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Jean-Christohe Grange : A European Mystery Writer

Updated on September 20, 2018

clevery designed, very catching pysycho-Thriller & mystery books. .

Jean-Christophe Grange is a young French writer, journalist.

He was born in Paris in 1961. Worked as a journalist, wrote articles to many international magazines than his second novel "Blood Red Rivers" became a best seller in Europe and Crimson Rivers is the film of that novel. (One of my favorite actors Jean Reno is the leading actor of the film.)

I like reading Grange books. They are cleverly designed, very catching psycho-Thriller & mystery books. .

I recenty read Fight of the storks and I also recommend ;

Blood Red Rivers

The Stone Council

Empire of Wolves

A writer Known by his detailed research

I like reading crime- thrillers. Jean Christophe Grange is one of my favorite writers of that kind. He is a French writer who has a sound background in journalism. Grange is appreciated for his detailed research by the literature critics. In his books crime, killers, detectives, society and the surroundings are explained very detailed. When I read his novel called Empire of Wolfs that passed in France, Turkey and Turkish Town in Paris as a Turk I was surprised with his knowledge about different social aspects of Turkey and its people.

Flight of the Storks

Louis Antioch is a young, rich academician who is searching for the aim of his life. Max Bohm a very distinguished bird watcher wants him to travel from Europe to Africa following the migration patterns of European storks. Than Max Bohm, is found dead at the very beginning of the book. Louise decides to travel like is planned. There is a big mystery surrounding the pass life of Bohm and the storks. Louise travels from Switzerland, to Slovania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Central African Republic and finally to Calcutta. The journey is very, very mysterious and dangerous. The writer describes the destinations and the local people masterfully and this makes the book more interesting. His way of writing, his character and situation analysis are very good too.

Grange vs.Gutierrez

Jean Christophe Grange's writing style is comparable with the of the Spanish writer Arturo Perez-Reverte Gutierrez (writer of Alatriste). They both do good research and are going beyond the dominant realist form of contemporary crime writing.

Crime Fiction

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I love Crime Books

5 stars for crime novels

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