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float like a butterfly....sting like a dragon

Updated on March 31, 2011


this hub came about as a result of the hub-page challenge,one hundred hubs in thirty days,so I started out on a mission to make one hundred hubs in thirty days.I changed my mind because I didn't want a bunch of landing pages with photos and videos cluttering up the bill yon experience.So I have decided to add content to this(and other hubs)to try and make this hub better.I ran across this hub that seemed to be predicting the fall of America.It seemed to me that majority of the people commenting was loving the fact that America has fallen on hard times.It seemed to me like they was somehow receiving joy from the fact that we are in a recession/depression,whatever you want to call it.And as usual the great Satan,the new Babylon,and its anti-christ leader President Obama deserve what it gets.You understand what I'm saying?we are the bad guy's in the world.People literally praying for our downfall.They say we are becoming socialist and Marxist and that we are turning into communist.they say that our American Dream is Dead.They say that this is our death Nell,that this time around America will not be able to rebound.And it would seem that some Americans agree with the fear-mongers,they tuck their tails between their legs and bow their heads like sad puppy dogs and say things like "you are right!" "we are doomed!""it's the end of everything!!!"while the fear-mongers lap it up like sweet nectar,loving every minute of it.are you one of those people?are you afraid?do you bow your head and accept that you cannot do something for yourself?have you given in to the spirit of fear?If you have then you have lost more than you could ever know.The only way to be victorious is to walk and talk in victory.Do you stand before your family in defeat?can your children see fear in your face?is your wife scared because you are scared and have lost your will?Do not bow to fear-mongers,it is contagious and will spread through out your house like the plague.Have faith in what you do.believe in what you are doing.The fear-mongers,and the naysayers always appear when times are hard.remember Y2K?the year 2000 all the computers was supposed to crash,people made millions off the hype,2000 came and nothing happened.Fear causes irrational thinking and behavior,do not give in to fear.Believe in your self.Know that everything is going to be O.K. Do not let the fear-mongers drain your energy like a bunch of energy vampires.Have you every been around people that are afraid?everything bad that can happen will happen to them.walk with your head up and your chest out.move with confidence and long as you are alive it is your time,when you die your time is don't want to be on your death bed looking at your life with regrets because you was afraid to live.Walk like a man,with fire in your eyes,pound on your chest like king kong,and let the fear mongers know that you are not afraid.

jackie chan vs. benny the jet,the world kickboxing champ at the time

Go hard

Bruce lee, Ali, Jet Li ,Jacky Chan,Mike Tyson,Benny the jet,what do these people have in common?They are all the best at what they do.They train hard.They focus all of their energy into what they are trying to do.they never worry about competition because they train to be the best.Do you think that they would pay any attention to what a fear-monger would have to say?hell naw!!! I am a dreamer,a visionary,and I am going hard for long as god blesses me to open my eyes I will never bow down.A way will be made because I will make a way from nothing.To all my people with a dream inside of you,now is the time to manifest your destiny,you know who you are,stop living beneath your full capabilities get off the bench and go for it.Time keeps on slipping and we will all be worm food you really don't have anything to lose.


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