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Fifty Grand: a novel of suspense by Adrian McKinty

Updated on December 23, 2014
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Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She learned all her book repair tricks on the job!

What is a Cuban Detective's life worth in this mystery?

This novel of suspense, Fifty Grand by author Adrian McKinty is (in my humble opinion) a fabulous book! A "good read" most definitely!

Detective Mercado thinks this detective's life is worth a whole lot more than Fifty Grand! Mostly because the Cuban life in question here belonged to her father.

I assure you that you have not read anything quite like this novel--unless you have read other books by McKinty. He has a unique style in which he unwraps a plot page by page. I think he uses techniques he might have learned from studying F. Scott Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night) or Ernest Hemingway ("Fifty Grand" - a short story by Ernest H. -- interestingly enough).

The opening scene of Fifty Grand begins in cold and lonely Nowhere, Wyoming where a man will be silently slipped into a frozen lake like the one shown here. Then the action jumps back six months to Havana to set up the play of events. McKinty continues this "time jumping" throughout the book. It is not confusing. It is just plain interesting how the past in Castro's modern day Cuba influences future events in Wyoming.

McKinty's writing style is "fat free". What's described is just what you see in your mind. No more, no less.

I hope this is (probably) the beginning of a possible series. Mercado is a good character to choose to follow. I would love to see another mystery that is solved by this detective.

I would advise anyone who loves a good book with mystery, crime and suspense to add this novel to your fiction reading list!

(Image: Creative Commons/Flickr user: ah zut)

Praise for Mystery Author McKinty:

''He is a cross between Mickey Spillane and Damon Runyon--the toughest, the best. Beware of McKinty.''

--Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Fifty Grand: a novel of suspense - and a well crafted mystery book, too ~

The Kindle edition of this novel is $9.99: You can read an excerpt before you buy it.

Fifty Grand: A Novel of Suspense
Fifty Grand: A Novel of Suspense

This fictional mystery is one you will not soon forget. The story of a Cuban detective trying to find out who killed her father is absolutely fascinating. Mercado reminds me of the girl with a dragon tattoo.


Visit Cuba with your eyes:

Locations mentioned in Fifty Grand

Plaza Vieja, Havana Cuba

Plaza Vieja, Havana Cuba
Plaza Vieja, Havana Cuba

Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba on a map:

A markerPlaza Vieja, Havana Cuba -
Plaza Vieja, La Habana, Cuba
get directions

One of the settings for the novel. I love photos that can let me see what I am reading about in a book.

Mercado's Hometown: Santiago de Cuba

Mercado's Hometown: Santiago de Cuba
Mercado's Hometown: Santiago de Cuba

Find Santiago de Cuba on the map:

A markerSantiago de Cuba -
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
get directions

Lonely US locations in Fifty Grand:

Where the suspense could have happened.

A person could die on this road in Nowhere, Wyoming

A person could die on this road in Nowhere, Wyoming
A person could die on this road in Nowhere, Wyoming

A person could freeze in Lake Solitude

A person could freeze in Lake Solitude
A person could freeze in Lake Solitude

Have You Read Adrian McKinty? - Remember to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page.

Ever heard of Adrian McKinty? Did I convince you to read his novel?

McKinty is in my opinion a hidden gem! Check out his Hidden River: A Novel

Will you read novels written by Adrian McKinty?

Fifty Grand !

And worth every cent, peso, pound, or whatever!

On a scale of 1-7, what did you REALLY think?

See results

Read It? Then Rate this suspense novel, if you dare...

If you HAVE read 50 Grand, please give me your opinion.

If you have not read it yet, I encourage you to do so. You will not be sorry.

After you read it, come back and rate it.

Thanks in advance for sharing!!!!

The best last line ever in a novel:

"...I'll turn the brightness outward." ~

Mercado ends the novel.

Find a Good Price on Ebay for one of McKinty's Books:

Ebay is always an excellent source for books--used or new. This list is generated by Ebay and will change often.

Adrian McKinty's official blog site: - McKinty used to live in CO, but now he is in Australia.

Keep up with this international writer on his website/blog.

More books by Adrian McKinty to add to your reading list: - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.

You can read a few of the first pages from Fifty Grand by clicking here.

Then click "Search Inside This Book" which is on the left side of the page under the book's image. Enjoy!

Read a review of the Novel Fifty Grand - or read the short story by Ernest Hemingway

Click on the links below to find information that will expand your mind.

You might also find something to enhance your pleasure while reading McKinty's novel.

Visit McKinty's Cuba (Thank You Flickr for making this visit possible!)

all content found using Flickr Creative Commons Search

Where Mercado lives and works in the novel 50 Grand.

Share what your take is on this wonderful author. Feel free to write a mini-review of any book by him that you have read.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to rate my lens at the top of this page.

Havana, Cuba

Sign In Here McKinty Style: - (in other words, brief and to the point)

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    • profile image

      kimmanleyort 6 years ago

      Well deserved purple star. You make a compelling case for reading this book. Love that you added pictures of Cuba. ** Blessed **

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 8 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I have not heard of this author but I wanted to wish you well on the purple star.

    • AuthorNormaBudden profile image

      AuthorNormaBudden 8 years ago

      I just stopped by, at this point, to say congratulations on another purple star and to let you know that your lens has been featured at

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      This sounds great. It's now on my "to read" list!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 8 years ago

      Wonderful review