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Fee Fee's Problem

Updated on December 28, 2019
Razel Magick profile image

I enjoy writing short stories, I have been doing so since I was in JR. High School many years ago.

How to Talk to Animals with Karen Anderson

Believe the unbelievable

I can talk to animals. Oh, I know everyone can talk to animals, but I can have conversations with them. Really I can. When I was a kid growing up I spent almost every school break with my Father's parents, on their dairy farm. My Dad's family was also as special as I. They believed that there was nothing strange about someone having conversations with animals. The following is a story from one of the wonderful days I spent visiting my Grandparent's home.

Depressed Dog

Aunt Edna

I was very dirty from my work in Grandma's garden, so I took a shower and changed my clothes. After I was done, Scruffy, my dog, and I made our way to the living room. We found Aunt Edna setting in Grandpa's rocking chair. Aunt Edna was a veterinarian student and was doing her internship at the veterinarian's office in town. On this beautiful Saturday, Aunt Edna was dressed in blue jeans and an over sized T shirt that said “Whales are here for us to watch, NOT to hunt!” Aunt Edna's long blond hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail.

Aunt Edna said “Mom said I could barrow you for a little project. There is a little dog that was brought in to the vet's office. She is very depressed and I can't get her to eat a thing. I thought maybe you could help me find out what is wrong with her. Would you mind coming to the office with me, and having a talk with her? The office is closed today but I have a key. No one will be there to disturb us.”

Can I go?

I said “I would be glad to help.”

Scruffy asked, “Can I go too?”

Before I could answer Scruffy, Aunt Edna said, “You can come Scruffy, but you really don't have to worry about Razel.”

I looked at Aunt Edna with surprise and asked, “Can you hear what Scruffy says too?”

Aunt Edna laughed, “No dear. I am an empath. That means I can feel what others feel. I could feel Scruffy's worry and longing to be near you. He has a strong need to protect you.”

I studied Aunt Edna for a bit before I said, “In a way your gift is better than mine. People can lie with words but they can't lie with their feelings.”

Aunt Edna laughed, “Well I think we are tied. Animals don't lie. I would gladly trade your gifts at times. I would prefer communicating animals, than knowing when people are lying.”

I cocked my head and said, “You have a point. Well, since we can't trade our gifts, we can work together.”

Aunt Edna said with a big smile, “You have a deal partner. What do you say? Lets get going.”

Old Truck

Aunt Edna, Scruffy and I climbed into Aunt Edna's old Pickup truck. Scruffy was in the middle. Aunt Edna pumped the gas a few times, pushed in the clutch and turned the key. The old truck shuttered to life. She then grabbed the scull headed gear shift knob. With some effort she strong-armed the truck into reverse. She backed down the driveway and turned onto the dirt road that led to the main road. We bounced and swerved as we drove past fenced pastures. After about a quarter mile we turned on to the paved road, that would take us into town and the vet's office.

Dogs in cages

As soon as our teeth weren't clacking together, Aunt Ena and I engaged in light chatter the rest of the way to the vet's office. Once there Aunt Ena led Scruffy and I to the kennel where the poor little dog was kept. Aunt Ena walked up the the little dogs cage and said, “Here she is Razel.”

The little dog looked like a Yorkshire Terrier. She had long strait black and brown fur and was very cute. I walked closer to the cage but the little dog didn't even lift her head as I approached. I said, “Hello, my name is Razel and this is my dog Scruffy. Scruffy can you say hi to our new friend?”

Scruffy said, “Of course, Hi, what is your name?”

The little dog raised her head and looked at Aunt Ena, me and then Scruffy. She said, “My name is Fee Fee.”

I smiled and said, “It is very nice to meet you Fee Fee.”

Fee Fee Stood up and looked right at me. “You can understand me?”

I said, “Yes, I can. Can you tell me why you are so sad and making yourself sick not eating or drinking?”

Fee Fee said, “Really it is to late. My owner is dead. I failed her. I didn't get help in time and I know she is dead!”

I said, “You poor thing. I am sure you did everything you could. Tell me what happen.”

Fee Fee said, “Real early yesterday morning my owner and I were in the car. The sun hadn't came up yet. A car came right at us. My owner tried to miss the car and up we went off the road and hit a tree. The door came open and I was thrown out of the car. I was knocked out for I don't know how long. When I woke up the sun was up. I went to the car and my owner was still behind the wheel. There was blood all over and her eyes where closed. She was still breathing but it was soft and raspy. I ran to the road and barked at every car that went by. The nice man stopped and I tried to get him to fallow me but he didn't understand. He picked me up, put me in his car and brought me here. I failed my owner.”

I Failed

I told Aunt Ena what Fee Fee had said. Aunt Ena said, “Mr Wilkins said he found Fee Fee on the freeway just before the camp grounds. Lets take Fee Fee and see if we can find her owner.”

Aunt Ena opened the cage door and gently picked up Fee Fee. She stroked her head gently and softly said, “You are a good dog. I know you did all you could.”

We went out of the vet's office and Aunt Ena locked the door behind us. Scruffy and I got back into the truck. Aunt Ena handed me Fee Fee and shut the door. She then walked around the truck and climbed behind the wheel. In a short time we were on the freeway heading towards the campground. Just before we reached the campground Fee Fee started barking and saying, “It is here! It is here!”

I told Aunt Ena and Aunt Ena said, “There isn't a good place to pull over here. I will park at the campground and we can walk back this way.”

Aunt Ena parked the truck. Aunt Ena, Scruffy, Fee Fee and I got out of the truck and started our walk to the place where Fee Fee indicated that her owner had went off the road. As we got closer to the site Fee Fee became more and more excited. After a short distance I could see a area in the road side ferns and bushed that had been knocked down. We reached the opening and Fee Fee ran headlong into the opening.

Aunt Ena garbed my shoulder, holding me back and said, “Hang on hun, let me go first.”

The path that the car cut was relatively clear of vegetation but the terrain was somewhat steep. Aunt Ena and I turned sideways to the path and descended slowly so that we could keep our footing. About 200 feet we could see the car which had been stopped by a massive red wood tree. The entire front end of the car was smashed into the tree. The trunk had popped open as well as both passenger doors. I could clearly see a human arm, bloody and hanging out of the drivers side.

The forest

Aunt Ena said, “Stay here, Razel”

Aunt Ena approached the car slowly and looked in. She reached into the car and checked the pulse of the victim. Suddenly I saw a woman to the right of the car appear out of no where. Fee Fee was happily fallowing the woman. The woman was wearing blue Jeans, a colorful t-dyed T-shirt, old tennis shoes and a big smile on her face. I said, “Aunt Ena, Look!”

Aunt Ena stood up, turned around and looked to where I was pointing. All the color drained from Aunt Ena's face. Aunt Ena looked at the person in the car and at the woman who was now walking towards where I was standing. Aunt Ena waisted no time making her way back to my side. Fee Fee, Scruffy, The woman, Aunt Ena and I were all standing in a circle facing each other.

The woman spoke first, “Hello my name is Maribeth. Are you responsible for helping my Fee Fee?”

Aunt Ena responded, “Well yes, Fee Fee was brought to the vet's office that I am doing my internship at. Is that you in the car?”

Maribeth smile faded and she said, “I am afraid so. A drunk driver ran us off the road. I saw a tunnel of white light but I didn't go in. I had to find my little Fee Fee and make sure she was taken care of. I am not worried though Fee Fee is worth missing my chance to cross over.”

Aunt Ena's initial shock was beginning to fade. The color was returning to her face. Aunt Ena cleared her throat and said, “You didn't miss your chance. You will see the light again. Do you have any family we can give Fee Fee to?”

Fee Fee answered before Maribeth could, “No I am going where my owner goes!”

Maribeth looked down at Fee Fee and said, “No dear heart, you have many years of life ahead of you. You are only two years old.”

Fee Fee looked at Maribeth and asked in surprise, “You can hear me?”

Maribeth laughed and said, “Yes I can. It looks like it is one of the gifts of being dead.”

I told Aunt Ena what Fee Fee said.

Maribeth looked at me, “Can you understand what Fee Fee is saying?”

I answered, “Yes!”

Maribeth said, “Well I am an only child of two only children. Except for little Fee Fee here I have been alone in this life. Do you two know anyone that could give Fee Fee a good home?”

Aunt Ena said, “I would be happy to bring Fee Fee home to live with my family.”

Maribeth knelt down and stroked Fee Fee's head. “I think you would have a lovely life with these kind people. The greatest gift you could ever give me would be for you to have a happy long life.”

Fee Fee answered, “I will go with them, but I will miss you.” Fee Fee then walked over to me and I bent down and picked her up.

No sooner did I stand back up a circle of swirling white light opened up behind Maribeth. Maribeth turned and said, “Well I'll be, you were right.” Maribeth put one foot into the light and then she looked over her shoulder at us. “Thank you.” Then she turned back and stepped all the way into the light.

Into the light


Have you ever seen a Ghost?

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