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"Celebrate Folks Tale Stories!"

Updated on January 7, 2017

During stormy weathers, most of the time our electricity will go out in the Virgin Islands, leaving us days without power. At night time, people will light candles, sit and listen to stories or told stories that will make you laugh, shiver, or had you thinking.

Fast Slow, U.S Virgin Islands

Once upon a time, on Sugar Cane Field. There was a horse named Star lion and a donkey named Sodom. One day Star lion was eating grass in the north side of the field. There are two acres of rich fine tasty grass. When, he looked to his right, saw a donkey eating grass and says to the donkey; you can't eat here! Sodom looked at him and asked, why? The horse says, no donkey is allowed here. I am a pure breed winners’ cup in the Derby race and won the Triple Crown last year. This pasture was bought especially for me!

Then, Sodom laughed, heha,heha! And says to Star Lion, this pasture was bought for me, because I carried five hundred pounds of blocks to build your stall. Hehe,hehe! Star lion laughed and says, to donkey. Stop lying, my trainer has a truck and I saw him drove the blocks to build my stall. "Oh yeah, says Sodom, if I lying, lets race around Sugar Cane Field and see who wins. The winner gets to take the pasture and eat all they want. Hehehehe! Let’s do it, let’s race Star lion says, mark, get set, Go!

Star lion pull off strong, dust off as he gallop and race fast. The donkey watches the horse and continues eating grass. Half way to the finish line Star Lion came across a hive of bees, so scared he stop racing to get away from the bee sting. Hehahehahe! Sodom laughing, suddenly a bee came and stung Sodom in the rear end and he went running fast, he passed Star lion to the finish line. His name change from Sodom to Slow Fast and he continue eating in the pasture.


Moral of the story is. It only takes a sting in the rear end to move fast.

Old School donkey joke, even if you is a donkey or a horse, always prepare for anything that can happen, even when you racing, by a second you playing around or afraid of winning, you better be ready someone will always find a way to try to bet you, but dont be a sore loser, be a sore winner.


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