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Beach It Up: Snippet

Updated on November 15, 2011

How long had she been tanning, she wondered as her eyes were closed. She dreaded the thoughts that she’d be leaving in 3 days. Felt like she just arrived. The splashing of the pool around her could be heard coming from the other guests. “Maybe I’ll jump in, in a few,” she thought to herself. With the sun baking her skin she knew the refreshing water would cool her off quickly. But she wasn’t ready to feel the cold water rippling around her just yet. “Is this chair taken?” She suddenly heard come from someone with a very strong masculine Australian accent. Her immediate thought was that it was some overweight tourist wanting to sit next to her so he can be seen sitting next to a hotty. Possibly make some small conversation about why he was there or how the service was excellent on the resort, to appear to those around them as if he were her sugardaddy. Great, that’s all she needed, was everyone thinking she was that kinda girl. She did hope to meet someone but that kinda stuff only happens in the movies.

Coming out of her brief trailing of thought she slowly opened her eyes as to not let too much sun in. Squinting to see, the vision she saw about knocked her over if she wasn’t already lying down. Due to her tanning on her stomach, she couldn’t see all of him because of the angle at which she was positioned. And that darned beach chair was blocking her from seeing any further south. But what she could see seemed tasty. From his sandy blonde head to the chiseled torso that was drool worthy, he was too sexy for words. Boy was her thoughts off. He was the hotty. And she just wanted to be naughty. Blinking a few times brought her back into reality. Barely able to speak she nodded and finally squeaked out, “no.” Almost unable to remember what the initial question was. He gave a smile that she had only seen in the magazines on one of those male models that seemed untrue to exist in real life. She had hoped her mouth properly closed after she answered him. He said, "good if it’s not taken do you mind if I sit my things here?" “Uh, no. Go right ahead,” she answered." “Nice tan, you been out here long?” he complimented her. “I saw you out here yesterday." It took all of her not to show any satisfaction in that comment. She was in that exact same spot yesterday. Did he hope to see her in the same spot? Did he actually look for her? Her mind was going a mile a minute. Slow down sister, he only said he saw you yesterday. He’s not looking for a committed relationship. Yet anyways, she giggled inside to herself. “No I’ve not been out here long. 'Bout an hour. Or did you mean, did I just arrive here, to the resort?” She hoped she didn’t sound like a dork. He replied, “No I meant, when did you arrive to Mexico?” “Oh I've been here for 4 days,” she replied. “Cool," he said. "I was hoping you’d be out here again." She had hoped he couldn’t hear the loud scream that just sounded off like an alarm in her mind. He continued to say, "seems like this is an older crowd kind of resort. I’m here with my parents and they are about to bore me to death with their early to bed early to rise vacationing schedule.” She gave a chuckle. As that seemed exactly what was going on in the resort. Not a soul was seen on campus after 8. And her friends and her were dying to go out but didn’t know where. She suddenly had a thought. Her friends?! He was sitting in one of the seats she had saved for her friend. This is what her friend got for sleeping in. If Casey came out right now and saw her friend hitting it off and laughing and giggling with a cute guy surely she'd understand that her seat was given up for a good cause. Right? Surely. “My name is Andrew by the way.” He held out his hand which was soft yet masculine at the same time. Reciprocating the hand jester, “Angela, nice to meet you.” “So what are your plans tonight Angela?”

These little snippets are not complete stories but an interjection into another's world. Just enough of something to take you someplace else for a brief moment. Feel free to let me know how you think the story should end if it is left open. Let me know if you enjoy these. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


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    • NiaG profile image

      NiaG 6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Yep. There's always a mystery that comes with traveling abroad. Will I meet a cute guy that will sweep me off my feet? Will I become a member of the drug cartel? Will I find an oyster with a pearl in it? Anything goes. And I love it! Thanks for dropping in a comment. Have an awesome day!

    • bangingbeauty profile image

      bangingbeauty 6 years ago

      Hehe interesting post, this complements well with my previous post "would you go on a holiday by yourself?" All the more reason to take a vacation to a place with a nice beach. Cheers, BB