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Enchanted Blue Diamonds

Updated on November 9, 2017

Once upon a time. A princess by the name of Princess Blue Diamond journey the ocean waters on a ship in search of a lost treasure island. Princess Blue Diamond was told that the island has treasures of gems within many secrets that only a princess can discover what's hidden. She had adventured many challenges, but to over come these challenges for in search of the island. She must find these gifts of brilliance in diamond facets.

Treasured Blitz

The princess passions for finding this island are days of treasured blitzes on her heart. Then far in the open water she pulls out her binoculars and saw the island. The ship pulls up to the shore. Princess Blue Diamond got off the ship and stood on the sandy shore. She held her hands open cupped together with a smile. She looks up to the sky and saw diamond rain drops (pear shape diamonds) falling down on her so lightly. She wonders with confidence. "The feeling is so warm, but I'm not wet she whispered about herself." Every drop rolled off her. She stood on the golden sand amazed by the islands beauty of shapes and forms made out of pure gold, palm trees, flowers, even the birds that flew above the island are made out of pure gold. "She heard sounds of whispers coming from inside every rain drop of diamonds that fell on her. Amazingly the rain drops spoke enchanting words that says to her, love inside the diamond box that will be sent to you, open this box and pick a diamond you love!

Diamond Facets

She looked up to the sky. There she saw a spinning treasure box imprinted heart shaped diamonds built of gold all over the box. Then sounds of a trumpet tuned as the box landed at her feet. She held the box and there a note inside the key hole. "The note says, open me with a kiss. I'm sending you on a mission. Many secrets that holds the future of a diamond world. Pick your diamond and follow my lead, I'm going to take you on a journey inside a diamond blues"!

Princess Blue Diamond kissed the box and a key made out of diamonds come spinning from the sky landed at her feet. She picked the key up, opened the box and picked a 1.02 carat blue diamond cut brilliance in a dome shaped ninety facet diamond. She held it high looking at its beautiful color and clarity.

"Tremendously the 1.02 carat blue diamond was so brilliant it spoke out to her and said come inside"! How do I get inside a diamond?Princess Blue Diamond asked. "Only with the word 'LOVE' spoken you may enter. Follow my lead at the sound of my voice. I want to show you what you've decided, I'm going to take you to a facet of the crown of me, says the diamond"! The diamond voice sounded so soft like a piano key in notes at every sound. Princess Blue Diamond spoke the word 'LOVE'. Now, she's inside the 1.02 carat blue diamond. Slowly walking, sliding her fingers along the diamond facet, amazed at the dynamics of the diamond facets.

A gleam light opened a vision inside the facet of crying babies that appears to be inside a hospital room. Flashes of lights of rainbow colors came spinning blue diamonds that circled around the faceted room. Each blue diamonds floated above the babies head. The diaminds sang to the babies a sound of lullabies and the babies smiled and giggled. They all went into a lovely sleep. Princess Blue Diamond you gave them a gift of diamonds says the diamond voice. How did I do that, asked Princess Blue Diamond? Your heart spoke the true meaning of love. Only you could enter a vision of love to a baby's heart. The true meaning of love is life. These babies blues born of sorrow and pain. Some babies don't live to see what life has to offer. Some babies grow up to throw it all away and there are those of bravery and honor that leads a care in every child born, says the diamond voice.

Dancing Diamonds

A sound blew across singing a song of a xylophone playing. A pleasant smell of sweet aromas of many fragrances of every kind came from inside the facet. Right at the center of the facet a person with a shaped pear cut diamond head began to dance the ballot, with glitter of small diamonds were tossed up and the facet lite up even brighter. Charmingly, Princess Blue Diamond found herself wrapped in the arms of the dancing pear cut diamond. Suddenly the facet starts to crack, tall baguettes shaped diamonds stuck out the bottom of the facet and created a wall around them. She felt the diamond spining very fast. She held on inside the baguettes. It drilled into the diamond and traveled to another facet.

Matrix Effects

The baguettes carried her to the pavilion part of the diamond below the girdle. She enters safely, but there inside the facet a black hole called an inclusion with carbon crystal mineral liquids are flaming fire. Princess Blue Diamond spoke the word 'LOVE' and a diamond tool called Laser Ablation Spectrometry came spinning into the facet and landed at her feet. She held the diamond tool and interfaces with matrix effects on the inclusion and entrapped levels of enrichment of submicroscopic fluids to cover the inclusions.

After, she blasted the inclusions again and the pear cut dancing diamond person held out its right hand politely towards her and they both grasp their hands together, spinning and twirling with laughter as they both enjoy moments of bravery. The pear cut diamond gently pulls forward leading her by the hand to another facet.

Magical Powers

Listen to the instruction to lead inside this diamond. Look closely and there you will see a diamond cutter outside the diamond with an loop looking inside me says the diamond voice!

I can see an unusual spark of light coming from the diamond says the diamond cutter"! There, it also seems to be another person standing next to the Diamond Cutter, who appears to be the Gem Collector. Princess Blue Diamond tries to get there attention by waving, but they can only see the spark of light of her reflection. "Where did you get this diamond from? the Diamond Cutter asked the Gem Collector. "I was laying at the beach watching the sunset from a hard day of digging and searching for gems on the rocky coral.

On the mountain bottom near the beach along the breaking waves the diamond washed up at the beach right at my feet. I pulled out my loop and there a blue diamond. I'm thinking this is a miracle of faith, because it felt like it chose me, so I brought it to you to speculate its value, says the Gem Collector". Look closely you will see a spark of light moving along every facet says the Diamond Cutter. The Gem Collector held the loop and looked at the diamond speculating and so he notice there was a brilliant spark of light moving along the pavilion at the bottom part below the girdle of the diamond. The Gem Collector looks over to the Diamond Cutter and says in some amazing way, but I think this diamond has magical powers.

To be continued....

Sneak Peeks: Princess Blue Diamond magical powers expanded. The Gem Collector kept the diamond. He's in love of its possession and miraculously the Gem Collector enters the diamond.


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