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Explore Writing- Why Writing Is for Everyone

Updated on August 26, 2020
Sowrabha Mahesh profile image

Freelance writer/mother of two, a teenager from Mars, and a 10yr old from Venus. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s me teaching them or vice versa.


Why write? I am contended reading.

Writing is tough.

Writing requires special skills. I am not equipped for it.

I am just not interested in being a writer…

I have other things to do…

Writing is difficult… reading is easy and ok….

I don’t have the time for it…

I don’t know what to write about….

While all you say may seem true this moment, still there are 9 compelling reasons to take to writing.

1. Writing makes you a better reader

You intend to write a summary of that book you read. All of a sudden, you are reading more intently, paying attention to details that would have gone unobserved otherwise. You are also picking up new words and phrases. You are now a totally transformed reader on a mission. Takes the way you absorb information to a whole new level. Every experience gets heightened because of enhanced awareness.

2. Sharpening your intellect

Even if you are just writing about a book that you read, the minute you start writing about it the brain goes into deep dive mode. The brain starts linking it with other information and experiences – adding a new dimension to your knowledge pool and before you realize, you are onto something new.

If you think writing is a pure right brain exercise, think again. There is now research to prove that writing can even help with maths and science learning.

3. Sharpen communication skills

A lot of thoughts and ideas floating around in your head like a ghost suddenly acquire a body when you write it down. Whenever you wish to communicate something clearly, first get down to writing it. A lot of loose-ends suddenly start coming together. Abstract, vague thoughts are more manageable this way.

As you write, fluency in both verbal and written communication and expression improve. Someone who is able to put across his thoughts effectively stands to gain both professionally and personally.

4. Enhanced perception and sensitivity

The very act of writing is conducive to creative thinking. In writing, as in life, it is not only the big things that matter, the small details are just as important. You become sensitive to the small happenings, emotions, and details. You also become more open to new experiences.

5. Writing is therapeutic

Writing is one of the finest and easiest ways to get to know yourself…well.

As you write, you start seeing things from a different perspective. Sometimes, it feels safer to write down thoughts, fears, doubts, worries rather than sharing it with anyone. There is research that shows that expressive writing can help people handle trauma and come around.

You also become like the observer of your own life. Self-awareness increases. In a small way, you become your therapist.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

Anne Frank

6. Aids memory

A lot of what is read/experienced/watched gets drained from the brain before one can even utter ‘brain drain’. Writing down a summary of what you have read or watched or experienced is a great way to embed the memory and preserve it intact.

You just read an influential book or watched an iconic movie or experienced something and it touched some chords deep inside of you. Unless you write it down, chances are that the moment is lost and memories are forgotten. Writing helps create your own memory bank that you can go to and relive those moments.

Writing also helps to keep your brain fresh and sharp. Probably one reason why most writers live up to a grand old age.

7. Experience the joy of creation

Creation is a difficult but a joyous process. Writing, just like music and art is a self – satisfying process, and can activate your happiness hormone, Dopamine.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

– Richard Bach

8. Beginning of a new career???

The writing journey which started on a personal level could take you to new places, figuratively of course. There are more opportunities now than ever before and you could, in time, metamorphose into a blogger, author, Instagrammer, YouTuber, speaker. And make some decent second income and maybe much more.

Reminds me of Sudha Murthy the engineer turned lecturer turned writer. Also, wife to Mr. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Foundation. This anecdote was mentioned in one of her interviews. She was an avid reader since childhood.

In the later years, her social work in the Infosys Foundation took her to several places and she was privy to many interesting experiences. She would invariably narrate them to her sister on her return. One day her sister mentioned, “Sudha, why don’t you start writing them down. Instead of regaling only me, you can regale thousands this way.”

She eventually got down to writing out her experiences. It is this that formed the substance for her books many years later.

What was only a diary became a book and soon many books joined the list and today she is a celebrated author with 40+ books to her credit

Sudha Murthy- the celebrated author

9. Meditation

As observation and focus become a habit, reading and writing take on the form of meditation. In the process of writing, we start unwinding our thoughts and that can be deeply relaxing.

Simple steps to inculcate a daily writing habit

  • Keep your goals simple and do-able.
  • Always have a book handy. Keep it at an accessible place. Assign a time as well. 15 minutes a day in the beginning. Install Google Notes for jotting down ideas as they occur and google docs.
  • Start a journaling practise, the easiest way to start writing.
  • If you read books/ watch movies regularly try these
    • A review of the book
    • Write-up on the top 10 new ideas you learned from the book.
    • New words, expressions, and phrases.
    • Characters you like the most
    • The sections of the book that stood out for you/touched you the most
    • What the writer could have done differently.
    • What gaps in your knowledge did the book fill or add to?
  • Eventually, join a Writers Community. It can expose you to a whole new world of education, motivation, and creativity. The community that is my go-to place is the Digital Writopreneurs Hub.

Writing is no elitist skill. Everybody can and should try it. As I have listed out, the benefits are too many to be missed.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that pen and book or that laptop and start writing away.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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