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float with us, 0: sit down

Updated on January 20, 2016

It's so dark in here. So unfortunate. Let's fix that—

No. Too white. Too bright. Less white. No, not gray per se. Less light.

Are you comfy, dear reader? Tweak it to your liking. You know you can already.

Oh, forgive me—I forget my manners every time. Here, have a seat. Wait, no. I'm sorry. I just moved in recently, and all of my old furniture had to be sold off, since the movers don't work with my sort. But it's not like you can't sit down here. Yes, in this space... Here, I'll show you.

It's first the back of the chair, since everyone loves a chair with back support, unless you're of German descent or British royalty, in which case your upbringing would be sufficient. No, don't look confused—I'm sorry—it was just a joke. Not a very good one. I'll remember next time.

Yes, the back of the chair, followed swiftly by the details.

Yes, we're doing details first. The varnish, the color of the wood or plastic if that's what tickles your fancy, the plushiness of the cushions.

You seem surprised.

You do the details first so that the rest of the chair follows suit. There's really not much else to do past this, you know. The seat is hardly looked at, and the legs—well, everyone knows what legs look like, so there's no issue there. But the details are what requires decisions.

It's sufficient to simply use the first thing that came to your head. It's better if you drift a little longer, and let it take a further shape. Just as people grow older and become further from themselves. Actions shape objects. Observation shapes objects. Time... well, it depends on how good your relationship is with it, I suppose.

You know, I think we can get along well. You haven't asked me why we're doing this, or how, well—not yet I suppose. If those questions had bothered you, you wouldn't still be here.

See, that's the thing about people, isn't it? Once you get comfy it's really hard to leave. Not that that was a challenge. Please don't take it that way.

It's just that you've gotten this far. You've made a chair for yourself to get comfy in. Why not just stay a little longer? Come on. I'll show you something else.

For the peanut gallery:

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© 2016 Lancie Herald

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