some 60 meters high, two shrines to honor their god-Huitzilopochtli- Aztec god of Sun and War. Aztec civilization was destroyed by Spanish conquistador- Hernan Cortes in 1521.
  • The Inca Pyramid. The Inca's Temple Pyramid at Sascahuaman, capital City of Cusco required 20,000 workers and 50 years to build. used the same technique to construct its marvelous stone city of Machu Picchu- means "Old Mountain" high in the Andes. Re-discovered by American explorer Hiram Bingham in1911. Built by Incas in 1450 later the City was mysteriously abandoned by the inhabitants. The City is also known as "The Lost City of the Incas"

the modern- day Merchant of Venice- the skills of an acrobat and the acumen of a Chinese Merchant?
the modern- day Merchant of Venice- the skills of an acrobat and the acumen of a Chinese Merchant?
The AZTEC calendar
The AZTEC calendar
Ethno-geography of Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs in Mesoamerica
Ethno-geography of Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs in Mesoamerica
UFO sighting in Macchu Picchu?
UFO sighting in Macchu Picchu?

Did you know ?

that Aztec words like:

  • Chili or Chile
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Coyote
  • Peyote
  • Guacamole
  • Ocelot
  • Mescal

were borrowed by the Spaniards and later absorbed into English?

Teotihuacan Clay Figure
Teotihuacan Clay Figure
Mayan KIng
Mayan KIng
Megalithic Warriors of Tula. Mxico
Megalithic Warriors of Tula. Mxico

Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and others-WHO are they?

  • Mesoamerica is the region extending from central Mexico south to the northwestern border of Costa Rica that give rise to a grouped of stratified, culturally related agrarian civilization spanning an approximately 3,000 years period before the discovery of the new World by Christopher Columbus.
  • Mesoamerica is a term used to describe an environmental area occupied by an assortment of ancient cultures that shared religious beliefs, arts, architecture and technologies for more than three thousand years(Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia).

The pre-Columbian civilization is a mixture of the complex culture that spanned the period from 2,000 to 300 BCE. More advanced cultures include the Maya, Aztecs, and Inca among others.

The Maya.

  • considered more advanced in culture, arts, architecture, and agriculture compared with other pre-Columbian tribes.
  • built the Great Pyramid of the Sun that rivaled the magnificence of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
  • at Chichen Itza, the Mayans built the carved Temple of Kukulcan known as the "Feathered Serpent".Because of its exact location, twice a year in each equinox, serpent shaped-shadow "crawl" down the side of the pyramid marking the change in the season.
  • nicknamed El Castillo, it has 91 steps on each side of the platform plus one step for the temple above equivalent to 365 days in the Mayan calendar, one step per day.
  • nicknamed El Castillo, it has 91 steps on each side of the platform plus one step for the temple above equivalent to 365 days in the Mayan calendar, one step per day.

The Aztec.

  • the origin of Aztecs is uncertain, but probably to have begun as a northern tribe of hunter-gatherer whose name come from their homeland Aztlan meaning a white land.
  • also known as Tenochca, where the name of their capital city, Tenochtitlan was derived.
  • also as Mexica that replaced Tenochtitlan and later become the name of the entire country, Mexico
  • toppled the dominant tribe Toltec in Mesoamerica and gained supremacy as the ruler of the land, the Aztec Empire
  • built a magnificent city near the southwest part of Lake Texcoco. drained the swampy land and constructed artificial island where crops can be grown and established the foundation of their city-Tenochtitlan in 1325 AD, considered as the "Venice of the New World"
  • built magnificent Temple of Quetzalcoatl-Aztec god of War. Two hundred individuals were sacrificed during the dedication ceremony of the temple
  1. Aztecs believed in the divine sacrifice. they believe that the sun could not rise, crops will not grow, the rain will not fall without the regular release of life energy back to the creator. To keep the gods alive, humans are designated to feed them with heart and blood, the most potent source of energy.
  • Montezuma (Moctezuma I)-Great warrior leader of the Aztec Empire, by early 16th Century the Aztec Empire rule some 5 to 6 million people.
  • the Aztec Empire was finally destroyed by Spanish Conquistadores under the command of Hernan Cortes in 1521. the City was leveled to the ground and historical records of the mighty Aztec Empire was lost forever, bringing to an end to Mesoamerica last native civilization.

Who are these PEOPLE?
Who are these PEOPLE?

The Inca

  • First appeared in the Andes region in 12th Century AD.Their origin is Mythological as they were created by the Sun God- Inti, who sent his son Manco Capac to Earth in the Village of Paccaritampu before settling the fertile Valley of Cusco, Circa,1200.
  • the Inca states covers the distance from Northern Ecuador to Central Chile. On its peak, the Inca Empire consisted of 12 million inhabitants from more than 100 different ethnic groups.
  • Viracocha Inca, the 8th Emperor led the expansion of the Empire by defeating neighboring Kingdoms, son-Cusi Inca (Pacchacuti Inca), one the most influential ruler, his military exploits extended the Empire to the Southern end of Titicaca Basin.
  • established a system of road networks to approximately 15,000 miles of roadways that covers the Kingdom with relay runners capable of advancing messages at the rate of 150 miles per day, the modern day land based couriers.
  • built the magnificent City of Macchu Picchu high in the Andes mountain in 1450, as the retreat for the Emperor and his Famly, a celestial observatory, a temple of Worship. the fabled City was re- discovered by American archeologist/ explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911, abandoned with no apparent explanation.
  • Macchu Picchu is remembered as the "Lost City of the Incas"

    CRYSTAL skull-the lost TELEPATHIC Code?
CRYSTAL skull-the lost TELEPATHIC Code?

Did you know ?

Carved skulls made up of clear or milky white quartz, also known as rock crystal traced back a thousand years to Mesoamerican Civilization such as the Aztecs, Toltecs, Mixtecs, or Maya:

  • possessed supernatural powers
  • healing properties
  • power to expand personal psychic abilities

      the RIVER of LIFE-happiness and long life?
the RIVER of LIFE-happiness and long life?
A distant Galaxy where your ALIEN ancestors came from ?
A distant Galaxy where your ALIEN ancestors came from ?


Whether we like it or not, we are not alone in the universe. Their manifestation in legends and myths such as the "Lost City of Gold"- El Dorado, the Great Pyramids of Mesoamerica and Giza Egypt, monolith at Easter Island , the inscription on the field of Nasca, Peru and others such as sightings for they visits us from time to time, only attest to our connection with them beginning at the prehistoric records of man. When they first arrived man was not yet ready to use such advanced technology, the brain capacity is still evolving cerebral neural cells is still nascent and could not comprehend to process such complex information. In fact. man's prehistoric records can be traced back only in the last 10,000 years whereas their's could be millennium in advance, when a semblance of communication was invented, man started to communicate, without language or means of communication follows the lack of memory to records important events.

By accident, these Ancient explorers happened to discover Earth in search for metals especially gold or silver. They started to come and live with the natives, depiction on wall paintings in caves shows giants hunting together with natives. Hybridization with the natives to infuse new gene combinations was a gradual process, but it helped speed up the process of the brain and physical development. The "Builders" of Pyramids communicated with the locals by means of mental telepathy through their leaders, priests or shamans only, assuming that they're more literate than their subjects. Again the man was not yet ready to received such technology and the ancient codes were lost forever as the ancient civilization did, their gods left and they returned to the "primitive" life.


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The legend of El

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What happened to the

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