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An Important Lesson about Ocean Tide for Kids from Fancy Nancy

Updated on August 8, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.


Fancy Nancy Chapter Books are Fun to Read and Offer Great Lessons for Kids

Living on the shores of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio, my daughter and I spend a great deal of summer days lounging on the beach. Much like one of my daughter's favorite fictional characters, Fancy Nancy, my daughter loves to spend most of her beach time building impressive sand castles in the sand. In Fancy Nancy: Sand Castles and Sand Palaces, the always sparkly and creative Nancy is spending the afternoon with her mother and friends, Bree, JoJo, Frenchy, and Freddie at the beach.

Fancy Nancy's Sand Castle is actually a Sand Palace

If you know anything about Fancy Nancy, you already know that her sand castle isn't going to be anything ordinary. Instead, she and her friends, under Nancy's strict supervision, construct a marvelous sand palace. The group of friends works all afternoon to make their sand palace the most exciting and beautiful sand creation ever to be constructed on this particular beach. Nancy and friends are so proud of their creative project and firmly expect it to remain on the beach forever.

Fancy Nancy Learns about Tide

However, Nancy later learns why beaches everywhere are not covered in masterful creations - the tide. As Nancy tearfully says goodbye to her imaginative sand castle, she also learns a valuable lesson about water, sand, and the tide. This short book is made fun to read by the sassy, red-haired, ruby shoe wearing Nancy and is also very useful in teaching children about the power of the tide. This book also comes with a variety of Fancy Nancy stickers and glossary so that young readers can quickly look up the meanings to the fancy or French words that Nancy uses throughout the story.

What are your children's favorite things to do at the beach?

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Fancy Nancy Chapter Books

If you love this Fancy Nancy book, you'll be glad to know there are dozens of choices. The adorable red headed firecracker with a big vocabulary has many other adventures and lessons to share with kids.

Going to the beach this summer? What do you want your children to learn at the beach?

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    • TJHousel profile image

      Tawnya 3 years ago from NE Ohio

      @Ruthi: It absolutely is, Ruthi! We have built sand palaces on the Gulf as well. My grandparents live in Tarpon Springs and we have had many fun-filled beach days in Florida.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 3 years ago

      I live a block from the Gulf of Mexico and have yet to build a sandcastle there. I know what I'll be doing soon! Fancy Nancy's sand palace is a beauty just as this children's book must surely be!